The Royal Family with Celebrities

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here´s one. Taken in New York in 2000


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Are there any other photos of Victoria or Madeleine with celebrities? I think she should have invited the Swedish women's national team for a celebration. Show them how proud they make all Swedes.
Good idea, Dennism!
We can make this a "royals with celebrities" topic!
I´m sure there must be several pictures of the royal family meeting stars...

1) Here´s Madeleine with Robyn

2) Madeleine with singer Robyn.
Robyn had a big hit with "Show me love" a couple of years ago and is still well known in Sweden


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Like celebrity spokespeople on TV commercials, it helps to know who they are. Well, I don't know this Robyn.
Well i know her and she has a very beautiful voice, maybe in Mexico is not that famous, but it only took one glance at MTV Latin America and WOW i was hooked!!... i had to bought her first me love. About celebrities, well i just see some where the King Gustav and Queen Sylvia appeared with A-Teens here at the Swedish embassy in Mexico....
1) here is victoria with e-type at her birthday

2) POLFOTO 17.11.1999 American artist Cher performed a consert at Globen arena in Stockholm, 17 november 1999. Before the concert Swedish crownprincess Victoria meet with the star.


4) Astrid Lindgren

5) Polar Music Prize 1999 Drottning Silvia och Robyn

6) Polar Music Prize 1999 Kung Carl XVI Gustaf, Stevie Wonder, drottning Silvia och prinsessan Lilian

7) Polar Prize, Bankett Grand Hotel 2000-05-15 Drottning Silvia, kung Carl XVI Gustaf och Marie Fredriksson


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I love that photo of Victoria and Astrid Lindgren... so sweet!
one more of Victoria and Astrid Lindgren. I can´t help...but as children Victoria and Madeleine looked a lot like the girls in the Astrid Lindgren movie " Madita and Pims" (I think in swedish it´s "Madicken och junibackens pims" and in the english translation she´s called "Mardie") Victoria as Madicken and Madeleine as Lisabeth (Pims) ;)


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1) Victoria and Swedish tv reporter Rickard Sjöberg.

2) Victoria and swedish actor Pernilla Wahlgren in the 80´s


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In the last picture it looks as if Victoria would have tried Make up for the first time...cute.
The picture of Victoria with Cher is scary! ... Not Victoria, but Cher. That is some costume she was sporting!
Yes, such extremes in that photo for me.
have the family ever attended "allsång på skansen"?
no, not officially. But maybe they have been there in private?
Well i tried the link and it didn't work, so i still wondering about "Allsang pa skansen" is, can any give me more idea of what is that? thanx
Originally posted by La Chen@Jan 5th, 2004 - 9:46 pm
Well i tried the link and it didn't work, so i still wondering about "Allsang pa skansen" is, can any give me more idea of what is that? thanx
here is the article

Summer sing-alongs bring Sweden to a standstill

Every summer Tuesday come rain or shine, teenagers and grandmothers start queuing at 6.00 a.m. in Stockholm ready to wait 14 hours for the best seats at Sweden's favourite music spectacle.

Fittingly from the land that gave the world ABBA, and is known for its love of equality and community spirit, Swedes are crazy about singing together and "Sing-along at Skansen" is the country's most popular television show.

More than two million people, or one in four Swedes, tune in every week to join in the traditional melodies of love, sailing and gentle summer days from their sofa, helped out by host Lasse Berghagen and karaoke-type texting of lyrics.

But the real stars are the live audience of 30,000, many of whom have camped out for hours with coffee, sandwiches, blankets and umbrellas to get a ringside seat in the hilltop arena at the Skansen open air museum on an island in central Stockholm.

"Sweden is a choir nation. We love to sing in choirs," said Berghagen, a big star in Sweden whose face plasters the tabloids with gripping revelations such as that he dyes his hair brown.

"We have schnapps songs when we drink vodka and we sing in church choirs even if we don't go to church," the tall, friendly 58-year-old told Reuters at a recent edition of Sing-along, which he has hosted on national television for 10 years.


