Andrea Casiraghi Current Events Part 14: Sep.2008 - April 2010

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There's an interview with Andrea and pictures of him in this weeks Hola:
Revista ¡HOLA! - Sumario
I suppose it's about his support to the Fondation Motrice, because there's also an article about Caroline and Charlotte being present at the gala diner.
I haven't got a copy yet, it only comes out a week later in my country...

OH - looking forward to it! If you can, please translate and post pics - I like that picture of him and Tatiana....
Someone in a spanish forum has bought the magazine it says:

Ha concedido la entrevista con motivo de su patronazgo de la fundación Motrice que se dedica a ayudar a personas que nacen con paralisís cerebral, también vienen fotos dela fiesta organizada en llas q estuvieron presentes la princesa carolina y carlota, inés de la fressange, eugene nirchos,............y muchas más celebrities.

En la entrevista dice que su madre ha sido quien le inculcó ayudar a los más necesitados y que desde pequeño ha visto como su madre ha estado inmersa en muchas obras de caridad y que se ha corrido medio mundo para ello.

También dice que ya no vive en U.S.A ya que ha terminado sus estudios de CIENCIAS POLITICAS y que está ahora haciendo las prácticas en París en el gabinete del embajador de Qatar en París. que pese a la familia a la que pertenece se siente un chico concostumbres muy normales y sencillas..........le encanta pintar y le encanta el arte, y por eso le gusta vivir en París pq la oferta cultural y artística es muy amplia.......

Dice de tatiana q es una joven mujer excepcional.

Y que admira a su tio el príncipe soberano. Y que está muy pendiente de todo lo q ocurre en su país.

Más o menos dice eso en la entrevista, espero que os sirva de algo.....

He gave an interview about the Fondation Motrice, there are pics of the party organized in Paris with many guest like Caroline, Charlotte, Inés de la Fressange, Eugenie Niarchos...
It also says that her mother has given him the example to help the most needed people, because her mother is in a lot of charity functions and goes half world to do it.
It says he doesn't live in USA anymore, he lives in Paris, he finished his studies of political science (international politics) and that he is doing an internship in the embassy of Qatar in Paris.
He says that Tatiana is an exceptional young woman.
And that admires his uncle, the Soverign Prince. And that he (Andrea) is well informed about everything that goes on currently in the Principality.
Interesting....Thanks Nathalie!
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^ Thanks! I hope we get more pics eventually. Andrea and Tatiana both look great!
I think after seeing those covers, it is official - he totally ROCKS his new hairstyle! It suits his bone structure and makes him look very dignified. It brings out his resemblance to his father too (more than it did before). Is this tied up with the new job? They didn't want someone with long hair and puka beads? :lol: Or is it that he just got tired of brushing it all the time? Whatever the reason, I'm liking it! :clap:
Haha, I like your post Thecia. If it was for work reasons or getting tired and wanting a new look, we all agree that he looks super handosome and better! :lol:
Also, regarding cutting his hair, maybe he did so to be taken more seriously. I believe the article mentions that Prince Albert is keeping him abreast of events in the Principality? :ohmy: I believe he'll continue his charitable work, and it appears that he's completed his studies (has an internship?), so if his partying days are behind him, then maybe the wild hair needs to go by the wayside, too....we always have pictures...:D
I don't know if it's just the magic of photoshop (considering Tatiania has been obviously altered) but he looks more handsome and healthier in the Hola shoot than he has in ages.
Sorry to divert from Andrea's hair, but the best things I noticed from the article was his internship with the Qatar embassy (a wealthy, prosperous, very small monarchy) and his keeping up to speed on all the current events in Monaco. It is good to see that he is doing something to prepare himself for the possibility that he could become the Sovereign Prince one day. If he keeps on as he is, with the education and experience he has acquired for himself, I think he would make a good Monegasque monarch.

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I don't know if it's just the magic of photoshop (considering Tatiania has been obviously altered) but he looks more handsome and healthier in the Hola shoot than he has in ages.

