Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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^The second and third pic made me smile, thanks for sharing them LadyFinn :flowers:
Do you notice that when Victoria arrives (around 3:08 of the video) Prince Frederik is crying and Charlene is comforting him. Princess Mary is also crying.
We don't know if it is the fact they saw their son or the fact they saw Victoria or the 2 ?

I think it would have been both. You can tell CP Frederik and CP Victoria are so close. The Pride of seeing his son in his first royal duty, all alone, without his parents leading him must have touched his heart too so much. The Prince is known for his very soft heart as we have seen over the last few years. I love that he shows his emotions towards the ones he loves so much.
I love Harald and Sonja too, which reminds me of one of my favorite warm moments. This one is from Victoria and Daniel's wedding.

During the processional, when the little ones get to where all the royals are seated, Sonja waves to Ingrid Alexandra, who doesn't see her but subsequently waves to her a couple of seconds later. It's so cute.

That's really cute, Kenya - I didn't notice that when I watched the wedding. Thanks for posting!
Those pictures are so sweet, especially the first one.
The last ones are really sweet. But I also liked very much the photos in which you may see Prince of Asturias and Letizia, interacting happily with their girls. Infanta Sofia seems to have a strong personnality , indeed! :D


I love those pictures and also those of Mette and Haakon from Ingrid Alexandra's first day at school. Those couples seem so genuinely in love. :)
I absolutely love the picture of Victoria & Daniel from Svenska Dagbladet. :wub:
I am so happy for Princess Victoria, she seems to have found her Prince. Too me, she always seemed a little lonely, now she smiles a lot more.
Are there more sweet/affectionate pictures of royals from different families? I loved to see Queen Beatrix and King Juan Carlos laugh together. I saw it on a video once and there were pictures too. Stuff like that is what I'm thinking of.
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