Berghagen has attracted a younger audience with star guests like Latin pop idol Ricky Martin as well as jazz and rock.

But his ulterior motive is to rekindle interest in Swedish traditional songs, long out of fashion. He calls them "the nation's treasure. You hear the Swedish song tradition less and less on the radio because young radio presenters play the music of their time. So this music is disappearing, which is sad."

Many Swedes mourned last year when Berghagen announced that this year would be his last Sing-along season -- including many in the audience at Skansen who were waving banners reading "We love Lasse" and "No summer without Lasse".

But the show next Tuesday (July 15) will be Berghagen's last on the stage decorated with Swedish icons such as giant red Dala horses and birch trees, before a younger successor takes over.

Annastina Johansson, 84, preferred the "more peaceful" old-time Sing-along of when she first came to Skansen 30 years ago, but she still finds it worth queuing up from 6.00 am. "The atmosphere is wonderful. We are so happy when Lasse comes. He's a fine person, it's such a pity he is leaving."


Ten minutes after the main gate opens at 8.30 a.m., 150 people have sprawled blankets and raincoats across the benches. Jennie Johansson, 27, rushes in with picnic basket, blanket and umbrella to reserve a seat for her grandmother who is flying down from northern Sweden especially.

"She turned 80 a week ago and we bought her tickets as a present," said Johansson, whose granny is a big fan of the television show. "I don't think she's missed it once."

Michael Karlsson, a 28-year-old photographer, and Jonas Hastbacka, 17, are frequent visitors who know how to get the front seats. They met each other at the show.

"It's like a drug in your body. Once you've been here once, you have to come again," said Karlsson. "I was here every time last summer and I hope to see every show this summer too."

Berghagen himself arrives at noon to greet his public and rehearse. When the hour-long show finally starts, he captivates the audience with charm and jokes, working them up to the excitement of a rock concert.

But he and a few artists do a few final numbers that bring some of the audience to tears. The farewell song, "Stretch Out Your Hand", has tens of thousands of people taking each other by the hand and swaying before giving him a standing ovation. 
Thanks, Josefine. That's funny. It worked for me yesterday.
Thanx now i get it!! i hope to see some pics about that!! :D
Mikael Ljungberg who won goldmedel in sidney and later got the victoria prize died last night i think he was 34

does anyone have a picture of him and victoria


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The Royal family with the Pope

Victoria with swedish artist Meja

Victoria with First Lady Laura Bush

with swedish artist Tomas Ledin at his concert in Borgholm

Victoria and Maja from the Sounds

Victoria and Lionel Richie


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Victoria with swedish singer E-type!
At a private party and at her birthday in 2001

Queen Silvia with her friend Annifrid aka Frida of ABBA

Prince Carl Philip with magician Joe Labero and Robert Wells


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Lena said:
In the last picture it looks as if Victoria would have tried Make up for the first time...cute.

noticable....with a little too much blush. (C: but then again, wasn't that a great part of the 80's about? afterall the singer she is pictured with is wearing quite a bit of makeup herself.
I just saw the horror film The Exorcist which have the Swedish Actor Max von Sydow acted as Father Merrin.They said that he is really famous actor so are there any pics of him with the Royal Family?
There is pics of Vicotria with the cast of the Bold and the Beautiful, or Glamour, or Beautiful. (all the same show) I will try and find them
1) Victoria and the King with Nelson Mandela, during his visit to Sweden in 1999

2) Victoria meeting Kofi Annan at the UN headquarters in New York city

Australian said:
There is pics of Vicotria with the cast of the Bold and the Beautiful, or Glamour, or Beautiful. (all the same show) I will try and find them

3) Here´s one I found. Its Victoria with Ian Buchanan at her birthday 1998

4) When Victoria visited Japan i 2001 and "Swedish style", she met some of the celebrities there. Here she is with Eurovision song contest winner Charlotte Nilsson and the singer Eva Dahlgren


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Victoria with famous swedish actress Lena Olin



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one more photo with Lena Olin. It was at the premiere of the movie Chocolat in Stockholm


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