New Swedish Portraits Released, Coninciding with Official Wedding Goods

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Earlier this week, the official wedding series celebrating the upcoming marriage of HRH Crown Princess Victoria and Mr Daniel Westling was released at the Formex Fair in Stockholm.

View the image at Svensk Damtidning

The series contains various items – both edible and collectable. Chocolates, cider, flower seeds, vases, cutlery and crockery, a commemorative plate, cuff links, glassware and coasters form the series which were all produced by Royal Warrant holders and feature the official colours and seal of the royal wedding.

According to the official press release, a portion of the sales of the items in the wedding series will go to the Kronprinsessparets Wedding Foundation. It also stated that Victoria and Daniel approved each of the items for the series. The items will be available throughout Sweden, with distribution to be spaced beginning Monday January 25th.

A series of portraits taken at Drottningholm Palace late last year were also released in conjunction with the wedding series, as they feature on various items (the coasters, packaging). The three portraits of the Crown Princess and her fiancé show the pair dressed in full gala attire, in slightly less-formal evening wear and taking a stroll in the palace gardens.

View the images at Svensk Damtidning

Click here to read more about the portraits and the official wedding series.

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