Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Royal on rare engagement together

  January 14, 2020 at 6:49 pm by

On January 14, the Duchess of Cornwall, or Rothesay as she as known in Scotland, joined her sister-in-law Princess Anne at the University of Aberdeen as she rewards her with an honorary degree.

Camilla visited a sports centre and as chancellor of the university, granted Anne an honorary degree in recognition of her charity work. The Princess Royal is patron of Save the Children where she has visited projects across the world, and is also involved with 300 other charities, organisations and military regiments.

Anne is often branded by royal watchers as one of the hardest working members of the British royal family, though such hard work is often overlooked as the princess likes to keep a lower profile than that of her older brother, the Prince of Wales. The figures for the engagements of members of the royal family for 2019 showed that Anne had worked a total of 169, more than any other royal.

After the engagement, Camilla headed over to the Banbury Sports Village in Royal Deeside, where she opened new facilities and witnessed a fitness class at the centre’s swimming pool. She then met local schoolchildren.


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4 Responses to Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Royal on rare engagement together

  1. Alexandra Romanov Rodrigues Cuco says:

    education with Duchess my family need. My mother was Russian

  2. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    I hope the British people are aware of how lucky they are for having Monarchy and a Queen such as Queen Elisabeth II as Head of State. They say (for good reason) that one has the leader that one deserves. They should be thankful for the “status quo”. I know that some of the Brits a keeping tabs on the Royal expences. To them, I would say: do you have any idea how expensive it is to finance a presidential administration, with so little satisfaction ?!

  3. Javier Torres says:

    Great news knowing that the british family are doing well. Take care. Hope the best.

  4. natalya says:

    Great ! Respect to the Royal Family ! Such an impressive work, as I see it … Have a great year !

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