Baby Girl for Cristina and Iñaki! Irene Urdangarín y de Borbón: June 5, 2005

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Iñaki’s mother, Clara Liebaert, leaves the hospital this morning, after visiting her grandaughter.
Photo from Terra:


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A little girl! See, you don't get online on a Sunday and these are the great news you get on Monday!

Congratulations to the parents, brothers and whole families.

I'll bet she'll be spoiled by her brothers;)
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Alisa said:
Congratulations to the family.
I'm not too fond of the name, but the meaning is most certainly beautiful. D
It's a question of language. Irene pronounced in English is not a particularly lovely name, but in Spanish the pronunciation is very beautiful.

After visiting Infanta Cristina and Irene, the mayor of Barcelona, Joan Clos, said that 'the girl is precious, very beautiful’. The mayor, who visited the Infanta and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, during half an hour, presented them, in name of the City Hall, with a drawing made by the illustrator Pilarín Bayés. The picture reproduces a mum and dad strolling with their children (the youngest in the arms of the father), by the gardens of the Quinta Amelia de Sarria, an habitual scenery for the Barcelonan strolls of the Dukes of Palma.

The mayor explained, that the new born 'resembles Miguel', the third son of the Dukes of Palma.

On the other hand, it is expected that the president of the Generalitat, Pasqual Maragall, arrives at the Teknon clinic around 7:00 p.m..

JUHU!!! :D I'm so happy for Cristina, Inaki and the 3 boys :D Congratulations!
Great that the little girl and her mother are healthy. I also really like the name Irene.

So I'm very excited too to see soon pictures of Irene.
Diego, an user from "The Hispanic Forums", made this great captures from the Spanish programme "Corazón de Primavera". (I have never heard before the voices of Claire Liebaert and Ana Urdangarín, mother and sister of Iñaki :eek: )

-The duke leaving his children at the school:

-The Queen ("I don't know yet, I'm going to see them now"):

-Infanta Elena ("I don't know who the baby resembles, but she is so so cute!"):

-Ana Urdangarín ("We're so charmed because all has been very beautiful. A happy ending with three boys and a girl")
-Juan María Urdangarín, father of Iñaki ("The baby is so cute and she is very well. The mother is well... we're going to see her! she was like that yesterday... they're well, they're very well")
-Claire Liebaert ("...very well, very well. In addition the baby girl is very cute, and I love girls so..."
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i can't see the videos because my real playr is broken.

6 JUNE 2005

It's a baby booming year for the Spanish royal family. As King Juan Carlos' son, Crown Prince Felipe, visits Japan with his pregnant wife, the monarch's daughter is celebrating the birth of her fourth child.

Infanta Cristina and her spouse, Olympic handball player Iñaki Urdangarin, welcomed 8lb 2oz Irene, who is now ninth in line to the throne, at a Barcelona hospital on Sunday. The sixth grandchild of the king and Queen Sofia is the first baby girl for the royal couple, who have three sons: Juan Valentin, Pablo Nicolas y Miguel.

The queen abandoned her courtside seat at the men's final of the French Open in Paris to jet over to Barcelona, leaving the king to see Spaniard Rafael Nadal win. At the end of the match, a clearly delighted Juan Carlos leaned down from the royal box and warmly grasped the 19-year-old's hands in congratulation, explaining why his wife had had to rush off.

The king's daughter-in-law, Princess Letizia, who is in the fourth month of her pregnancy, meanwhile continued a royal visit to Japan with her husband. The couple wound down the tour with a visit to the 2005 World Expo in Aichi before enjoying a dinner hosted by Crown Prince Naruhito in their honour.

1. Infanta Cristina of Spain, already mum to three boys, gave birth to a baby girl in Barcelona on Sunday
2. Queen Sofia, with Cristina's sons Juan Valentin, Pablo Nicolas y Miguel, was all smiles as she visited her daughter. At right, proud dad Iñaki Urdangarin
3. Meanwhile, Cristina's brother, Crown Prince Felipe, and sister-in-law Princess Letizia, continued their tour of Japan. Above, the royal couple with Crown Prince Naruhito


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Thanks for the videos, Isabella! ;)
According to Hola, the Jordanian royal house sent a branch of flowers with a card from Prince Faisal Ben Al Hussein, and the Royal House of Saudi Arabia sent an original branch in form of pie, with white, pink and lilac roses, arranged on a crystal base.

