Crown Princess Maxima visits a Primary School

  February 11, 2011 at 11:12 am by

On February 10, Princess Maxima was present at the closure of the project BizWorld at the Christoffel school in The Hague.

BizWorld is an education system in which pupils in eight primary school playfully learn to set up their own business and deal with money. The “student-entrepreneurs” told Maxima about their experiences. Some companies have gone bankrupt or have students correct profit.

The BizWorld Foundation wants children to be actively introduced to business practices, in particular financial aspects. They are helped by entrepreneurs. The BizWorld Foundation wants its project to show how business can engage in enterpreneurship education on children. The project stimulates the establishment and running a business. BizWorld brings together theory and practice and supports the regular school curriculum in primary and secondary education.

The Princess visited the project in its role as honorary chairman of the platform CentiQ, a guide to money matters.

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