Report: Prince William to Marry Kate Middleton

  March 11, 2009 at 8:12 pm by

It’s happening again: reports are going around that Britain’s Prince William will announce his engagement to long time love Kate Middleton at the end of this March.

But this recent report is not coming from the usual gossip magazines. It’s from the French publication Pointe de Vue, which claims to have reliable sources in all the royal houses in the world.

According to Pointe de Vue, William likely purposed to Kate during their holiday in Scotland. He then asked her parent’s permission during her 27th birthday celebrations a few days later.

Sources say the announcement will come towards the end of this month so there would be a summer or autumn wedding. They also “say” that all the royals in the world have been asked to clear their diaries for the wedding.

The Daily Mail also reported that a house on Prince Charles’ Cornwall estate has been undergoing a lot of work recently, giving some to believe that it is being prepared as William and Kate’s first home together.

Romantic and exciting as it sounds, there is room for some doubt. Pointe de Vue is the same magazine which reported Prince Albert of Monaco would announce his engagement to girlfriend Charlene Wittstock last fall. But instead, nothing happened.

Despite this, you can bet royal watchers worldwide would be biting their nails to see if the long awaited announcement would come later this month!

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