Ruling Family of Sharjah: Al Qasimi dynasty

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Ruling Family of Sharjah

Al Qasimi dynasty

Ruler: HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan III bin Mohammad Al Qasimi (b 1939) Ruler since 1972
Sheikh Sultan's eldest son died in London in 1999 at the age of 24

Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler: HH Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi appointed 1999
Sheikh Sultan, although bearing the same name as the Ruler, is Sheikh Dr Sultan's wife's brother

Other Deputy Rulers: HH Sheikh Ahmad bin Sultan Al Qasimi
HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Salim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, appointed February 2008​

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Al-qassimi ranking within U.A.E?


I was reading some articles about the current status of the Al-qassimi family in Sharjah, U.A.E. but still have many questions.

Does anybody know if the current Sheik Sultan,(born in 1939) is still the ruler of Sharjah? and who, is assumed to be the next ruler when Sheik Sultan steps down?

I read some notes that there was a history of attempted overthrows and that even Sheik Sultan's brother was assassinated in 1972.

Does anybody have any thoughts or insights into what the future of the sheikdom of Sharjah might hold? How much money/power does the Al-qassimi family of Sharjah, U.A.E. have in relation to the rest of the Sheikdoms in the U.A.E.?

Any interesting statements on this family is very much hoped and looked forward to.
Tough subject, but does anybody have any info?

I know in the big scope of things royal, the Al-qassimi skeikdom is only a peripheral member, but does anybody here have any of the answers towards the questions I asked before or know of where I can get them?

Who is assumed to be the next ruler when Sheik Sultan steps down?

I read some notes that there was a history of attempted overthrows and that even Sheik Sultan's brother was assassinated in 1972. Does anybody know who was behind that?

Does anybody have any thoughts or insights into what the future of the sheikdom of Sharjah might hold? How much money/power does the Al-qassimi family of Sharjah, U.A.E. have in relation to the rest of the Sheikdoms in the U.A.E.?
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Wikipedia gives a general rundown on Sharjah, and names Sheikh Dr.Sultan III ibn Muhammad al-Qasimi as the current ruler. He has a separate biography.

This, from the Encyclopaedia Britannica, confirms that Sheikh Dr Sultan III ibn Mohammad succeeded his assassinated brother.

The Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler is Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Sultan Al Qassimi.

The Deputy Ruler postion can be confusing because there are three Deputy Rulers:
Sheikh Ahmad Bin Sultan Al Qasimi,
Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Bin Sultan Al Qasimi (the Crown Prince),
and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Salim Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, who was appointed in February 2008.
See this Gulf News link of February 2008.
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I have to admit to being fairly ignorant of Sheikha Lubna and her work, although I have heard of her before.

Having looked into what she does, she seems a fascinating lady and though it would be a good idea to post details of some of her current/recent work.

TURIN (Italy) — The UAE Minister of Economy, Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi, has become the first Arab woman to win the ‘Stella Re’ prize from one of the world’s most well known centres for contemporary art and culture.
Shaikha Lubna also became the second woman ever to win the prize which is awarded by the Italian ‘Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo’ foundation. “I do not see this prize as a recognition of my individual accomplishments, but rather as recognition of women’s growing contribution to society all around the world,” Shaikha Lubna said in her speech at the award ceremony held on September 10 in Turin.
Khaleej Times Online - Italian honour for Shaikha Lubna

The UAE needs to strengthen bilateral ties with Vietnam through mutual investment opportunities, the UAE minister of economy said on Tuesday.

Speaking during a meeting with Vietnamese business leaders, Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi called for greater cooperation between the two countries in the areas of healthcare, infrastructure, trade, investment and tourism.
Lubna: Boost Vietnam ties - Public Sector -
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Quick question: why do the emirates of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah have the same dynasty?
Why do the emirates of Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah have the same dynasty?
The Qasimi Ruling Family of Ras al-Khaimah is a junior branch of the Ruling Family of Sharjah. There were various separations and re-incorporations of the territories from about 1808 onwards, but since 1921 Ras al-Khaimah has been treated as independent.

Ras al-Khaimah
Ruler: HH Shaikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi (born 1918, Ruler since 1948)
Crown Prince and Deputy ruler: HH Shaikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi (son of Saqr, Crown Prince since 2003 and effective Ruler of RAK)

There was for a period a third Al Qasimi Emirate: Kalbã
This city achieved defacto independence from Sharjah in 1903 and after having three ruling Al Qasimi Sheiks was reincorpoarted into Sharjah in 1952.


