Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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Thank you for the wonderful and beautiful collages!!! They're really stunning. I was surprise to see you hve a pix of L&F kissing...i thot they never done it in public! It was really sweet.

hope you're feeling much better now!
They are such a beautiful couple!
Victoria and Daniel. Such a handsome couple :wub:
Victoria and Daniel must be the happiest couple in royalty right now :wub:
I guess we do not expect to see warm gestures from Middle East roality, because they are very closed, but I've been changing my mind.
Harald and Sonja's wedding from 1968: Around 2:35, the Bishop tells them to join hands, and Harald rubs the back of Sonja's (who has thus far been looking very nervous) hand with his thumb, and they smile at each other. Nothing against the young royal couples today who are much more demonstrative on their wedding days, but somehow I find that little understated gesture so much more profound, tender, and loving than ten passionate kisses on the balcony.

YouTube - Royal Wedding Queen Sonja Married to King Harald
CP Mary and CP Frederik are really beautiful together :flowers:
The photots of CP Frederik and CP Mary are great, they make a lovely couple and so happy together.
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