Best Colour for Princess Letizia of Asturias: July 2005 - December 2006

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Feb 21, 2004
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which one do you think it's the colour that best suits letizia?
in my opinion creamy colours (beige, yellow...) look really good on her
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for me she's beautiful in blue!!!
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Actually I haven't a favorite color that I like best on Letizia's outfits.
She wears many colors, really good look the lightning ones like red, orange and yellow. Rosa, lila and white as well.
Here an example of a dress she wore 2 weeks ago. Not because pregnant, it still suits her.
I think white, red and pink.
Well... For me she is one of those persons who looks good in all coours. I like her in red and pink like her last pregnant dress.
I think red and pink are also my favorite.
I can't think of any colour that I've seen on Letizia that doesn't look good on her. (She makes me think of Queen Rania in this way.) Her complexion is just so that most colours flatter some of her features or accentuate something about her.

Black makes everyone look good, though it's not one of my favourite colours on Letizia. Nor is grey as it's a rather dull colour -- though it's dull on everybody, not just Letizia.

But I think very bright, vibrant colours such as reds and oranges (not everyone can look good in orange either) look great on Letizia. They make her whole face come alive.

And pastel colours such as pink soften Letizia's features, which are sharp and angular.
Her best colour is black imo! The few times I have thought "wow" about Letizia she has worn black (like the dress she wore to meet the pope).

I don't like her in pastels or beige. She needs strong colours to look good imo. My least favourite color on her is white. It doesn't flatter her imo.
I think she can get away with a lot of diffrent colours but I just find her
such a dull dresser for some reason
I like her in white, red and orange. A combination with black makes express her beauty.
I like her in white and red. She just glows with these colors.
white! it softens her face.
I think Yellow is the best color of Crownprincess Letizia.
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Yes, red is a color which suit her, but white make her look so sexy and beautiful.
Red, white and pink are my favourites.
I think with her skin tone that a 'warm' green looks very nice on her. Yet again, white looks very good on her also.
Latizia can wear actually a lot of colours with some predominant as the red and all the declinaisons of the pink.
Yes she can used oranga -she did once- but it's a colour difficult to wear and to match up.
RED, by far !!!

White, very very good on her

Black : The worst for her, it is strange, but black doew not fit her
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