The Royal Run: 2019-2024

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The Royal Run

This thread will cover the annual Royal Run event in Denmark, beginning from 2019.
The first edition, which was held as part of Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday celebrations in 2018,
will remain in his designated birthday thread (found here).

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The Royal Run: 2019-2021

Royal Run will be bigger than last year:

Crown Prince Frederiks 'Royal Run' will be bigger than last year!
Since the tickets for this year's Royal Run were released in mid-January, sales have gone quick and have already exceeded last year's 70,575 registered. Two cities were sold out after only 20 days, Aarhus and Aalborg, and there is now close to sold out in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg.

With three months to start Royal Run is already up to 70,580 registered Danes and thus already larger than last year. In Aarhus, the tickets were sold after just 14 days and in Aalborg after just 20 days.

The registration for this year's Royal Run has exceeded all expectations. We were excited about how the repetition of Royal Run would be received, but the high number of participants gives us a clear answer. It has surprised us how fast it has gone, and now all tickets in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg is close to sold out - especially at 10 km,” says Søren Simonsen, vision program leader in 'Moving for Life' (Frederik is the patron)

Many new runners:
Of the 70,580 Royal Runners, it is noteworthy that almost 1/3 are new runners. The large share proves that the concept in Royal Run, where the participants can both choose to run or go on short or long distances, gives the opportunity to lace the shoes, whether they have experience with running or not.

That we see so many new runners for Royal Run is fantastic for Moving for life, which is a vision that works just to get more active Danes. We are therefore looking forward to welcoming the new runners into the sports community and giving all participants a really good experience of the day,” says Søren Simonsen.

Frederik runs 'One Mile' in the capital at the Faroe Islands, in Aarhus, and 10 km in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg.
Mary runs 5 km in Aalborg.
I will not be surprised to see Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine run 'One Mile' in Copenhagen with their mother - like last year.

I think Royal Run will be a solid tradition.
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The up-coming Royal Run has, or rather will break a world record:

It's the number who will take part in the one mile run, who will break the world record.
The current record holder is the British Vitality Westminster run, with 8.040 who took part.
So far 17.021 have signed up for the one mile run here in DK in connection with the Royal Run. But as many as 20.000 can sign on, so that figure may rise.

The Muhler family signed up for five kilometers.
:previous: what a great initiative and accomplishment.
Best of luck to the Muhlers:flowers:

Tomorrow, Frederik will visit Bornholm to start a small training course for children and elderly, and thus create interest in a real Royal Run in just over a month.
Kronprinsen kommer til Bornholm

Manden bag løbeaftale med kronprinsen: Det var lidt et skud i tågen » Bornholms Tidende
"- I think it's great that he still wants to use his role and influence as a role model. The idea of ​​Royal Run is to activate some that are not as active. Children and the elderly also enjoy exercising. That's why it's great that he comes to just that event, says the sports consultant."

Today, the royal ship Dannebrog left Copenhagen with Frederik on board
Dannebrog på vej mod Bornholm
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Crown Prince Frederik took part in the Royal Run training event for children and the elderly in Bornholm today:

** video **
Thanks Polyesco & Iceflower. :flowers:

Yes, it's quite normal that members of the DRF catch a lift aboard Dannebrog prior to the summer cruises.
The conscript crew needs practice.

Frederik does have a way with children, eh?
He is telling the two girls dressed in white something about him cycling with the wind against him. Alas, my hearing isn't what it used to be, so I can't really make out what else what said in that story.
What a wonderful video. He has a way with kids.
And I love that they use the Dannebrog!

A nice gallery
Billedserier » High five til kronprinsen » Bornholms Tidende

He hoped on a bike this morning to reach the location
Kronprinsen er steget op på cyklen

it's great promoting and encouraging an active lifestyle
Kronprinsen er glad for opbakningen til Royal Run

:previous: And a lovely gallery from the DRF
Træningsløbet Royal Run på Bornholm | Kongehuset

cuteness overload ;)
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What a cute video! love the footage of kid Frederik running around!


The Royal House has just announced that the Crown Prince has problems with his back and will not run to Royal Run - BUT he will continue to attend both the Faroe Islands, Aarhus and Copenhagen / Frederiksberg

H.K.H. Kronprinsen har fået konstateret en diskusprolaps | Kongehuset
HRH The Crown Prince has found a smaller disc herniation, this time on the left. Even though this is a minor damage, the Crown Prince runs the risk of worsening the condition if he runs at 10km distances in this year's Royal Run.

The Crown Prince will continue to be part of "One mile - Family" in Aarhus, where young and old together go the short distance. The Crown Prince will also be present during the races on both the Faroe Islands and in Copenhagen.
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He should take care. He has had several warnings now. And having turned 50 he isn't young anymore

50+ is the "repair-age". - If it doesn't ache somewhere when you get in the morning it's because you are dead. :D
Yes after you have reached the 50 years your back and knees start to cause problems.

