The Royal Family with Celebrities

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rosalyn said:
When were the pictures taken with victoria in red/black suit? thanks

Washington, D.C. November of 2003.
Ooh, I love the pictures with Victoria and Lena Olin. Lena is a great actress. :D
Does anyone have a picture with the footballplayer Freddie Ljungberg???
LoveAdam07 said:
Does anyone have a picture with the footballplayer Freddie Ljungberg???
I dont think they have met...
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Oh that gorgeous woman! R.I.P Anita of the "Dolce Vita"!
Victoria with Astrid Lindgren, 21st August 1997
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And 13th December 1997
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Princess Lilian with Bruce Springsteen, 24th June 1999

Princess Lilian with tennis players John McEnroe and Mats Wilander in Stockholm Open 1984

And tennis players Andre Agassi and Tomas Johansson, 31st October 2004
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Marie Fredriksson, the female singer of Roxette, died yesterday at the age of 61. Her family gave a statement: "It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our biggest and most beloved artists is gone. Marie Fredriksson died on the morning of December 9 in the complications of her previous illness”. Marie had a brain tumour in 2002.
Marie Fredriksson är död – världsstjärnan blev 61 år

Roxette sang at Victoria and Daniel's pre-wedding concert in 2010, and Marie Fredriksson sang at Madeleine and Chris's wedding in 2013.
Victoria and Daniel visited Roxette's concerts, and in the summer 2015 Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia were at Roxette's concert in Kalmar.

Marie Fredriksson with the king and queen at the Polar Music Prize in 2000

Victoria with Roxette, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle in 2000

Marie Fredriksson receiving the King's medal in 2003.
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Sad news :( I was always fan of Roxette. Great group!
Svensk Damtidning's editor-in-chief Johan T Lindwall writes in his column:

Johan T Lindwall: Victoria's hidden grief during the Nobel party
Victoria was glowing tonight at the Table of Honour in the Blue Hall.
But I promise you: The Crown Princess's thoughts were in a completely different direction.
Crown Princess Victoria and the rest of the family were told just a few hours before the Nobel party.
Marie Fredriksson, one of the country's most popular artists of all time and friend of the royal family had finally fallen asleep after her fight against cancer.
For the royal family, Marie Fredriksson has had a special position throughout the years and if there had been a title of a purveyor of the court of pop music she would have had it for a long time.
But on the other hand, King Carl XVI Gustaf and the rest of the family showed their appreciation to the popular artist on numerous occasions. In 2003, Marie Fredriksson received the King's Medal of the eighth size in bright blue band. Almost six months after she was told that she suffered from a brain tumor.
The royal family loved the artist and person Marie Fredriksson. But above all Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Madeleine had a relationship with Marie Fredriksson.
When the Crown Princess finally got her Daniel, it was taken for granted to turn to Marie and ask if she wanted to sing around the wedding days in Stockholm. It became the world hit The Look together with Per Gessle under their band name Roxette.
When Princess Madeleine married three years later in the Royal Chapel in Stockholm with Chris O'Neill, Marie Fredriksson sang Ännu doftar kärlek. All according to a private request from Madeleine.
The last time Crown Princess Victoria got to see her big music idol was the summer of 2015 at Fredriksskans in Kalmar. Roxette made yet another sold-out gig and the royals stood at the VIP stands. Prince Carl Philip and Sofia were also present and on several occasions Marie waved to the grandstand and her friends.
- Thank you, you are absolutely wonderful, Marie screamed and sent a kiss to Crown Princess Victoria during the gig.
It was the last time they saw her perform.
Tonight there was a party in the Blue Hall. The most royal party of the year.
Great and pompous, but not just for everyone. Because at Crown Princess Victoria, the thoughts were in a completely different place - with the relatives of Marie Fredriksson.
Johan T Lindwall_ Victorias dolda sorg under Nobelfesten _ Svensk Dam
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One of Sweden's most beloved artists ever, Sven-Bertil Taube, passed away yesterday at his home in London at the age of 87 years. Actor and singer Sven-Bertil Taube was the son of Astri and Evert Taube, and belonged to the untitled branch of noble family Taube.

Sven-Bertil Taube got the Litteris et Artibus -medal from the King in 2002.*&output-quality=80

Queen Silvia with Sven-Bertil Taube at the presentation of a book about Sven-Bertil's mother Astri Taube in 2008.

Sven-Bertil and his wife Mikaela had Victoria and Daniel's Thank you -card from their wedding at a good place at their home in London:

Sven-Bertil Taube sang at Victoria's birthday concert in July 2015.

Victoria and Daniel were on 4th April 2018 at Dramaten to watch Sven-Bertil Taube at "Påklädaren" (The Dresser by Ronald Harwood). Victoria beside Sven-Bertil.

Sven-Bertil Taube with prince Bertil and princess Lilian
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