Foreign Press Tab: Spanish royals featured on ABC News’ website

  February 20, 2009 at 6:36 am by

In a rare news event, one of the largest news agencies in the United States has written an article on the Spanish royal family and published it on their website. In’s Travel section, Sonia Gallego “introduces” the “glamorous and popular” Borbón family in her article “Meet Spain’s Young Royals.” The article was published online last January.

Not that there’s anything ground-breaking and revealing about this article, though. Despite running for a few pages, the article lacks the depth and quality that would fill a curious commoner in on how and what the Spanish Royal family really is. One can also dispute the author’s source of information: a writer for a glossy gossip magazine. Not exactly an objective nor authoritative source.

But consider this a coup. Being given four website pages on a leading news website is a feat considering that nowadays only William and Harry make it regularly to American mainstream media (hello, People Magazine!). News about the rest of European or Asian royalty would only merit a short sentence on a TV ticker or a five-sentence (okay, maybe ten) news article, and it’s mostly related to state visits.

For avid royalty followers, this then begs the question: Is the American media ignorant or uninterested in royal families and their roles in their respective countries? Do you think there’s a particular reason why news about royalty is either ignored or placed in the society pages, and not in the news section as others deem they should? What about the content, topic and quality of the article?

What are your thoughts?

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