Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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I love it when they are holding hands!Beautiful picture,LadyFinn!!

A very nice picture and warm gesture. :flowers:

Thanks especially for the pics of Margrethe & Henrik. :flowers: I always enjoy to see them together. After so many years and a few difficulties they still seem to have such a great relationship. :)
Oh, these old couples!! They seem so devoted to each other :flowers: It's always a pleasure to see them together :)
Mary and Fred make a really adorable couple :flowers:
I love how they look each other, so romantic. And they seem to be wonderful parents, too.

I'm sharing your views, ANNIE_S!:flowers:
I also love Mary's pearl earrings, they look beautiful on her!:)
Wedding Waltz

I love this video. You get to see so many of the royals casually interacting in a formal setting. The Swedish siblings seem to be really close and most of the young royals are actually very warm with each other. Prince Carl-Phillip and HG Guillaume seem to have really nice personalities as well as being really dreamy!
Thank you so much, Principessa!! What a tender grandmother QM is! The photos are all precious!
Letizia and Felipe today, at the Fiesta de la Banderita, The Red Cross Fundraising day
I think it's great that after several years of marriage they still act like newlyweds (always holding hands, the way they look at each other). You can just see the genuine love between them. :wub:
It's a lovely photo of the Prince Consort and Crown Princess. They appear to have a wonderful relationship.
What a great pic of Mary and Prince Consort! I love it!
Lovely picture! :flowers: It's so good to see that Mary seems to have such wonderful relationship with her parents-in-law. It was obviously during this state visit that she also shares a good relationship to Queen Margrethe.
:previous: They really are a sweet couple. Mathilde seems to bring out the best in him. :wub:
What a lovely picture - I especially like the way Philippe looks at his wife.
Old sibling photo from 1962 - this is clearer if you've seen the video footage of Sofia and Juan Carlos's Catholic wedding ceremony. Sofia starts crying in the middle of the service and Juan just sits there like a typical male (sigh :rolleyes:) ;). Her sister Irene is one of the bridesmaids and is standing behind the couple. She sees it and leans forward to speak to Sofia, then gives Juan a handkerchief to pass to his bride. :flowers:

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