Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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Great pictures, especially this one (love the King's expression).
And my heart officially melted at the sight of this picture; Daniel is such a doting father! :)
Amazing pictures :flowers:
Estelle is so cute :)
I love especially this ones 1, 2, 3, 4
I love the pictures of Estelle with her parents and grandparents. She's definitely doted upon. It's absolutely delightful.
Aborable photos of Estelle! I love the ones with Daniel kissing her!
Lovely pictures. I love how sweet Daniel is with Estelle, holding her and kissing her all the time :wub:

One more cute picture
Aw I love the ones of Victoria and Daniel, you can really see how much they love each other, it's so lovely. Those two are definitely one of my favourite royal couples. It's also nice to see that Madeleine has found love again after Jonas Bergström, Chris looks like he's a nice guy, good for her.
A cool picture of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy from a recent ball they attended. :wub:
(You can't see Tessy's face, but it's definitely her, as can be seen in this picture).
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