What Will happen to the Royals in 2011 ?

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Ah, two days ago I had a feeling that it would be a girl because boys usually arrive a bit earlier. Anyway, congrats to those who were right! ;)
My predictions
Great Britain:
- spectacular wedding of Will&Kate(with new tiara), big entertainment all over the world but beautiful&romantic(I will consume a lot of tissues watching it:cry:)
- lot of speculation but no pregnancy announcement for W&K
- summer wedding for Zara&Mike, she will be stunning bride, no pregnancy
- new girlfriend for Harry
- some health problems for Prince Philip, but he will recover
- Philip's girl will be named Alice Anne Kelly

- no pregnancies
- King won't abdicate

- pregnancies for Aimee, Anita and Duchess of Parma
- engagement and wedding for Jaime (son of P.Irene)
- Queen won't abdicate (but there will be lot of rumours)

- pregnancy for Tessy&Louis (a girl)
- no engagements

- a boy&girl (Alexander &Victoria) will be born in first 2 weeks of January
- later in the year rumours about the problems in F&M marriage
- pregnancy for Marie later in the year (a girl will be born in spring 2012)
- Prince Henrik will be have some health problems
- spring wedding for Nathalie

- pregnancy for Rym, Sara
- summer wedding for Prince Rashid and Zeina Shaban

- glamorous wedding for Albert&Charlene(no tiara, but stunning gown from Armani)
- pregnancy announcement at the end of the year
- divorce for Caroline&Ernst
- new man for Caroline
- engagement of Pierre&Bea(possible pregnancy)

- health problems for King
- Haakon will be regent for some time
- no pregnancy
- Märtha will write next book and she still will be talking with angels ;)

- no pregnancy
- Elena will find new love-
- in press lot of rumours about Leti's weight, her relationship with sisters-in-law and King&Queen

- pregnancy at the beginning of 2012, a boy (Gustaw Olof) will be born in November/December
- Carl-Philip will continue his relationship, but no engagement for him&Sofia
- Madeleine will stay in NY, she will be seen with new, handsome man
- - health problem for Princess Lillian

...we will see...
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Well, we know that in 2011 like in other years, there will be marriages and births of children. That's a given. We know at least 2 royal couples will be married (Prince William and Kate and Zara Phillips and Mike. Crown Princess Mary will have twins in January.
Please let us know which guesses were right
More babies (first time my site got overloaded, so I couldn't post all I wanted to:)
Princess Nadia Anna zu Schaumburg-Lippe, nee Zoeks
Countess Desiree von und zu Hoensbroech, nee Princess of Saxe Weimar Eisenach
Princess Marie Therese of Wied, nee Schroth
Katrina Brandram, nee Davis
Saska Hooper, nee Princess of Hannover
Countess Anna-Cecilia de Vincens de Causans, nee Princess of Bourbon-Sicily
Countess Katharina of Schonborn Buchheim, nee Graf
Baroness Anne-Cecile de Sambucy de Sorgue, nee Berteau
Countess Hortensia de Commarque, nee Visconti di Modrone
Countess Mariella von-Faber-Castell, nee Ahrens
Countess Annina von Fugger-Babbenhausen, nee Ahrens
Michelle Khanna, nee Princess Lobkowicz
Maria Francisca Almeida Braga Ratto, nee Princess d'Orleans e Braganza
Countess Maria Annunziata Creutz, nee Princess of Bourbon-Sicily
Charlotte Tasso de Saxe Coburgo e Braganza, nee de Panafieu
Carolina Delcourt, nee de Saxe Coburgo e Braganza
Kalina Muńoz, nee Princess of Bulgaria
Anne-Laure de Orleans Borbone, nee van Exeter
Guadalupe de Orleans Borbone, nee Solis y Jabon
Princess Anna-Catharina of Prussia, nee de Salza und Lichtenau
Baroness Jeanine von Twickel, nee Schniewind
Princess Michaela Biron von Kurland, nee Countess Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camenitz
Hereditary Princess Floria von Hesse, nee Countess von Faber-Castell
Amelia Murray, nee Beaumont
Baroness Helene von Erffa, nee Eck von Schanzenbach
Princess Katharina zu-Waldeck-und-Pyrmont, nee Princess zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Tanya Hamilton, Marchioness of Hamilton, nee Nation
Christiane von Rintelen, nee zu-Bentheim-Tecklenburg
Princess Leonille zu-Stolberg-Wernigerode, nee Countess Douglas
Caroline Liljenqvist, nee Princess zu-Solms-Hohensolms-Lich
Countess Maria Antonia von Habsburg, nee Gall
Xenia Matta, nee Princess Galitzine
Hereditary Princess Antje zu-Salm-Horstmar, nee Ziegler
Stephanie Haag, nee Princess of Hohenzollern
Princess Josephine von Cro, nee Countess zu-Trautmannsdorf Weinsberg
Princess Anna von Thurn und Taxis, nee Countess zu-Trautmannsdorf Weinsberg
Princess Assunta of Ratibor und Corvey, nee Countess Calice
Princess Hermine zu-Salm-Salm, nee de Cassan-Florac
Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan, wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai
Sheikha Hind bint Hamad al-Thani of Qatar, wife of Sheikh Faisal bin Thani al-Thani

