Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 39: January 2014 - December 2015

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I am glad to read that these rumors were false, I never believed them. These tabloïds must be ashamed but they earn a lot of money with these articles.
Such an attractive young woman and beautiful baby. It's weird to see her with an older guy though.
Charlotte has the most gorgeous head of hair. And she is one of the few women I can think of who look more beautiful without makeup.:)
All gossip for nothing they look very happy and together. As for them being unsuited no one knows who is right for another they obviously are suited for each other and have worked out a way to both have their careers and relationship.
I believe they went out in order to make the rumors stop. Don't mean that the did it only for that, but maybe that was an extra reason.
When Thierry says tha they are fine, it proves that Char was (logically) very annoyed with the tabloid.
But it may also be that Gad really had planned to come to this horse show and has a break on his schedule. He has shows on 10-12 June in France and on 16th again in USA, New York.
I believe they went out in order to make the rumors stop. Don't mean that the did it only for that, but maybe that was an extra reason.
When Thierry says tha they are fine, it proves that Char was (logically) very annoyed with the tabloid.

I completely agree. If the rash of rumors had not broken out over the last 48 hours I am 100% sure that Gad would never have shown up to watch Charlotte ride-he rarely does-and the two of them would not have made a point of being cozy in front of the cameras in St. Tropez.:cool:

Despite their protestations to the contrary, famous people do indeed read the tabloids and they do care about gossip and what is written about them.
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Lol with the comments. :D And my apologies, I believed PEOPLE, mea culpa. :p

Still, I don't expect them stay together forever or grow old together, they don't strike me as that kind of couple. Unlike Andrea & Tatiana. :) jmho.

Cheers to staying together another year! :cheers:
So happy the rumours were false, I'm delighted really !!!!!
Not alone are the rumours false, Charlotte is at her most beautiful, confident and glowing with happiness. Both Gad and motherhood suit her. Long may it last.
Gad has been to several of Charlotte's events. This year he went to Chantilly and I think Fontainebleau. A lot of times he is on tour when she is competing. They usually go down to Monaco this time of year.

Charlotte gave an exclusive interview to Nice Matin for the Sunday edition. The online version is only a teaser. If anyone has read the full version can they tell us what it said? It sounded like she might give some personal info about recent events. I know. Hard to believe. It did say Gad just got back Thursday from the US.
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It is nice the rumours turn to be wrong. It is always saddening when a couple with young children split.
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That pic is especially lovely....thanks Azure
Azure. That is the teaser for the article. To see the actual interview you have to buy the print version of Sunday's Nice-Matin.

I'm surprised Charlotte didn't get hurt with her legs going every which way. Luckily, she was wearing the inflatable jacket to protect her upper body.
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raphael resembles Charlotte when she was at his age! really :D
I hope that means he is going to resemble her as an adult.:cool:
I have to admit Gad & Charlotte look very very happy in these latest pics, which means they're still going strong! :)

That said, I noticed Charlotte is looking quite thin lately, tall & lanky. But I'm thinking it's a result of her body & face maturing as she enters into her late 20's. Still striking as ever, especially with that long hair. :cool:

ps: Raphael is a super cutie, and he does resemble Charlotte, but has Gad's ears, lol. :D
Right, fanofmonaco!

I hope in the whole interview the journalists ask her sth meaningful about her "job".
Charlotte is a renaissance woman. She has may jobs. Government, brand ambassador, editor and producer. Most important of all is Mom.
Priyanka. You have answered the question as to whether Charlotte attended the Sorbonne and graduated. The paragraph below the Monaco Info video said that Charlotte got her license in philosophy from the Sorbonne. I believe that is a government run tv channel. I don't think they would have said that if it wasn't true.
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Azure. That was a very interesting article about Charlotte being appointed to the board of the FXB foundation. I think her godmother is the founder. What a great mentor to have. It sounds like she is a brilliant person. Her idea of going into a village and providing health, education, business help etc to make the village self sustaining within 3 years is a great solution. Much more efficient than just providing one thing eg.water wells.

A great topic for Charlotte to discuss in future interviews is some of the strong women leaders she has been associated with: her mother and indirectly her Kelly grandmother and great grandmother, her Italian grandmother and her godmother. The knowledge and leadership skills passed down by them is priceless. The godmother was also a very successful film producer. I'm sure she is a big help to Charlotte and her fledgling production company.
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Thanks for your breakdown of the article, FanofMonaco, much appreciated. :)

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer, I particularly enjoyed reading about Charlotte's godmother's views on how a village can be self-sustaining in 3 years time. That's exactly what Peace Corps was about ~ to make them self-sufficient, not just giving them donations. It's like that old famous saying:

"give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime"
Fanofmonaco, yes, the founder is her godmother, Albina du Boisrouvray, and according to the site:
My son François was passionate about rescuing people. As a helicopter pilot, it was his job – but also his life. When he died, I wanted to keep François’ passion alive by promoting the things that fascinated him, and by rescuing orphans and people around the world from extreme poverty. And so FXB was born, with the ultimate aim to bring about peace and security in the world by focusing on children, youth and women.

He unfortunately died in 1986 and the foundation (which was created in 1989) has his name, François-Xavier Bagnoud--> FXB.

Char just entered the board in May and i think the membership is for 3 years and then you can be re-chosen, but i am not quite sure.
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Thanks for the pics! :flowers:

What a family affair. I see Camille and the de Masseys there as well. :)

Love Charlotte's outfit (two thumbs up), but it does emphasize how tall & skinny she's gotten. jmho.
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