Ruling Family of Dubai Current Events 3: Aug 2023 -

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Futtaim does not live in Dubai i guess, i maybe wrong, but wasn't she residing in UK? I am curious about Futtaim too, she has been keeping a low profile on social media for past couple of years. Maybe, we might get the wedding bells this year. Or maybe, she just likes her freedom, and doesn't want to get tangled in the web of marriage and then kids, lmaooo.

About Saeed, he's hardly had any official presence, assuming he is main wife's son he'd legit get any position he desired, but till i know he doesnt work in government unlike his brothers. I wonder if any al maktoum girl will be ready for such a match. Atleast, Mansoor works in the government, maybe his aunt or Maryam 1 might find a match for him.

Almost forgot Dalal, whats the deal with her? She also keeps a low profile. And does anyone remember Wejdan??? How old are they again? Theres too many people, i lose track of their ages.

But they don't reside in UK for all the time! They spend only summer there. And they do a short tour in winter. Saeed is private like some of his siblings and he may have roles too if he wants that. He is also turning 36 this year. Mansoor's marriage will be arranged by his father if he remains alive and if her aunt do so, she will try to match his wish.

Dalal's age is unknown, but people say that she is from 90s. Wejdan is from 1979.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai, on Wednesday appointed Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, chairman and chief executive of Emirates airline, as deputy chairman of the Executive Council.
Hissa bint Hamdan and Maktoum bin Majid welcomed a baby boy named Hamdan bin Maktoum.
Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum and his wife Natalie Lankester expecting their 3rd child

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