Cartoons, Paintings, Parodies etc. of the RF

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Marengo said:
Here a popular painting of Queen Beatrix, from
It is from Carla Rodenberg. I know her;)
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_Isabella_ said:
It is from Carla Rodenberg. I know her;)

well, you she made one of the best portraits of HM ever IMO!
Princess_Beatrix said:
here's a caricature I made on my own :eek: :D ;)

That's a great one, Princess Beatrix! Thanks for charing it with us!
(I always wished I could draw like that, but I'm more of a writer... ;))
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Last week the mayor of Barneveld and Mrs. Offereins (painter) revealed the new portrait that will be hanging in the cityhall of Barneveld.

With thanks to Sander at the Benelux Royals MB who first posted this.
The new paintings look really good!
Are there any close-ups of the 4 portaits?
I really like the one of Queen Wilhelmina! :)
Yes, I was surprised that I actually liked them to! Sadly I wasn´t able to find bigger pictures.

Willem-Alexander actually posed for the painter, for the ladies she used pictures.


Here a cartoon about Prinsjesdag (from


´members of the estates general, after the bitter comes the sweet and may it be clear that sunnier times are on its way´.
Marengo said:
Comedian Hape Kerkeling pretending to be Beatrix for German television, in search for 'lecker mittagessen'.

YouTube - Hape Kerkeling - Beatrix=
Oh I love this clip. It's a cult clip!
It made Hape Kerkeling famous! :lol:
Everyone on Castel Belvue was totally confused. A strange Beatrix-Double who wants to have "Lecker Mittagessen" (Tasty Lunch) with the Preseident. :D
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Wow,very good painting. It looks like a photo.
Andy Warhol's series of Reigning Queens are on exhibit at Het Loo Palace for a short while,every saturday from today till march 25th:

Courtesy HJA @

scroll down a bit.
Thanks to all of you for those amazing pictures!! :flowers:
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Here three political cartoons. They were taken from the excellent site Geheugen van Nederland - Homepage and are free of copyrights.


(1917) Text: 'King Ferdinand of Roumania: Just follow his advice, cousin Wilhelmina, it will make you healthy, just like me. ' I wonder whose advice they meant, the King obviously is just involved in WWI and tries to get Wilhelmina to join the allied side to, so that rules out the posibility of following the advice of Emperor Wilhelm II.
Another cartoon.


1918. The socialist leader (Troelstra) is whipping the throne. Behind Queen Wilhelmina we see a politician hiding (perhaps the prime minister?)

Text: 'Throne in danger' 'Don't protect the highest leader of the army (the Queen), the whip might hurt you'
Final one for now:


A famous parody of Barend Servet from the 70-ties. He is interviewing 'Queen Juliana'. They are makeing fun of Juliana's wish to be 'normal' and they let her clean Brussels sprouts. When the parody was shown on tv it caused a lot of complaints from Orangist viewers.
A new on-line exhibition of portrait miniatures from the Historical Collection Foundation of the House of Orange.
Het Koninklijk Huis

A cartoon about King Willem III, aka King Gorilla. The cartoonist was sentensed to half a year in prison.

Here a cartoon about Jorge Zorreguietta.

He is on the telephone and says ´We don´t understand, Alex´ and ´A constitutional crisis, and still no militairy action is possible?´
Two clips from koefnoen.

Clip 1, Princess Mabel editing the movie ´The Prince and the Girl´ (about her, her husband and their engagement period/scandal).

Clip 2, Queen Beatrix meeting swimming champion Inge de Bruijn. German rags talked about an affair between Inge and the Crownprince.
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