Titles and Styles of Harry, his Future Wife and Children

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I dont remember that happening with Wessex

Yes, but Edward had a very different reputation than Harry. Harry was regarded, especially a few years ago as being very much the eligible bachelor, a bit of a ladies man, or at least the tabloids tried to paint that sort of picture, and it will be the British tabs, headed by the Fail and Sun that will be making the SusSEX puns in their newspaper headlines when the news breaks.
It probably won't be as bad as all that. There might be a silly headline such as "Sexy Sussex" here and there but I doubt it will go viral. I don't think there are enough people who care. Those who do care will be much more interested in the new bride to care about the duchess title.
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Why is Clarence bad? If its because it has bad history attached to it all titles has lol.
I did not know about Hubertus having a right to the Albany title and just not claiming it. It is pretty silly, yet I still think if I had a claim to a title, and to that one, that was Leopold's title, I would want it. Because why not? [emoji3]
The Coburgs have other more prominent titles and I guess living abroad they don't really care about a foreign title.
The Fail has produced an article about some long ago ancestor of Meghan's shared with the Queen Mother. I don't care about that, but one little snippet from the article did intrigue me. A 17th century German Markle ancestor had a coat of arms. I can't find the relevant thread for this but I wonder whether Meghan's father could claim that as his when his daughter becomes engaged and it could be incorporated on his daughter's after marriage. It's a rather nice design in a beautiful blue.

Harry and Meghan are cousins family tree from 1480 reveals | Daily Mail Online
If it cannot be claimed, they might at least use it as an inspiration to create a coat of arms for Meghan (would it be possible to just award it to her as her father is a non-British citizen?).
Question. Can an old German coat of arms even be eligible for approval by the College of Arms? I would imagine that they're as valid in the UK as German foreign titles? Its an idea to maybe use it for an inspiration maybe.

I know next to nothing about heraldry.
I just know about the bent sinster part lol that's it.

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