Crown Prince of Japan Turns 55

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Crown Prince Naruhito today turns fifty-five, and several images of the Prince with his family have been released for the occasion.

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He is shown with his wife, Crown Princess Masako, and daughter, Princess Aiko, sitting on a cream couch in the room at the palace traditionally used for family photographs. The family’s dog sits calmly at the Prince’s feet.

Along with the photos, Crown Prince Naruhito spoke of the need to be “pass down correctly” the recollection of Japan’s involvement in the wars of the early 20th century.

“I myself did not experience the war, but it is important to look back on the past humbly and correctly pass down tragic experiences and the history behind Japan to the generations who have no direct knowledge of the war, at a time memories of the war are about to fade. It is important that we never forget…so as not to repeat the horrors of war,” he said at a press conference, in reference to the controversial comments made by the Prime Minister about Japan’s history.

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Prime Minister Shinto Abe has requested a “more sympathetic” recount of World War Two, particularly on the topic of wartime sexual slavery of women in nations Japan invaded. Should this come to fruition, with the Prime Minister set to deliver a speech on the 70th anniversary of Japan’s WWII surrender later this year, relations between Japan, South Korea and China are likely to be strained.

The Crown Prince also said that he was “deeply hurt” by the conflict in the Middle East and hopes “this year will be an opportunity to take the preciousness of peace to heart and renew our determination to pursue peace.”

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