But it is annoying for Frederik, but he will still be to Royal Run in all cities and he will run the short distance in Aarhus.
Mary runs 5 kilometers in Aalborg.

BTW, Royal Run will be broadcasted live on TV2 all day :flowers:
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I'm not so sure he will be running even a short distance, and I'm not so sure he even should!
Exercise, oh yes! But careful!

I guess his family will do the running for him, and that will make for some nice TV and additional coverage too.
You may be right, Muhler.
The press release stated he will still participates in the short distance in Aarhus, but yes maybe he will walk the route together with all these people who walk the short distance.
The Muhler family is walking the short distance in Aarhus. So if you notice three people, somewhat out of breath, trying to stay close to Frederik, while pretending we haven't noticed him at all, it could be us... ;)?
I will look for you ?
And Royal Run is for anyone, kids or olders, walking or running :D
I hope that Frederik only walks and not run the distance as he runs (pun) the risk of aggravating his back condition.

We spend the first 40 years of our life damaging our little bodies then spend the next 40 years trying to repair the damage.
I also wouldn't recommend that he rides horses either. I have had back problems for years and have learnt what not to do and what activities are too risky.
When you ask people in their 80 years of age who are in excellent physical condition what their secret is - I have been told to know ones limitations.
We have to listen to our bodies and not push the boundaries too far. Reduce the risks of causing injuries and we can then live a relatively painless good life into our remaining years.
The Muhler family is walking the short distance in Aarhus. So if you notice three people, somewhat out of breath, trying to stay close to Frederik, while pretending we haven't noticed him at all, it could be us... ;)?

And this is what the royal run is all about. For all to enjoy, walk or run.
Im sure Frederik will listen to his body and cheerfully root for all.
On Saturday he will be at the Faeroe Islands for this first race :flowers:
I'm not sure if he should be running at all... Anyway, get better soon!

And enjoy the day to the people who are participating!
Thanks, Polyesco.

Yes, according to the news the Faeroese are out in force today! And the coverage up there is massive! So prepare for a flood of pics coming in over the next 24 hours.

Some local news:

For the newsdiggers. I suggest you paste this into your search engines: klaksvik royal run.

The young woman in this photo, getting a selfie with Frederik, was prominent on the main news tonight.
The coverage from the islands was very good and it was indeed very enthusiastic islanders who went running up there today!
The mood was great and they had turned it into a communal party.
Frederik did what he is so good at, interacting with people on a personal level.
At some point he jumped on a bike and rode out along some of the route offering a high five to the runners passing him, to the delight of people taking part. It added a personal touch he would not have been able to offer, had he been running along.
But back to our charming, and very merry, young lady. A painter by trade she is going to get married this summer, hence her veil.
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I loooove it. The royal run is truly amazing! Young, old, and even generations of family are getting out there and getting active! Awesome!
Agree! these pictures are excellent. Young, old, handicapped, entire families all enjoying the day out and participating.
Frederik was nonstop and a great support all day

A great photo in the middle of the race, running and the Crown Prince behind cheering on.
Sølvá Jansdóttir Joensen on Instagram: "Doyligur túrur saman við hans kongelige højhed 👑 hann var væl við, blíður og tíður 😂 takk fyri ein doyligan túr Frede 👌🏼 #royalrun #manervið #túFrede"
and like this one there are so many on Instagram.
Tanya Møller on Instagram: "Fantastisk dag 😊💪🏻🥇#royalrun2019 #royalrun #kronprinsen #onemile #klaksvík"
What a great idea to bring the race to the Faroe Islands. Looking forward to the race on the 10th with Mary joining Frederik and of course our dear Muhler and family.

DET DANSKE KONGEHUS 🇩🇰 on Instagram: "93-årige Petrina fra Klaksvík var blandt de 4.010 færinge, der i dag stillede til start i Royal Run på Færøerne. På de nordatlantiske øer blev der nemlig i dag taget forskud på årets Royal Run, og til at bakke hende og de mange andre løbere op var H.K.H. Kronprinsen. På grund af en diskusprolaps stillede Hans Kongelige Højhed desværre ikke til start men skød i stedet forskellige distancer i gang. Derudover heppede Kronprinsen på de mange deltagere langs ruten. Hans Kongelige Højhed fik for nogle år siden ideen til Royal Run i anledning af sin 50-års fødselsdag. Løbet er ikke et klassisk motionsløb med sluttiden i højsædet. For til Royal Run er det muligt både at løbe og gå på alle distancer. Royal Run afholdes den 10. juni i Rønne, Aalborg, Aarhus og København/Frederiksberg, og indtil videre har over 75.000 tilmeldt sig de forskellige distancer. Dermed er løbet blandt Danmarkshistoriens største løb. 📸 Chris Christophersen ©️"
"The Crown Prince has brought you to life for the Faroe Islands and with this Royal Run may have helped to create even greater joy in running and walking."
"For me, it is also great to see the many who have never run or had a number on their stomach trying to run. And it is in itself a huge victory, I think, and a success for them," sounded. it further from the Crown Prince.



another great gallery of today's royal run with Frederik and many participants

"A group of preschoolers had a great surprise today when the Crown Prince came by and launched their own little royal run.
In Denmark, the week up to next Monday's large races, 16 children between three and five years took the match and ran 170 metres. On the way, his royal highness was cheering for the children and then distributed both high fives and small"

what joy!