Photos from Hola:
1. Juan, Pablo and Miguel leave the hospital, after meeting their new sister;
2. Queen Sofia whatches some photos of little Irene, stored in her digital camera.


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I'm so happy for them and so glad they had a girl after three boys:) ! My unternet hasn't been working since Friday and all weekend I have been wondering if they had the baby yet.
When Cristina and Ireane leave the hospital?
Can someone help me out a bit more on the Spanish pronunciation of it a "long" e and then "ray" and then "nuh"? or is it a "long" e and then "ray" and then "nay"? Sorry to be so ignorant. I have been twisting various sounds around on my tongue and certainly agree with lucys that the name appears to be much prettier sounding in Spanish - despite whichever way it is pronounced! - than in English. Thanks for any help!
Emily said:
Can someone help me out a bit more on the Spanish pronunciation of it a "long" e and then "ray" and then "nuh"? or is it a "long" e and then "ray" and then "nay"? Sorry to be so ignorant. I have been twisting various sounds around on my tongue and certainly agree with lucys that the name appears to be much prettier sounding in Spanish - despite whichever way it is pronounced! - than in English. Thanks for any help!

Your second pronunciation is closer.
You should click on Editorial and then "Search all Editorial". Then on the left side will be a search option where you can insert a name. Hope it works for you now....:)
I would pronounce it like this:
i as in see
r not like the english r more rrrrrrr
e like french é
n like n
e like è, not really but you can hear it.

I think that's like it is pronounced in German
corazon said:
When Cristina and Ireane leave the hospital?

It was said they would be there for 3 days, so, it's later today or tomorrow.

The Princes of Asturias will go to Barcelona this afternoon to meet their new niece

The Princes of Asturias will travel today to Barcelona to meet their new niece, Irene, that was born last Sunday in the Teknon clininc in Barcelona, according to what was said by sources from the Royal House

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will go to Barcelona after attending the lunch offered by the kings to the USA's former president Bill Clinton.

It's expected that the Infanta Cristina and her daughter Irene leave the hospital tomorrow, three days after the birth.
She will leave the hospital tomorrow and this afternoon the Princes and Princess of Asturias are expected to go to Barcelona to meet little Irene.

I don't think these photos of the hapy father and brothers going to visit yesterday have been posted. They are from Reuters via


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Iñaki and the boys going to the hospital yesterday.
Photos from Polfoto anf GettyImages:


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Princes of Asturias visit their new niece


Princes of Asturias have arrived minutes before the 18:30 hours at the Teknon clinic from Barcelona to meet their neice Irene, the daughter of the Dukes of Palm that was born Sunday the past. The Princes have arrived at the clinical center in a car that drove Don Felipe and when lowering of the vehicle they have saluted to some of the people who waited for their arrival in the door of the enclosure. Some 200 people they had congregated themselves to the entrance of the clinic to see the arrival of the Princes, in whom they have welcomed with applause and complimentary commentaries. Doña Letizia dressed a suit trousers gray color and maintained in the hand a blue package, apparently a gift for new born. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have traveled to the Condal City from Madrid, after attending the lunch that the Kings have offered in the Palace of the Zarzuela to the ex- president of the United States Bill Clinton.
Barcelona, SPAIN: Spanish Prince Felipe (R) and his pregnant wife Princess Letizia (C), arrive at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona, 07 June 2005, to pay a visit to his sister Princess Cristina and her newborn daughter Irene, who is the first girl after her three boys.


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can't wait to see the first pics!
i posted before my congratulations but as i posted them when it was just a rumour maybe the moderators deleted all the posts, so late but still...

Felipe and Letizia visiting Cristina and Irene

From Terra:


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More of their arrival from Reuters via


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A few more from Reuters


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Thanks for the photos.
I wonder what was the gift they brought to Cristina and Irene... ;)
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