First Official Visit Announced for Willem-Alexander

  February 18, 2013 at 11:06 am by

Once he succeeds the throne on April 30, the future King Willem-Alexander will pay his first official visit as the Dutch monarch to neighbouring Germany.

Accompanied by his wife, then Queen Máxima, the visit will take place between June 3rd and 6th. It is expected the visit will begin in Berlin, as per custom, to visit the German President. Following this, a program possibly incorporating portions of an economic visit planned prior to the announcement of Queen Beatrix’s abdication will take place.

The last visit to Germany by a Dutch monarch was in April 2011, when Queen Beatrix visited then President Christian Wulff.

This thread will contain further information about the visit as the date nears.

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2 Responses to First Official Visit Announced for Willem-Alexander

  1. Marcel says:

    It is no State Visit. It is a sort of “upgraded” version of the economic mission which was already planned. The new King and Queen will bring a dort of “introduction visit” to the Bundespräsident at Schloss Bellevue and will have a meeting with the Bundeskanzler and the ministers. It is no State Visit and is also not enlisted as such on the official website of the Royal House.

  2. JessRulz says:

    Thanks for the correction Marcel.

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