Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

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"Yesterday, a small duck family had taken a temporary stay in the garden behind Her Majesty the Queen's Palace at Amalienborg. Guards from the Royal Life Guards escorted the animals from the mansion across the castle square and led them to the harbor quay, from where they jumped into the water and could safely swim on…"
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Today, Amalienborg Palavr Square has been cordoned off due to the discovery of a suspicious package.
Amalienborg Slotsplads was isolated on Tuesday morning.
A major operation is underway on Tuesday morning in Amalienborg Castle Square after a suspicious package was found in the post office.

According to the media, experts have also arrived who will investigate the matter. It should be an EOD team, which normally works on bomb disposal.

Both Amaliegade and Slotspladsen are blocked.

The Yellow Palace, where court staff work, was evacuated and isolated, along with Amaligade and Slotspladsen.

BT further writes that the police cannot say whether Queen Margrethe was also evacuated.

For BT, Copenhagen police chief of duty Michael Andersen told BT that nothing suspicious was found in the package in Amalienborg.

Police will not say what was found in the package.
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The DRF "post office" is located in the Yellow Mansion along with the court administration in Amaliegade (street). A little distance from QMII's residence.

Going on alert in such a situation is a prudent precaution, because even though an explosive devise would cause limited damage, the confusion could be a decoy, designed to draw attention away from another upcoming attack, this time aimed directly at say tourists on the square or one of the mansions.
So few people there when I took these photos, though upthread Muhler noticed the flag flying on Mary and Frederik’s building meaning someone was home.
Such a big spacious square, and fun seeing the back door on the street.
A quiet part of Copenhagen, and not a long walk from Nyhaven where it was busy and lively, and where Mary’s father and step-mother lived for a time.


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