Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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I'm not a fan of these two but I have to admit I really like the way they are cuddling in public together, especially after more then 10 years of marriage. I would love to see Charlene and Albert like this more often ;)
I'd take a hug and kiss from Haakon any day!!;)
Wouldn't say no either. :whistling:
Crown Prince Haakon is, in my opinion, one of the most handsome royal men out there. There is something so incredibly sweet and nice about him... Lucky Mette-Marit!
These are lovely pics of the Norwegian Crown couple.
:previous: Very, very nice picture of the Norwegian crown prince and princess. It's nice to see a couple so in love after a decade of marriage :wub:.
So endearing; the expression on Sverre's face in the first photo is, "Awww, Ma, not another kiss!!!"
very nice photo :) Madeleine reminds me Princess Maxima at that photo
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Aww, CP Victoria's first mother's day! Cant wait to see additional pictures of Estelle coming soon.
That was what I thought as well. Must be a sweet new experience for Victoria. :)
This is one of the sweetest picture I have ever seen. Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus after the Utøya attack:

Ingrid and Victoria:

Ingrid, Mette and Haakon:

Haakon and Sverre Magnus:

Haakon and Ingrid:

Mette-Marit, Daniel and Victoria:
Thank you for those pictures; some of them I've never seen before.

This picture
of Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus is very sweet indeed, sad (given the tragic occasion) but sweet.
Prince Haakon is such a brilliant father, and Victoria, Daniel, Mette-Marit and Haakon appear to be such great friends.
I positively love this picture; it's a display of informal and genuine affection.
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Ohh Very Nice Pictures , I lIke Them Sooo Much , Tha Most I Like Princess Victoria & Mette-Marit & Haakon It’s Really Looks So Warm Moment Very Nice All They Looks Nice , Thanx For Posting Sichelle
I love the one with Victoria holding Ingrid's hand!

The Royal men are such fine gentlemen, aren't they? There are so many images of Charles and Edward assisting their wives on and off things, or up and down stairs. It's such a simple gesture, but quite touching.

The images of Zara with her niece Savannah at The Gatcombe Horse Trials are ADORABLE!

Anne, Zara and Savannah - it looks like Anne is emulating an aeroplane!

Zara and Savannah, Zara and Savannah 2

The images of Lady Davina and her daughter were also really cute. Lady Davina, Senna and Savannah and The whole crew

I had never seen Lady Davina socialising with the other Royals, but these images were all so lovely to see.
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Beautiful children, both of them. And Anne's got the motion down fine of an airplane, but she looks reeeaaally grim! Hope that's not her playtime look, lol!
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