Crown Princess Maxima visit Hardemberg and Boxmeer

  November 9, 2010 at 4:35 pm by

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On November 09, Crown Princess Maxima visited Hardemberg. As a member of the Council of Microfinance, Princess Maxima visited the Entrepreneurs Starting.

The Princess spoke during the visit about the importance of microfinance and the opportunities that the municipality Hardenberg offers entrepreneurs. She also emphasized the importance of support for graduate students who want to start a company.

Entrepreneurs Starting Hardenberg is an initiative of the municipality and the Association Hardenberg Hardenberg Industrial Dome. Upcoming starters and entrepreneurs can get advice on, among other things, drafting a business plan, marketing, administration, banking and insurance. It works with entrepreneurs starting a quick scan. In this scan the entrepreneur will get a realistic view about his business and his entrepreneurial skills. It also looks at the demand from the market perspective. The entrepreneurs starting point is in contact with the Regional Office Self-employed, so that assistance from the start supported.

Microfinance in the Netherlands is for people with good business plans, but who need help in developing their plans or from a bank can not be met. With coaching and credit they get the opportunity to put their plans into reality. Entrepreneurs can go to one of the MF-36 intake points for entrepreneurs, advice and applying for credit.

During the visit to speak to the Princess and other members of the Council of Microfinance with Entrepreneurs Start and the cooperating parties and a number of entrepreneurs will tell their experience and their business activities to show.

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The same day, Princess Maxima visited the Boxmeer Bioscience Center in Boxmeer to opens new production facility. The new facility, veterinary vaccines produced. The vaccines in Boxmeer be produced expecially for dogs, cats and poultry. The new production line will double the production capacity of vaccines.

The Boxmeer Biosciences Center is part of Intervet / Schering-Plough Animal Health engaged in research, development and production of veterinary medicines. The facility in Boxmeer, the international headquarters and employs over 1,800 employees.

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