Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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Jun 1, 2008
Please post all pictures of warm moments between royals (whatever their connection) here.

Seperate threads for royal siblings, royal in laws, royal grandparents, etc. etc. are no longer allowed.

Thank you!

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It is a beautiful picture, but I think Leonor looks like her father's aunt, not the one who is married to a doctor, but the other one, can't recall her name.
You mean Infanta Pilar. Margarita is the one married to a doctor. :flowers:
The body language between those two is unbeatable!I really like this young & attractive couple,I think they should have at least...10 kids.
I love how they touched each other. Very tender and protective on his part. Very sweet and loving on hers. But not too much on either side. Wonderful.
They do seem well balanced and matched. I love seeing all the genuine love matches in royal families today!

That photo of Leonor and Sofia is so sweet, too! This is definitely a feel-good thread...
Queen Sofia and princess Letizia at the farewell dinner in Mallorca yesterday, they seem to have a good and warm relationship:
El Mundo
There are so many farbulous photos of Grimaldi!!!
The last three are especially great!
Thank you very much, Principessa!:flowers:
That is just adorable! The Dutch and Danish kids are so precious!
This CP couple is one of my favorites,it's so obvious that they're still in love!
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