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Aug 13, 2004
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I found some nice (and old) cartoons, mainly about Queen Wilhelmina, so I wanted to make a new thread here we can post more things like that.

The first cartoon was made upon her golden jubilee. The dutch virgin is holding a laurel crown above Wilhelmina while William the Silent (father of the fatherland) stands next to her. References like these were very popular, especially with Wilhelmina (who, not coinsidently was named mother of the fatherland later on). In her biography she makes a lot of remarks about Willem of Orange, and about his last father-in-law, Gaspard de Coligny (leader of the french Hugenots). In the televisionseries on Wilhelmina, which was made a couple of years ago we could see Wilhelmina in the Orange Hall in Palace Huis ten Bosch, talking to her anscestors and how she wants to be worthy of them. She had a portrait of William of Orange in her office (as does the present Queen), and a buste of Stadholder Willem III, King William III of GB, which was another rolemodel. She wasn't blind for faults of her anscestors either. When stadholder Willem V was reburried she refused to attend the reburial of 'that idiot'.

Picture (and the following ones) all from

This second cartoon was made after the failed socialist revolution of 1918. The men repesenting anarchy, bolsjewism etc are walking away, while Wilhelmina stands firmly on the dunes (also popular in these things, bcause of our struggle against the water), congratulated by a woman in traditional fisherladies (?) costume, representing the people.

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This one was made during the 2nd world war, about the flight of Queen Wilhelmina. A german officer tries to catch her and use her for Nazi-purposes, but he cannot catch the royal mantle (note the dunes again).

A socialist cartoon, showing the Queen, disguised as a poor lady, begging for money. This cartoon came after the Court asked the gouverment for more money to restore a palace.

Another socialist cartoon. Wilhelmina is watching a group of socialist protesters while a minister is commenting, 'don't be afraid, they are only beggars'. This comment was famously made to Margaretha of Parma, who ruled the Netherlands during the times of Phillip II of Spain as well, when dutch representives came asking for independance. After this the french word for beggars was 'dutchified' and used by a group of dutch men who liberated our cities (Geuzen).

A more respectfull cartoon, the gratefull dutch virgin coming to Queen Emma and praising her for her 2nd regency, while Wilhelmina retreated to give birth to Juliana.

A comemerative drawing, made for the golden jubilee of Wilhelmina:

Queen Emma telling positive things about the movement of ladies rights to her daughter. Ironically Wilhelmina never was a big fan of this movement, contrairy to what the cartoon implies.

Wilhelmina: 'they are asking women suffrage'.
Emma: 'Right (as in a right to vote), my daughter, look here and see in what a smaal country can be grand'.
Here a popular painting of Queen Beatrix, from

from, a cartoon:

Here 2 paintings and a (rather original) sculpture:




pic 1 & 2 from:
pic 3 from:
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Here a cartoon which makes fun of the Royal hunting...


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very nice pictures and scultures!

what about more member of Royals Family? like CP Maxima and Princess Laurenterin and Princess Mabel and lots of more
Wow Marengo, you really have found historical treasure to bring to this forum, thanks a lot for the lesson in dutch history;)
Well Sara, I googled but there wasn't much:

Here a cartoon of Peter van Straaten, for 'Vrij Nederland'. It shows a naked woman )Mabel, trying to cover up everything )as was the impression during the whole Bruinsma-thing:


this picture is from the same cartoonist and for the same magazine. In honour of the engagement of The Prince of Orange:


Clothing chain C&A had this campaign, after Catharina-Amalia was born (source: C&A):

Two more from the site www.hetgeheugenvannederland:

The first cartoon is of a socialist newspaper. The Queen, her husband Duke Hendrik of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Princess Juliana. Outside are socialist protesters. The Queen looks at her husband and says 'O Meckelburg, you wonderful country (implying that in Mecklenburg socialists weren't as active).


The 2nd one on the occassion of Juliana's state visit to the US (she got a ticker-tape -?- parade btw):

Marengo said:
from, a cartoon:
Ho! Ho! I love this one! Although I hope it doesn't give the Queen's hat designers any ideas for new hats!
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Here are two portraits (one of the Queen, one of Maxima) by the Dutch artist Ans Markus. I really do love her work. You just have to go and take a look at her site, because she really makes interesting stuff...


There must be more paintings of Beatrix, made by Ans Markus, but I'm not able to find them... so far. ;)
These picure I fond in a syllabus from the Exhibition "Your'e Majesty"
Several paintings and catroons of here 25 years of reign.

beatrix (6).jpg beatrix (22).jpg tweekleineBea's.jpg sam-drukker.jpg (the last one is from Sam Drukker)

Isn't the first one you (Amber) posted done by Marthe Roling?
From www.hetgeheugenvannederland, a pamphlet spreaded vby the resistance during the german occupation.
Th first part shows a vcelebrating quare, cheering Juliana and Beatrix.
Note 6 1/4 on the german men, the reichscommendant for Holland had a name which was simular to the pronounciation of 6 1/4 in dutch.

From a couple of cartoons by Peter van Straaten:

The visit of Beatrix and Claus to the pope:


Wilhelmina said in her biography that she was living in a golden cage, which is shown by the cartoonist for her granddaughter:


This one implies the secret influence the former prime minister (behind the curtains) still had on Beatrix/ on the new gouverment (I think they are friends btw):

Again & Peter van Straaten:

'Beeldvorming' = imagecreation. Around 2000 the court got a bit worried about the image which was created by the press of Beatrix as a woman who mingles in politics and who wants to get her way:


Queen Beatrix at the opening of parlament in 1983, with an empty treasury:


When Jorg Haiders party came into gouverment in Austria many politicians were appaled and pleaded for a (voluntairily) boycot on Austria. The Queen didn'yt pay the least attention and went to Austria, as usual (which got a lot of attention in the austrian media). The wordpon: Lech niet te zeiken' is slang for 'Don't nag'. The cartoonist changed 'Leg' to 'Lech', for the winterresort where the Queen stays.

In 2000 a small party in parlament questioned the Queens role int he goverment, and pleaded for the swedish model, e.g. the Queen complety out of politics. As the party couldn't do much, you only see a small mouse...

A beautiful painting of Queen Juliana in 1950 by Dutch artist Jan Altink.

Two cartoons of Queen Wilhelmina. The first one by a belgian, portraying the Queen with a prussian helmet (the netherlands was neutral in WW1 which was not appreciated by the belgians). Picture from 't Scheldt (a magazine).
The second one shows Wilhelmina as a skipper (of the state), from


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