Lady Louise Steals the Show

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The Queen at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

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Windsor Castle has been hosting the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo this week. The Royal Windsor Horse Show has been held annually since 1943 and is a favourite of the Queen’s, who regularly puts in an appearance. This year was no exception, and the Queen braved the weather to attend several times. Prince Philip helped out with judging and with presentation of prizes.

On Saturday evening the Queen was presented for the fourth time in her reign with a horse by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The horse, named George, is a product of the RCMP Musical Ride programme. For more details, see this blog entry.

Sophie and Louise at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

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However, the most noteworthy event of the week from the point of view of royal watchers came earlier on Saturday, when the Earl and Countess of Wessex appeared at the show with their two children, Lady Louise and James (Viscount Severn). The two Wessex children are very rarely seen in public, their parents preferring to shield them from press attention. Not only did Edward and Sophie bring the children to the event, but also the family posed for photographers. This is the first time James has been seen in public since he was a baby, and the first time that photographers have managed to get good photos of Louise. The photos show that Lady Louise bears an uncanny resemblance to the Queen at the same age. After the recent unfavourable publicity surrounding the York princesses and the subsequent questioning of the need for royal protection officers for the offspring of the Queen’s younger children, it was pleasant to see the Wessex family in a familiarly royal environment.

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