Queen Beatrix and ‘The Girls of Verkade’

  March 11, 2009 at 6:39 pm by

Queen Beatrix has opened the Verkande Pavillion at the museum in Zaandam. Her Majesty was welcomed by three ‘girls of Verkade’, who according to the old commercials of Verkade, make all the chocolate. Queen Beatrix was dressed in chocolate brown colors to mark the occassion and was accompanied by Mienthe Boelaard, one of her ladies-in-waiting.

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The girls of Verkade, who were dressed in the oldfashioned yellow company clothing explained the queen about the production processes of chocolate over time. The queen could also wrap a box of bonbons through a computer screen, although she did not completely succeed in this task. A few bonbons broke, but well, ‘that is good for dieting’ , joked the queen.

The company’s history has been recorded in books, pictures films and archives. The museum also collected all the old commercials, advertisements, designs and magazines of Verkade until 1990, when Verkade was taken over by United Biscuits.

Visit the official website of the open air museum Zaanse Schans here.

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