Under The Hammer: Photographs of the Duke of Windsor in Nazi Germany

  February 26, 2016 at 4:48 am by

Auction house Duke’s of Dorchester has announced they will be auctioning a photo album containing over 60 photographs of the Duke of Windsor during his visit to Nazi Germany in 1937.

It comes from the collection of Sir Dudley Forwood, the Duke’s equerry after his abdication, who accompanied Edward and Wallis on the trip, where their host was Dr Robert Ley, head of the German Labour Front. The couple also met with Adolf Hitler.

According to Forwood, the Duke’s purpose for the visit was “not to support the Nazi regime as many thought, but so his wife could experience a state visit.”

The auction house anticipates the photo album – which is thoroughly captioned by Sir Forwood – will sell for around £1,000 on March 10. “This is an incredible piece of history with impeccable provenance,” a spokesman for Duke’s said.

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