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On This Day: Coronation of George VI of the United Kingdom

  May 12, 2017 at 6:00 am by

Eighty years ago, King George VI of the United Kingdom was crowned in an elaborate coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. He had taken the throne the previous December, upon the abdication of his elder brother, Edward VIII.

The date was originally scheduled for the abdicated King’s coronation, but after the abdication was kept for the new King.

Little was changed to the centuries-old coronation service, except for the Coronation Oath which was slightly amended to be more inclusive of varying religions across the British Dominions. Technological advances were taken into consideration – George VI’s coronation was the first to be broadcast live on radio, and the first to be filmed (though not shown live on television). This was also the first coronation to have a previously crowned Queen in attendance – Queen Mary, the Queen Dowager, was determined to watch her son be crowned (her sister-in-law, Queen Maud of Norway, also attended).

King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, travelled to Westminster Abbey from Buckingham Palace in the Gold State Coach,  arriving to the Abbey at 11am. They processed into the Abbey where the King took the Oath, was anointed and crowned. A smaller anointing and crowning of the Queen took place immediately afterwards.

Following the ceremony, the King and Queen travelled back to Buckingham Palace along a ten kilometre route in a procession that included the Royal Family, contingents from the Dominions and several military detachments. The Royal Family later appeared on the Palace balcony.

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  1. Martin Brown says:

    After Edward’s difficult tenure, George VI saved the reputation
    of the royal family. And his little Elizabeth has added to it’s

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