Christening Of Odysseas Kimon

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Jun 20, 2004
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LONDON, June 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal are pleased to announce the christening of their son, Odysseas Kimon, born 17th September 2004. The ceremony will be held at the Church of the Convent of St John the Baptist in Karea, Athens, Greece on 18th June at 11 am.

The Godfathers will be Prince Philippos, Mr Nassos Thanopolous, Mr Arki Busson and Mr Chris Thomsen. The Godmothers will be HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Princess Olga and Princess Alexandra Sayn-Wittgenstein.

Crown Prince Pavlos, 38, is the eldest son of King Constantine, former King of Greece, and Queen Anne-Marie. Princess Marie-Chantal, 36, is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Robert Miller.

The couple have three other children, Princess Maria-Olympia born 25 July 1996, Prince Constantine Alexios born 29 October 1998 and Prince Achileas Andreas born 12 August 2000.

A reception will be held in the evening at the Yacht Club of Greece, Microlimano, Athens.

The Crown Prince and Princess reside in London.
Aren't the Greek Royals related to almost all the Royal families in Europe? Any idea what royals will be in attendance?
I read somewhere that Queen Sophia and Princess Irene will be there, but this is not stated at the Queen's official schedule and I failed to find any mention to her in the news I've read about the christening, but I'm still looking.

If Mette-Marit is one of the godmothers, it's possible that Haakon will be there with her too...
Would the christening of a great-nephew of a deposed royal house be mentioned in the official schedule, though? I mean, the Borbons may seat Constantine and his clan with the reigning royals, but I would be surprised if a Greek christening would qualify as an official engagement.
Reina Sofía of Spain attended the concert offered by the Spanish tenor last night, Placid Domingo, in the old theater Odeón de Herodo de Atico, on the feet of the Acropolis of Athens. Reina Sofía is in Greece in a visit deprived from day 14 of June and took advantage of the opportunity to listen the Spanish tenor in a successful performance in the old theater, that celebrates the Athinon Festival. Domingo interpreted Aryans of Berlioz, Wagner, Verdi and Massenet and operetas and musical comedies of Lehar and Bernstein, among others, accompanied by the State Orchestra of Salonica, under the direction of Eugene Khon, and by the soprano Verónica Villarroel. After the concert, Reina attended the supper offered in a hotel from Athens to the Spanish tenor by the patrocinadores of the festival. Saturday 18, Reina Sofía will attend the baptism of the grandson of its brother king Constantino of Greece, son of inheriting prince Pablo and Marie Chandall. The boy, Kimon Odysseys, sixth grandson of Constatino and queen Ana Maria, will be baptized in the Hermitage of San Juan in the athenian locality of Confronts, in the presence of the family and friends. At night of Saturday a supper will be offered to about 250 guests in the Club Nautical of the port of the Pireo, old Real Nautical Club, near Athens and that the Greek real family used to frequent in the past.
i can't wait to see what MC and MM will be wearing. But most of all, i can't wait to see all the pictures of this very styish family!
They haven't worn hats to previous Greek christenings, so I doubt there'd be hats now. Of course, Greece may call for a different dress code than London, but I've never seen a Greek woman in a hat in a Greek church.
kelly9480 said:
They haven't worn hats to previous Greek christenings, so I doubt there'd be hats now. Of course, Greece may call for a different dress code than London, but I've never seen a Greek woman in a hat in a Greek church.

Alexia's youngest daughter Ana-Maria was baptised in Greece and hats were not worn. Of course the venue might be different and dictate hats, or Alexia and Carlos Morales might simply have wanted a less formal, more low-key baptism for their daughter. But I think hats are unlikely to be expected.
The King and his son today at the Christening:


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A photo at last! I've been sitting on the edge of my seat, searching every photo agency that I know of and finally come back here and presto! We have one!

Good sleuthing, HM!
But there is no hat today-The Christening Groups Photo:


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From Getty and AAP Images:


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lovely pics! Everyone looked so happy!
Thank you all for posting the pictures.
more photos


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and more pics


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Thanks for the pictures eveyone. Weren't the other childrens christinings in London? Why was this on in Greece?
Pictures from UKpress


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the children look adorable but the dress of MC looks unbelievably tacky (shoes too)....
I thought the dress was a rather nice change compared to the dreary suits that are always worn for these occasions. It seemed more of a intimate and casual function for the family. I liked the dress but the shoes sucked!
Thanks to all, who have posted pictures :)
I can´t help...I absolutely dislike Mette Marit´s blouse.
I don´t think, that MC´s style was tacky...IMO that´s a "normal" summer dress.
I love MM skirt, interesting style with the green band and flirty bottom layer. But I think the top/jacket was little too formally cut for the skirt. Like the green stone earrings too (though maybe a little too informal for the formal jacket).

MC has a great figure, esp for a woman who has given birth to 4 kids! But she looks like she needs to wear a bra, and/or the dress should be less high-cut. But I like the dress overall.

Love Alexia's white linen maternity dress - flattering, appropriate for the occassion and the season.

Like Princess Alexandra's (I think that's her) pink skirt and top
I don't think the dress all by itself is that bad, but I do think it is cut a little low in the top for a christening.
Thanks everybody for sharing the pictures. :) Odysseas does not look so much like his brothers did at the time of their baptisms. I wonder if he will take after his sister or someone else in the family.

lashinka2002 said:

I think it is Princess Olga; it at least looks like her from the Vanity Fair picture I remember.

I am still marvelling at how grown up (and tall!) Phillippos is! I almost didn't recognize him standing next to his aunt Sofia.

I'm really surprised Alexia made the trip to Greece from Spain -- she would be in her last trimester now and even though it's the beginning of the last trimester it is generally recommended that you not fly. But nice to see her anyways. I wonder if she brought her daughters to Greece as they probably don't see their cousins too often and this would've been a prime opportunity to play with them!

As for the fashions, I think Nikolaos, Philloppos and Carlos Morales had it right -- the light-coloured suits considering the weather in Greece. I cannot imagine how incredibly hot Constantine, Pavlos and Robert Miller must've been in those dark jackets that look so heavy, too.

Like norwegianne, I didn't care for Mette-Marit's top either. It seems frumpy and ill-fitting on her. I did like her skirt however with the green band at the bottom. Reminds me of something Letizia would've worn.

I didn't like Marie-Chantal's dress. I don't know if I would say it was "tacky" per se, but just something about it I didn't like. (I did notice from some of the close ups of Marie Chantal that she is looking more and more like her mother, Chantal; the resemblance is uncanny.)

I think Alexandra Berleberg was the best dressed royal woman there, followed closely behind by Theodora -- Marie-Chantal might lose her place in the family as the best dressed woman! :p
Is Alexandra Beleberg the one in a pink dress with beige jacket?
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