Anne, Princess Royal Jewellery

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Please note that there's no proof that this (major) tiara was part of the Greville inheritance to the Queen Mother. Suzy Menkes in her book makes it sound rather as if the Queen Mother commissioned it herself.
As Princess Anne seems to have worn it only once so far, during the state visit from China to Britain, we just have to wait for the next grand occasions and a better photograph to verify that she is indeed wearing this tiara, which was never seen in public on the Queen Mother.
I have to admit, that when I checked on the RJOTWMB (as I do daily!!!) and found what Aaron had posted, well, it was a great moment. I had thought that the other picture was a pretty close match, but the angle of the original PATHE picture kept me a touch unsure. This new picture, in my opinion, offers irrefutable proof about the tiara Anne wears.
Now, as for it being a Greville piece--all I know, from reading her will, is that she left all her jewels (with the exception of some pearls) to the Queen Mum. Someone of her wealth would not have had just the one tiara (Honeycomb). This new tiara is also in the Art Deco style that Mrs. Greville liked, so I can only wonder--what else is there in the vaults?????
I bet PR Anne has some fantastic pieces we don't even know about. She doesn't seem to enjoy jewels. She just wears pieces when the occasion calls for it. Such a shame, I would love to have a look in her vault!!!
The Queen Mother never commissioned a new tiara for herself, with the exception of asking Cartier in 1949 to augment the Boucheron tiara with diamond arches. The rest of her tiaras were either given to her by Queen Mary or were selected from the royal collection.

Her major jewels were mostly from the Greville bequest.
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I seem to recall reading somewhere that The King did not approve of Mrs Greville nor of her gift to the Queen. Most of the pieces only appeared after His Majesty died. The only exceptions seem to have been the ruby necklace and the multi cut girandole earings that QEQM gave to our present Queen as wedding gifts.
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I thought that the five strand Greville necklace were acceptable to the King--except it had to be worn as a three strand because he thought it too extravagant.
new brooch

Princess Anne wears a gold 3-leaf shamrock brooch, when she presents shamrocks to 1st Battalion Irish Guards, on St. Patrick's Day.
Shamrock brooch

The Queen Mother had a portrait painted, wearing a very similar brooch for The Irish Guards.

Has the Queen Mother's brooch been passed to Princess Anne?
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The tradition of presenting Shamrock to the Irish Guards actually began with Queen Alexandra and it was another Princess Royal, Mary, who took the Salute each year with the Irish Guards until her death in 1965. After that time, The Queen Mother, although Scottish in blood, accepted the invitation from the Irish Guards. They became her favourite Regiment and they actually carried their coffin as well.

About the brooch, I think that it is indeed the same brooch The Queen Mother already wore. Having read a book of the first 100 years of the Irish Guards (1900-2000), there is a caption that The Queen Mother was given a gold brooch in the form of a Shamrock on 17 March 2000 when she took the Salute on St Patrick's Day, celebrated at the time in her garden of Clarence House. She received the brooch for a double birthday: her own 100th birthday; and the 100th birthday of the Irish Guards. After he death, The Queen received all the jewellery and I think The Princess Royal received that brooch to continue the tradition of the gift of Royal Shamrock.

Thankyou QueenElizabeth.
The Irish Guards book has valuable info.
Could you please give me more info re the book please?
Festoon Tiara

Is the Festoon Tiara a private tiara of princess Anne or is it part of the royal collection or something like this?

I have heard that the spanish royal family have to give gifts with a worth which is higher than 500€ to the spanish state.

Is this the same in Britain?
Princess Anne has worn a not before seen brooch with central yellow stone, at this year's Braemar Games.
My thanks to posted RJWMB
It can indeed be a brooch with a yellow stone, but the quality on the RJWMB is not that good. It can as well be a miniature brooch of the star of the order of the thistle in honour of Scotland. The shape of the brooch looks the same and the "yellow", which I don't think is yellow, but anyway, could be the central thistle with words 'nemo me impune lacessit'. It's only a guess.
I forgotten how attractive she was when she was younger
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Princess Anne was a beautiful young lady, and she is a very handsome woman. She reminds me greatly of her Aunt Margaret.
boy, the whole gang looks thrilled! It doesn't look like the Greek tiara to me either, darn it.
Yes - I thought it was the greek key as well, but now I don't think it is - it looks almost like a necklace on a frame. Damnit, why don't they give us better pictures from these things.

So that's mystery tiara #2 from Anne. She likes to keep us guessing eh!
It's more a very simple bandeau than a tiara, and doesn't appear to be of any great significance.
It's more a very simple bandeau than a tiara, and doesn't appear to be of any great significance.
I hope you mean to say that it doesn't look like a substantial piece, because that's true...
...but regarding its significance, any hair ornament worn by a Royal as a tiara for the very first time causes some excitement and is certainly of significance for the royal jewelry watchers. ;)
This ornament does look weird...The only thing I'm sure of is that this isn't a tiara and of course, that I don't like it at all :cool:
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Is it a comb of some form?
I think she wore it in a picture Lord Lichfield took year ago, before the opening of parliament? :)
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French point of view has a close up of it a gold band with 4 large whole Pearls on it. I have never seen this before
French point of view has a close up of it a gold band with 4 large whole Pearls on it. I have never seen this before
Oh please, please, please, can you (or someone else) scan and post this picture? I'm sure I won't be the only one to appreciate that very much:flowers:
I'm sorry but I can't get excited at this. A gold hairband with four pearls does not a glittering tiara make. I feel that Princess Anne has let us down. :D
I'm sorry but I can't get excited at this. A gold hairband with four pearls does not a glittering tiara make. I feel that Princess Anne has let us down. :D

Ditto! She had three from which to choose (four if you count the one of Mrs. Greville's that appeared at the Chinese banquet)--so, a headband with pearls on it, regardless of size, does not a tiara make.
Of course I was disappointed as well. But in the absence of something really stunning worn on her head, I choose to get exited over a close-up of a mere, simple gold band with some pearls. Sorry if I’m the only one who got so frustrated about the utterly unclear pictures we have seen so far.
No, you are not the only one.
As far as I can tell by the pics, Princess Anne wore a rather elaborate, unusual gold and pearl necklace, which has been very rarely seen.
Choosing this necklace, she obviously decided to rather match it in style with a so far unknown headband than wear one of her tiaras which would not have matched at all. That's interesting, also because this might be a complete (gift?) set which has not appeared in public before in its whole.
Therefore, I still would very much like to see the close up.
I am dying to see this hairpiece/tiara w pearls. Can no one post it? I've searched but can find no pictures of this on the net?!
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