United Family of Monaco Evokes the Christmas Spirit

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It must have been a bit nippy in Monaco on Wednesday, 15 December. Imagine it! In the middle of December, the ladies of the Principality had to wear long sleeves!

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Princess Caroline wore a beautiful green wool jacket by her favorite designer (do we really need to name him?). She pinned a Christmas tree brooch on the jacket. Princess Stephanie opted for a black peacoat, the exact color of her hair. Charlene wore a black turtleneck under a thick off-white trench coat. There was nothing unusual, of course, in Prince Albert wearing a suit, but it must be said, in his favor, that he added a festive touch: a very red, very shiny silk, and very Christmasy tie!

Prince Albert and Princess Caroline had their reading glasses at the ready for reading the labels on the presents that the four passed out to the happy children of palace staff. It was Charlene’s first gift-giving engagement, but she handed the gifts to the kids, who all wore matching Santa caps, as if she was born for it. She seemed more relaxed and comfortable than on more formal recent occasions, such as National Day, when her future in-laws seemed to try to put her at ease with many assuring smiles.

The gift-giving tradition in the week before Christmas was started by Princess Grace in 1956, the very year of her marriage to the late father of Prince Albert and the Princesses Caroline and Stephanie.

There appeared to be no worries about the latest ethical allegations against Prince Albert. The Palace of Monaco has categorically denied allegations that Prince Albert, in 2007, scored lavish loot from Russia’s Prime Minister Putin in exchange for helping Russia win the Olympic bid for 2014. The Prince’s former “intelligence advisor,” Robert Eringer, is suing him in a California court, claiming wrongful dismissal and back pay. Eringer recently wrote a letter to Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, urging the IOC to investigate the matter. Prince Albert has been a member of the IOC since 1985.

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