“We may return to Russia, but we want no privileges” announces Prince Dimitri Romanov

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Some time ago, the spokesman for Maria Vladimirovna announced that, “The Imperial House intends to return to Russia. We don’t know when the time will be right, but we are certain that it will happen in near future, as it has already happened in many civilized countries, like Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Hungary. The former Royal Houses that returned to their countries of origin now actively take part in their respective countries’ social lives, and so far, no harm has come out of it.

On the contrary, it is only beneficial, because it helps to unite the people, develop national awareness and helps strengthening the position of those countries on the international level. It is too soon to discuss the possibility of return: the Imperial Family must live up to certain expectations and arrangements must be made for it. We are currently in talks with the Russian Government concerning the issue.”

As an answer to Maria Vladimirovna’s statement; on July 28, 2009 the Romanov Family Association released an official announcement. “Members of the Romanov Imperial Family, who are currently residing in different parts of the world, are indeed considering a return to Russia. However, under no circumstances they are going to ask for any privileges or special treatment from the Russian Government,” announced the official spokesman for the Romanov Family Association, Ivan Artzishevski.

He also released an official announcement by Prince Dimitri Romanov, the brother and Heir to the prerogatives of Prince Nicholas Romanov (the Head of the Romanov Family Association and Claimant to the Headship of Imperial House of Romanov), which addressed the same issue. The translation of the complete proclamation of Prince Dimitri Romanov reads:

“During my last visit to St. Petersburg, representatives of various news agencies asked me to comment on the announcement made by the spokesman of my relative, Maria Vladimirovna.

Firstly, I want to note once again, as has been noted many times before, that referring to Maria Vladimirovna as “Grand Duchess” is wrong and inaccurate. The last Grand Duchess of the Imperial Family undoubtedly was the sister of the late Emperor Nicholas II, Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, who died in Canada in 1960. Today, all living members of the Imperial Family bear the styles of “Dukes” and “Duchesses”.

Secondly, by right and by the acknowledgement of all other members of the Imperial Family, my elder brother, Prince Nikolai Romanov is the Head of the Family. As has been stated for numerous times, calling Maria Vladimirovna “Head of the Imperial Family” is wrong and misleading.

Thirdly, Maria Vladimirovna’s intention to settle down in Russia is a wish that has already been fulfilled by many former immigrant families. It is, however, very important to understand that Maria Vladimirovna is acting as a private citizen and her return does NOT symbolize the return of the House of Romanov. Any of Maria Vladimirovna’s representatives, advisers, lawyers or other associates do NOT act on behalf of the Romanov Imperial Family. They act on behalf of a private citizen Maria Vladimirovna, and nothing more.

As a conclusion, I would like to remind of a meeting that took place in Paris in 1992, which was attended by all the male-line descendants of the House of Romanov. During the meeting, we agreed that, considering all historical aspects, no member of the House of Romanov will ever put forward any claims or demands, or will not expect any privileges. No exceptions will ever be made. On the contrary, we decided to be useful for our Motherland to the best of our abilities. That’s when members of the Family decided to create the Romanov Fund for Russia.”

Maria Vladimirovna wouldn’t be the first member of the Imperial Family to move to Russia though: several younger members of the Family currently reside in Moscow and St. Petersburg, including Prince Rostislav Rostislavich Romanov, the nephew of Prince Nicholas and Prince Dimitri Romanov, and possible future claimant to the Headship of the Imperial House.

After the announcement, Russian newspapers started speculations about the possible impact of the return of the Imperial House. So far, no two editions managed to agree as to who is even the ‘rightful Heir’. Although Maria Vladimirovna is regarded as a more accepted candidate on the international level, Prince Nicholas Romanov seems to be a favourite among the Russian newspapers.

Some newspapers weren’t content with the ‘traditional’ candidates. Some went as far as suggesting completely random candidates like Prince Michael of Kent and Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark (the former seems to be a candidate not so much because of his relation to the Imperial House but more on the ground of his physical likeness to the late Emperor Nicholas II).

All things considered, Prince Michael of Kent might not be a bad choice after all.

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4 Responses to “We may return to Russia, but we want no privileges” announces Prince Dimitri Romanov

  1. John David Pavlovich Luker says:

    A quote: (as translated) from the drama, Boris Godunov, by Aleksandr S. Pushkin: “And where are the Romanovs, hope of the Fatherland? In exile!” Whether the royal family is brought back or not, or whether there will in the future reign a Romanov Tsar, it would be a tragedy if Russia slid back into soviet-style communism. After all, it wasn’t just the Tsar’s family who were murdered. The writer knew personally a piano teacher who was studying as a youth at the conservatory in Moscow when the revolution broke out in 1917. He hurried back as fast as he could to his home near the Black Sea. But it was too late. The neighbors informed him that Red Guards had murdered his parents. This criminal era, rather than the Romanovs, is what Russia needs to dissociate itself from. Lenin’s cadaver needs to be removed from the glass casket and given a decent burial. Not necessarily a Christian one- he probably wouldn’t want that anyway-. And for his many bronze statues in town squares, parks, etc.? well, if they were melted down, the copper would help the economy. To make an analogy, I don’t think Germany would like to have statues of Aldolf Hitler all over the place.

  2. liza says:

    To return the Imperial Family to Russia’s homeland would bring Russia into the modern times, with the return of Russian historical Romanov family Prince Nicholas Romanov as the next heir in line, the people of Russia want there royalty to their homeland, England royalty compromise with their govements, Russian can do the same, the the past soviet communism style should never return it would be tragedy repeated for all people of russia and the Romanovs know that by past experience. Russia is like it or not still behind western standards although russia is gradually moving forward with the times they still have a long way ahead, this move forward for Russia will make Russia grow and develop economically and intergrate nationally.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    I agree that the return of royual families currently in exile would be a positive move for almost all former monarchies. To day the country that cries out most for the stabilzing influence of their sovereign is Greece. I pray that he and his family will once more be allowed to serve the Greek people as their head of state.

  4. Nancy Broertjes says:

    I just read an interview with Maria Vladimirovna where she said her son George need not marry “equally”…..that she can change the house laws..hmm. It seems that her very claim to be the head of the Imperial House is based on the idea that the the other members of the family had not done so. If HER son would retain his dynastic claims if he married “unequally” then it seems that all the others would as well…as stated by The Romanov Family Association.

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