"The Young Victoria" (2009) - Film on Queen Victoria's Early Reign

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Jun 8, 2005
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dont know if this is the right place to post this, but I have just seen the trailer for the new Queen Victoria film starting emily blunt , it looks really good
"The Young Victoria" film, 2009

The Young Victoria is a Jean-Marc Vallée film set for release in the United Kingdom on 6 March 2009.
It stars Emily Blunt, Miranda Richardson, and Jim Broadbent.
The film will be produced by Graham King, Martin Scorsese, Sarah, Duchess of York and Tim Headington.

Principal Cast

  • Emily Blunt as Victoria
  • Rupert Friend as Prince Albert
  • Miranda Richardson as the Duchess of Kent
  • Mark Strong as John Conroy
  • Jim Broadbent as King William IV
  • Paul Bettany as Lord Melbourne
  • Thomas Kretschmann as King Leopold I of Belgium
  • Julian Glover as the Duke of Wellington
  • Rachael Stirling as the Duchess of Sutherland
  • Princess Beatrice of York is to make a cameo appearance during the coronation scene as a lady-in-waiting.
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So thankful for this interesting information. Will this film be given at the same time at telefision as in cinemas? I am looking so much forward to seeing it.
Jean-Marc Vallée is a Canadian (Quebecois). I hope the film will be release in Canada, too.
Wow! This movie, "The Young Victoria" looks interesting! I hope this film will release in Canada.
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From the looks of the trailer, like any other historical film, they liked to focus on the romance of the title character. Sometimes movies overemphasize the importance the love life to attract audiences. However, in Victoria's case, her love for Albert was indeed very influential on her life and her reign. I look forward to watching this movie.
Isn't that the score from "Love Actually?"
Isn't that the score from "Love Actually?"
It is! I'm glad I was I wasn't the only one who recognized it. I only knew it so fast because the "Love Actually" score was also being used in the trailers for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and that took me a while to figure out.
:previous: Yes, it is mentioned in post #2 along with the cast.
Apparently her part has been cut from the film

And a film insider said: “It has been cut, as is the case with a lot of smaller parts. It’s all a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it. She goes past very quickly.”

The Sun
A film premiered last night shows the many plots to kill the young Queen Victoria. But her biographer reveals the real story behind this remarkable couple is even more sensational...

Were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both illegitimate? | Mail Online


At the time Victoria was conceived there had been a run for an heir between the younger sons of king George III. because his only legitimate grandchild, Princess Charlotte of Wales, had died in 1817 and his heir, the Prince of wales, later George IV. was definately not going to have any further offspring. So William (later IV.) married Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, but she had only children which died young. But Ernest August, Duke of Cumberland managed to become father of a son and heir in 1819. So to imagine that a Saxon princess like Victoria, married to the more senior brother the Duke of Kent, would cheat on her husband and thus deprive a young prince of his inheritance is beyond me. Royal families did not work that way back then, they still believed in a God given right and thus I sincerely doubt Victoria would have cheated on her husband in such a situation.
I have just been to a screening of the movie and here is my review:

The movie is an enjoyable romantic drama set in glorious settings. The casting, costume design and photography were all outstanding.

Emily Blunt was amazing as Victoria. She was able to convey Victoria's fire, strength, girlishness and inexperience all at once. I think she a did great job with what she was given but I feel she wasn't given enough.
The movie centers almost exclusively on mater of emotional attachment (her feud with her mother, her 'infatuation' with Lord Melbourne, her falling in love with Albert) and almost no attention is given to her public life. Historical events are used as a prop which I think is regrettable. I was expecting something similar to what they did in the Elizabeth movie (with Cate Blanchett) in term of balancing both private and public life. That's really the biggest criticism I have to make about this movie.

Rupert Friend was, in my opinion, the true star of the movie. Quite simply, you will fall in love with him. You really have to admire anyone who can make a German accent sound the height of sexiness.
This part wasn't an easy one. As Albert ask in the movie: 'What do you call a man who waits for a wealthy woman to marry him?'. A lesser actor would have made Albert looks emasculated and a bit insincere but Rupert really showed what a complex man Albert really was, and how he struggled to find his own purpose. Ironically you'll come off this movie with a better understanding of Albert than of Victoria.

The rest of the cast was really on point, including an hilarious portrayal of Victoria's predescessor, her uncle.

I definitely recommend this movie to any Royal watcher, but I advise to not expect an historical movie, as in this aspect it's quite disappointing, but rather a beautiful, non-cheesy love story.

PS: for those who care, Beatrice is on screen for about 4 seconds during the coronation scene. She looks exactly like her pictures.
In wonder when we can see the film in Belgium, it looks like a great movie !
i saw the trailer some weeks ago and can't wait to see the movie. it looks great. it's quite strange seeing emily blunt as victoria, after her appearing in the devil wears prada. certainly polyfacetic.
I went to see this film last week and I thought it was wonderful. Such a romantic story. The costumes and the scenery were beautiful. Definately recommended
I wish I could find the release date for Australia. . . can't seem to find it anywhere. . .
Maybe if it gets nominated for an Oscar next year, we'll have a shot at seeing it.
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