DET DANSKE KONGEHUS 🇩🇰 on Instagram: "En gruppe børnehavebørn fik sig i dag en stor overraskelse, da H.K.H. Kronprinsen kom forbi og igangsatte deres eget lille Royal Run. Rundt omkring i Danmark er der nemlig i ugen op til næste mandags store løb en række optaktløb, og i Byparken i Tårnby tog 16 børn mellem tre og fem år således kampen op og løb 170 meter. Undervejs heppede Hans Kongelige Højhed på børnene og uddelte efterfølgende både high fives og små medaljer. De 16 børnehavebørn har i foråret deltaget i LEGEPATRULJEN, der er et pædagogisk tilbud til børnehavebørn i kommunen. 📸 Hanne Juul / ALLER FOTO & VIDEO ©️"
Kronprins Frederik overraskede glade børnehavebørn

just wonderful with kids

a news segment on his visit today
Børnehave tager forskud på Royal Run - og overraskes af kronprinsen

and a few more pictures
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gallery from the DRF yesterday
Royal Run i børnehøjde | Kongehuset

"Royal Run takes place on Monday 10 June in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen / Frederiksberg and in Rønne.
In Aarhus, the Crown Prince will start the day walking one mile. In Aalborg, H.K.H. The Crown Princess will participate in two races, and later in the day the Crown Prince will be present in Copenhagen and in Frederiksberg."

video from yesterday
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This is now the largest run that has ever taken place on the Faeroe Islands.
4.010 attended, or some 8 % of the entire population there.
39 % of those attending had never taken part in such a run before.

So this is by any yardstick a success. - And I believe Frederik will go to the islands next year as well.

- In comparison, more than 70.000 have signed up in DK, and that's roughly 1.5 % of the entire population.
Or to put it into an international context, the equivalent of 4.8 million Americans.
330.000 Australians.
900.000 Britons.
Or 18 million Chinese.

Good. Oo it's only the island of Bornholm (the town of Rønne) where there will be no CP-precense on that day.
And I should be surprised if the children don't attend in some capacity or another along during the day.
Okay, tomorrow is the big day, where the Muhler family (most of us) will embark on a journey to the big city of Aarhus and take part in Royal Run.

Mrs. Muhler has organized everything. We have our tickets, our numbers and our T-shirts. I and our daughter are under orders to stay close to mother, before and during the run and she has instructed the weather gods to ensure it's nice and dry tomorrow.
We are actually not the only ones from our village taking part, but we will be hitching a ride with my in-laws and enjoy a late lunch at a nice little place afterwards to compensate for the burned off calories.
My mother-in-law who is just as interested in royals as I am (she's actually a member here) will stay tuned to what Frederik and his family are up to while we wobble through the streets of Aarhus. So with a bit of luck she will elbow herself through the crowd and PET officers to get a photo or two of Frederik.

We have signed up for the five KM walk. Wife and daughter have problems with their feet so walking is better and it's probably better for the condition of the roads in Aarhus that I don't run. So we will start at 12.00 and we are required to finish in 90 minutes. That should be easily accomplished. After all distances of 3-5 KM are routine when our dog walks us in the evening.
And with the crowd, mother and daughter can't see the displays in the shops, otherwise the distance would take hours to finish!

At the finishing line we will all get a medal and later on a finishing photo as we pass the finishing line - no doubt a little blurry due to the speed with which we move.
Then we will head for a nearby hotdog stand, preferably with a bench close by, where the in-laws will have set up an HQ. And since they consider our teenage daughter to be the greatest prodigy ever to walk the Earth, they have no doubt arranged a sedan-chair they will carry her in... ?
We, her parents, can walk.

By then mother-in-law will give me a royal update. So you'll get an account sometime tomorrow.
Okay, tomorrow is the big day, where the Muhler family (most of us) will embark on a journey to the big city of Aarhus and take part in Royal Run.

Will you be at the harbour when Dannebrog arrives?
Will you be at the harbour when Dannebrog arrives?

I don't know. We expect to be in Aarhus between 10-11, where we will stroll around a bit and I imagine we will walk past Dannebrog at some point.
Thanks, I'm sure we will have a great day. ?

Now, do you wish to ask Frederik a personal question in regards to Royal Run and his fondness for running?
For the next few hours Frederik will answer questions on the DRF Instagram profile.
Click on Frederik's photo in the top right corner of his profile.
A text will pop up: Ask me a question about Royal Run and my fondness for running.
Click: Skriv noget.
Type your text and submit.

- Why not try write to him and in English as well. The worst thing that can happen is that you get no answer.
It will only be possible for a few hours more.
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