King Mohammed VI message to the first Morocco-EU summit

  March 8, 2010 at 9:21 pm by

King Mohammed VI has sent a message to the EU-Morocco Summit in which he reaffirms his country’s pro-European commitment and advocates moving towards “an exceptional association”. The sovereign is pleased about the advanced Statute agreed on with the EU but says that it is necessary to move towards an exceptional association “of legal, institutional and contractual scope.” “That prototype for increasing closeness between the two parties would further be positively reflected on a regional scale,” the Moroccan King pointed out.

In his message he reaffirms his country’s wish to make progress with reforms inspired by its association with the EU and mentions the fields in which the social economic and human relationship can be developed. With regard to the economy he refers to the possibilities offered by renewable sources of energy and advocates close cooperation.

On social matters he refers to immigration, appealing to those present “to help immigrant populations to find a balance in terms of identity. Our aim is to convert immigrant communities into means of promoting exchange.” The King also alluded to the situation in the Western Sahara and issued an invitation to the other parties “with the aim of responding to the calls of the Security Council and embarking on the road to apolitical solution of the artificial dispute around its territorial integrity based on the Moroccan initiative of awarding the Saharan region extensive autonomy within the framework of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco and its national and territorial integrity.”

The King did not omit to mention “that it augurs well that the EU-Morocco Summit the first of its kind, is being held in the historic city of Granada, a symbol and witness of the historical cultural and human symbtegrity.”

Morocco-EU Summit which was held in Granada (south of Spain) is first Summit of the EU with a non-member country following the Lisbon treaty’s approval, Morocco also is the first first Arab country to get an Advanced Statute within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and the new European Neighbourhood Policy.

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