Sharjah and RAK are under the one heading here in the Forums because they share a dynasty and our focus is more dynastic than national. At this early stage of the new UAE Forum there's not enough information or material available to make them two stand-alone threads, but hopefully over time this will change. The emergence of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as significant international centres may help to raise the profile of, and interest in, the other Emirates.

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have anyone infos about sheik tariq bin faisal al-qasimi and
mohammed bin faisal al-qasimi. they`re from sharjah
have anyone infos about the crown prince of sharjah, sheik sultan bin mohammed.
thanks a lot
Sharjah Ruler inaugurates Islamic Arts Festival
WAM article

Sharjah Crown Prince attends religious ceremony
WAM article

Sheikha Lubna discusses UAE urban development at 2008 Global Creative Leadership Summit
WAM article

Pic of CP of Sharjah

Pics of Lubna Al-Qasimi
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I´d like to thank Turkish delight for almost singlehandedly providing information on one of the emirates really historical and important families..The Al-Qasimis.

At a time when Abu Dhabi was a fishing village and Dubai a bunch of reed huts the Al-Qasimis led a fleet of 900 armed ships that demanded tribute from all ships who passed the Hormuz straits.
Eventually that navy was crushed by european fleets with a lot more firepower but the following treaties with Great Britain did in many ways provide a mall for how the current United Arab Emirates try to manouvre surrounded by bigger and often politically unstable countries.
Ohhhh, you're welcome Schwalker!:flowers: Although you're new in the website, you really know lots of things about the ruling families of the Uae. I really love your comments.

Lubna Al Qasimi receives Slovakian State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
WAM article

Lubna Al Qasimi receives French Minister
WAM article

Lubna affirms solid African ties at 1st African Business Forum in Dubai
WAM article

Lubna Al Qasimi meets U.S. trade representative
WAM article

Lubna opens jewellery show
WAM article

& some pics of Sheikha Lubna

Sharjah CP inaugurates SCC session
WAM article

Sharjah Crown Prince receives German delegation
WAM article
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The praise was due Turkish delight...;)

Sheikha Lubna was a real surprise when she became the federal Minister for Economy and Planning, I wonder if the rumours that Sheikha Fatima sort of twisted everybodys arm in Abu Dhabi to get her the job is true?..If anybody had the possibility to pave the way for her it was the First Lady of UAE given that the Al-Nahyans are a bit conservative in many cases.

But Sheikha Lubna is not only the niece of Sheik Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, she´s also very competent and have held important posts within the Emirates since 1999 and Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have been very supportive of her as well.
Anyway it´s nice to see her in an important position and many women in the emirates see her not only as a Royal lady but as a role model as well I´ve heard.
November 2008
Sharjah Ruler attends Arabian horse show
WAM article

Sharjah Deputy Ruler meets SEWA officials

Lubna Al Qasimi meets the UAE-US Business Council Members

Lubna Al Qasimi hails efforts of women in technical fields

Lubna Al Qasimi discusses bilateral cooperation with US official

Lubna highlights vital role of women in business, trade at 39th WTCA assembly

Sharjah CP opens urban planning seminar


Lubna Al-Qasimi, New Zealand officials discuss cooperation
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First of all thank you Warren !:flowers:

December 2008

Sharjah Ruler to offer rain prayer tomorrow

Lubna Al Qasimi stresses the need to preserve national identity
Article -- Photo

Lubna Al Qasimi meets Egyptian delegation

January 2009
Sharjah Crown Prince receives Economy Minister of Luxembourg

Lubna Al-Qasimi discusses bilateral ties with Swedish counterpart

Lubna Al-Qasimi meets 2nd Deputy Speaker of Swedish Parliament

Lubna Al Qasimi hosts business Banquet for Chicago Economic Council

Lubna Al Qasimi chairs roundtable on investment opportunities in UAE, Russia

Lubna Al Qasimi meets CSIS delegation

Sharjah Ruler meets Exeter University vice-chancellor


Lubna Al Qasimi, Egyptian official discuss cooperation

Lubna Al Qasimi discusses investment cooperation with Indonesia

Sharjah Ruler congratulates Syrian President on National Day
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Ali bin Khadim

To the members who'm know about Sharjah. I am very curious to know if someone knows about a princess who's name is : Fatima Ali Bin Khadim
I am not amble to find any info on the google and they are informing that it is a princess of Sharjah... Of the ruling familly Qassimi for sure not!
Any one knows?
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