Autumn Phillips's Fashion and Style Part 1: February 2008 - January 2018

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Jun 18, 2006
United Kingdom
With the impending wedding of Autumn and Peter i thought it would be nice to post pics of the fashion of Autumn

Trip to Ladies Day ay Ascot 2007
Autumn Kelly - perfect for the Royal Family - Telegraph

Casual Autumn (from hellomagaizne royal girlfriends special)"

Diamond wedding anniversary nov 2007 - a simple white coat with black hat
Zara's short skirt steals the show at Queen's diamond wedding | the Daily Mail

Arriving for the 80th birthday cruise of the Scottish isles aug 2006

a recent picture of Autumn at Sandringham in Jan 2008 going to church during a weekend break with the Queen
ImageShack - Hosting :: autumnkellypx1.jpg"

Just after the announcement of their engagement showing off the ring

link to site
Autumn Kelly » British Royal Wedding
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Autumn attending the easter day service 2008 at Windsor - Sporting a monochrome ensemble, her blonde hair was set off by a feathery fascinator
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found a better picture of Autumn at the Queens diamond wedding anniversary
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leaving the Queens 80th birthday cruise
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Cheltenham Racecourse on March 16, 2006
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found this picture taken at the party held at the Ritz to mark to 80th birthday of the Queen 5 DEC 06 - unusal that Autumn choose to wear a three-quarter length dress while everyone else choose formal wear
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Thanks for the photos!:flowers:
So far I like the outfits worn by Ms Kelly. She opts for safe classical choices. Her Ascot 2007 outfit is my personal favourite. Altough I am not sure about "a feathery fascinator", I like the outfit colour and style.
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She looked so good today. I wish we could see her whole outfit. But I really like the way she styled her hair with that hat.
She definitely fits into the family. Autumn looked amazing today, and her hat suits her quite well.:)
Autumn is the best addition to the royal family they could possibly have, if there are any children of the four Windsor kids who are likely to have succesful relationships they are Peter and Zara. I like her hat, and how she dared to wear it.
I thought she looked amazing today. She looks great in hats I've noticed.
Loved her whole outfit today. The hat was stunning!
While the hat is very striking, I can't say the same with that messy grey thing of a dress. Btn the huge bow and pleats, I don't know how she managed to figure out which is front or back.
Ahum, that's not a very flattering suit is it?! Very 1980'ies and that is not something that suits Autumn.
I thought she had looked better and like others, the scarf is too much and the outfit looks a bit tight. But, the shoes are nice. I feel for her--she's just trying to fit in going to these family events. She needs to look to Zara for some fashion tips and advice.
I like the print of the dress and the black fascinator, but this outfit looks too tight and kind of awkward on Autumn. I think the scarf around the neck is too much. Perhaps it would look better if she didn't wear the scarf.

I agree -- the dress and the hat were good choices, but I hate hate hate the scarf. It's unnecessary and makes her look like she's got no neck. If she needed to wear something around her neck, a simple necklace would have suited her much better, IMO.
I do not know but I would prefer the hair pulled back with that birdnest for a hat. The plumes on top and loose hair seems a bit unkept to me........
Autumn at Rose's wedding --- a total mess!
I actually really like the dress.
It's cute. The jacket is a good choice, too.
Don't like the scarf.
I think the headpice is nice. Maybe an updo hairdo would have been nice.
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