YES - he does look healthier! His weight is normal, his skin and eyes look great - totally agree. Why does everyone think Tatiana has been photoshopped, and I wonder why they felt they needed to? Do you mean you think she's been added to the pictures, or that she's really in the pictures, but they've altered her appearance.....I need to go back and look
I think that Idriel means that Tatiana is in the picture, but her appearance has been altered. I mean, she looks gorgeous but not in a natural way. There's something...rare about her in the pics. In the only pic I see her "naturally" is in the one where she is besides Andrea. Then in the others there is something weird in the smile. I don't know why photoshop them if they are naturally good looking.
^I think she was very, very airbrushed, for sure, and they did more photoshopping than that, because I agree she was practically unrecognizable. I think it was only possible to know for sure its her because we KNEW it was her (I mean, who other girl could she be with andrea in these pics, lol), or because they said it was her. :lol:

It's weird, but for some reason, she ended up looking more like her Missoni friend than herself.

I agree with everyone about Andrea too. It's incredible how good he looks. His eyes had such an expression: so sparkling, so intense, piercing! He seems like a man with a purpose, doesn't he?

As for Albert "choosing" him, I think it's more like this: Caroline is choosing him. Caroline is encouraging him. It's all Caroline, much more than Albert.
I agree that something has been done to Tatiana in some of the pictures, but why? She's not hideous?!:eek: She does seem to look different in each picture (most like herself in the 1st pic when she's standing behind him, peeking over his shoulder). Weird...:sad:. I agree that Caroline has been introducing him to public life, starting with supporting charitable efforts. I wonder what it means when he says that Prince Albert is keeping him up-to-date on events in Monaco (maybe that's also why he has a residence there, so they start to see him in Monaco) - is he attending meetings w/him and/or meeting other heads of state? He'll need to know how to communicate on that level, so if that's happening, that's good.
Yes...well, in the interview he says "exceptional young woman" it's different from "stunning girl"
In which language do you think Andrea gave the original interview? My guess is French, and it is odd that the interview has been now publish in a Spanish, English and Italian version but not (as far as I know) by a French mag. I would have liked to read his original words instead of translations...
French most sure. But the people of Hola published the interview. Not even Hello.

In the article posted above, it says: "C'est une fille vraiment exceptionnelle" which "really exceptional young woman"
Hello published it this week, and Vanity Fair in Italy, so, assuming the original interview was in French, we have three translations, but not the original published. maybe some French mag will pick it up in the next few weeks?
I don't know, my guess is he originally did it in French or English. would be good to read the original interview!
Zimbio has some ridiculously handsome pics of Andrea (and Char, etc) at this year's Rose Ball...Andrea looks soooo handsome!! The new cut for Andrea is PERFECTION!! I wasn't sure I'd forget the longer locks, but these new pictures make you happy he chopped off his hair! Hopefully someone can post the pics here, or whatever thread addresses the Rose Ball.
I saw his pics of zimbio. He does look ridiculously handsome. But I don't know if we can post his pics of that event here, because those are in the Rose Ball thread, in second page. (the link to zimbio pics, not his pics per se)
Andrea is so handsome,he has perfect features thanks to Princess Grace.
Andrea is so handsome,he has perfect features thanks to Princess Grace.

Totally agree - I think Andrea and Charlotte show the most of Grace (more so than Stephanie's kids)
Really? :ermm: I think Camille is a little tiny version of Grace - almost exactly the same (she seems to have a broader face though). In fact, I think all of Grace's grandchildren bear some kind of resemblance to her. That's probably down to the fact that her children took so much after her. I just can't get past how much Andrea looks like his father and how I never noticed it before. Maybe it was the hair or something but I couldn't really see it. It's great now though. However, I think if anyone has more of a melding of both parents it's Pierre. Andrea looks like his father, Charlotte looks like her mother and Pierre sits somewhere in between. He doesn't seem to be totally one way or the other. But maybe that's just me.
^I only disagree about Pierre. To me, Pierre is a clone of Stefano. :D
Well, I think they both have a huge resemblance to their father, I just think Pierre's got a little bit more of his mother in him, that's all. He's got the same shaped face as Caroline (which is particularly noticeable around his jawline - he doesn't have Stefano's cleft chin) but he has Stefano's features (particularly his eyes). But to me, it's Andrea that's the clone. :lol: Here's some pics comparing the two:
They both resemble their father in different ways. Not that it really matters anyway - they're both gorgeous. ;) :lol:
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