Marriages for:
Nicolas Fabien Brena & Katharina Trodle
Mathieu de Waele & Torelle Thibault
Count Adam Zamoyski & Natsumi Arai
Edward Phillips & Marina Wilson
Josephine Bernadotte, Countess of Rosenborg & Michael Salenstedt
Sebastian Corcuera y Habsburgo Lorena & Andrea Villarreal
Honorauble Nicholas Knatchbull & Zeaphena Beadley
Marie Josephine Lill-Rastern von Lilienbach & Alexander Hiller
Prince Alexander of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha
Princess Elena of Bourbon-Sicily
Count Melchior of Schonborn Buchheim
Prince Foulques d'Olreans, Duke of Aumale
Hereditary Count Louis zu-Erbach-Furstenau
Baron Axel de Sambucy de Sorgue
Prince Robert d'Orleans, Count de La Marche
Pawel Chrobok
Princess Melanie de Ligne
Count Benedikt von Neipperg
Archduchess Priscilla of Austria
Prince Clemens zu-Waldeck-und-Pyrmont
Jean Leonard Taubert Natta
Lorenz Wolff
Eliza Amelia Burnett of Leys
Lady Alice Ramsey
Prince Casimir zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn (again)
Lady Sophia Hamilton (again)

Already Announced (month after month:lol::)
Eberhard & Desiree - April
Nathalie & Alexander - May
Leka & Elia - June
Zara & Michael - July
Christian & Christine - August
Rashid & Zeina - September
Carl-Teodor & Nathasha - October


Prince Kiryll & Princess Rosario of Bulgaria
Beltran & Laura Gomez-Acebo
Simonetta Gomez-Acebo & Miguel Fernandez Sastron
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I think twin girls or a girl and a boy for Princess Mary
I hope for at least one girl.

For Eudes & Patricia - a boy and a girl
Margarita & Tjalling - a boy
Mukhtadee & Sarah - a girl
Bruno & Barbara - a girl
Jaime & Sofia - a girl
I hope for at least one girl.

For Eudes & Patricia - a boy and a girl
Margarita & Tjalling - a boy
Mukhtadee & Sarah - a girl
Bruno & Barbara - a girl
Jaime & Sofia - a girl
I think Margarita &Tjalling-a girl
Jaime &Sofia-a boy
Tatiana Blatnik&Nichalaos-Pregnancy (a girl)
Prince Edouard de Ligene&Isabella Rossini-Pregnancy(a boy)
Oh Blackadder you have made me laugh with your line that Prince Edward will get a toupee :lol:
Well done. :flowers:

Biri you claim that 79 royals are going to get pregnant in one year, slightly OTT.

It looks exaggerated indeed! However, the Gotha Birth Section on Nobiliana forum has cca 115 individual topics (Non Gotha section many more) for 2010. Some of them are baptisms, so not only pregnancy or birth announcements, but not so many. From this point of view 79 pregnant royal and noble women don´t look so exaggerated anymore.:)
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