Alexandra's CV v. Mary's CV

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Genevieve said:
Alexandra is also a commoner and the CVs of her parents were not paraded for all to see to provide "insight" into her life. And considering that there was considerable racial discrimination against Alexandra when she became engaged to Joachim, even more justification to put up the education and career histories of her parents to show the Danes what an educated background her family and she both come from?
well to tell you the truth i actually know nothing about the treatment of alexandra at the time of her engagement/wedding. but from the impression i get from all the media/coverage, danes love her. and in all honesty, i don't see education/occupational achievements as being a way to rectify racial discrimination.

racial discrimination has nothing to do with the details of an person's life, rather it has everything to do with the perceptions of the individual who passes judgement on that person. basically, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the case of racists - they're wearing broken glasses.

Genevieve said:
When it comes down to it, whatever Mary's education or her careers, there was no need for her father's CV to be put up there alongside hers to prove anything. Mary's CV should've stood on its own, and had it been left at that, there would be no discussion or comparison with Alexandra's CV. That John Donaldsn's CV was put up there alongside his daughter's just cast more suspicion on Mary's CV and why the Danish court felt it necessary to do so.
maybe the danish court was caught up in all the mary hype and went a bit too crazy with the in-depth research? or maybe the danish court has a strange fixation on mr. donaldson... perhaps they find him to be an intriguing mathematician. whatever the case, they did it and it seems to have been an odd choice.
i am still wondering if one need to compare them they are two different persons
let them be that
I don't think that the Danish court had a strange fixation on Mr. Donaldson. Common sense to me would point out that the accomplishments of Mr. Donaldson were added to Mary's CV in order to build her up a bit for lack of a better phrase. Although Mary did have a job after a while in Denmark, there was still talke about living off of Fred for a while and the fact that she really didn't seem to have any sort of professional direction. I don't know how many publications mentioned it, but it was certainly talk on the message boards for a long time and clearly right now is still is. I don't doubt for one second that friends of Mary back home and maby even a few of her family members be they distant or immediate may read the boards. You really never know who is watching. Mr. Donaldson's CV was most likely just added to prove that Mary comes from good intellectual stock.

I think that the fact that Mary's mother was a personal aid or assitant to a chancellor or some sort of dean of a university was also part of the CV.

I really try not to compare Mary to Alexandra very much, especially when it comes to CV's. They are two very different things. They may share some things in common, but when it comes to work, education and professions they are different. Not everyone is able to find their way as easy as Alexandra did in the professional world. Sometimes regardless of your area of study, you have to work at a few things in order to find what really suits you and what you are good at. Mary may have simply had that problem. Of course, she could have just been lazy or unable to focus. Who really knows? So far, she doesn't strike me as lazy, at least not these days.
I havn't read many of the previous posts. But if Fred loves Mary and she is a successful Princess her previous CV is irrelevent. Princess Diana had no qualifications and was among the most successful and popular Royals of the 20th century. If her marraige had been happy she would have become one of the best loved Queens in British history.
H.M. Margrethe said:
Uhhh hillary_nugent I just love the way you say your things.
I think like you that CP Frederik will se a couour from CP Mary that is so strong that it will last for a lifetime with them.
I think that the persons who are calling Mary for a golddigger don´t know what they are talking about and that they are so jealous of Mary that she got Frederik and the did not get him.

or fred already is finding the real shallow person that she is and that is the reason he is beginning to go travelling solo avoiding her.
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