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On July 30th, Princess Yōko attended the memorial ceremony marking the 111th anniversary of Emperor Meiji's death at the Imperial Shrines. She was spotted in a car arriving (or leaving?). Princess Kako visited separately.

Source/Video: Twitter
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:previous: Princess Akiko attended a memorial ceremony at Emperor Meiji's Mausoleum in Kyoto. Also, other Imperial family members attended the ritual in Tokyo.

Usually, 1-2 Imperial family attends a memorial ceremony at the deceased's mausoleum and the others attend a ceremony at the Imperial Palace Sanctuaries.

See Imperial Family Current events post 311 for Meiji-Tenno-reisai


On July 30th, Princess Akiko attended the "Ken Onishi Retirement Commemorative Party" at a hotel in Kyoto. He was a physical education professor at Kyoto Sangyo University for 47 years, built and managed the university’s rugby club, and won the Kansai League 4 times. He retired in March 2020 but his retirement party was postponed due to the pandemic.



ETA: more photos of Princess Akiko at July 22nd's Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2023 Pacific Nations Series Japan vs Samoa rugby match:

See bottom of post 685 for original event post


ETA: Another photo of Princess Akiko at July 29th's Lipovitan D Challenge Cup 2023 Pacific Nations Series match between Japan and Tonga national teams at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka Prefecture.

See original post at 689


ETA: On August 1st, Princess Yohko attended the "47th Gathering to think about water" to commemorate Water Day at Iino Hall in Chiyoda, Tokyo. It is Princess Yohko's 2nd attendance at this event. Then-Crown Prince Naruhito's family attended the 40th gathering in 2016. Princess Yohko praised and applauded winners of the All Japan Junior High School Water Essay Contest.

Photos/video: FNN, NTV

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On July 30th, Princess Akiko and her cultural organization Shinyusha held its 8th online seminar on Japanese mythology. Lecture theme was "Building the country of Okuninushi-no-kami - Conquest of Ashihara no Nakatsukuni (Part 1)" and featured Nishikida Tsuyoshi, chief priest of Mankusen Shrine and Tachimushi Shrine, as lecturer.


On August 2nd, Princess Nobuko departed from Haneda Airport around 10pm for her unofficial visit to Hungary for the 2023 Judo World Masters competition and visit IJF headquarters. She returns on August 8.

Photo: NTV, TBS, NHK


August 3 FNN report about Princess Yohko's thoughts on social issues and welfare activities:

- She did not give a speech at last year's "46th Gathering to think about water" but did so this year, "I'm neither an expert nor a researcher, so I thought last year that it was out of place. I'm going to talk about it from now on, but I don't think there is anything that everyone should learn, so I hope you can understand that.
- She noted the thunderstorm happening during this year's ceremony
- "In Japan, drinking tap water is a matter of course, but I think there are still many countries overseas where this is not the norm. I think it's good to have such a point in the future, so I hope you don't forget it. I think that being indifferent to anything is the worst thing to do."
- In October 2022, in a special lecture in Kagoshima Prefecture, when Yohko discussed on her own hearing loss and a conversation support device called comuoon, she said, "I want people to be interested in various things. Indifference is the worst thing."
- While there are neither 100% able-bodied people nor 100% disabled people, I want you to know that there are people and organizations that continue various activities.
- Yohko continues the welfare activities of her late father Prince Tomohito
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On August 4th, Princess Nobuko attended 2023 Judo World Masters competitions in Budapest, Hungary and presented medals for the -48kg women's event.

Photo/video: -48kg: Some Respect the Hierarchy and Some Do Not /

World Judo Masters Hungary 2023: Buchard take home gold for France | Euronews


Princess Akiko visited Yamagata Prefecture August 2-4 for the 44th National Junior High School Selection Shogi Championship in Tendo City. 51 boys and 40 girls played. Princess Akiko is honorary president, attended the opening ceremony on the 3rd and mentioned memories of her late father's (also honorary president) participation at the event.

Photo: Mainichi

Akiko's in the background briefly in this TBS/TUY video report


ETA: Princess Nobuko also attended a gala dinner on August 4 during the 2023 Judo World Masters in Budapest, Hungary.

Photo: A Time for Reflection and Recognition /
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:previous: Another photo of Princess Akiko at the "Ken Onishi Retirement Commemorative Party" on July 30th.

Source/Photo: Facebook


ETA: On August 6th, Princess Akiko attended the closing ceremony of the 13th National Shrine Scout Conference in Ise, Mie Prefecture.

Sources/Photos: Facebook, Facebook 2, Facebook 3
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On August 6th, Princess Nobuko attended the final day of 2023 Judo World Masters in Hungary with Haruki Uemura, Olympic gold medalist and president of Kodokan Judo Institute.

Photo: We Loved It and We Want More /


ETA: Asahi Imperial schedule August 7-13 (paid), copy at

August 8: Princess Nobuko returns to Japan from unofficial visit to Hungary
August 9: Princess Nobuko visits Imperial Palace Sanctuaries after traveling abroad
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Princess Akiko writes monthly articles for web magazine "Into Japan Waraku"

I shared a few of her articles back in 2019 but here's the tag:

Tag for articles of Prince Tomohito on the 10th anniversary of his death in 2022 / publication of his essays "Diary of the Bearded Prince"ひげの殿下日記


Back on April 21st, Princess Akiko gave a lecture about Japanese culture at the "37th Region Conference Japan Nishi Soroptimist International of the Americas" held at Okayama Symphony Hall in Okayama Prefecture.


Seems fitting Princess Nobuko resumed her international travel with judo, another photo on August 4 with Italian politician and former jukoka Felice Mariani in Hungary:

Also, Princess Nobuko at Musée Marmottan Monet during her February 2020 trip to France for the Judo Grand Slam Paris. She was the last JIF member to travel abroad before the pandemic.


ETA: Princess Nobuko's patronage NPO Doyokan used a photo of her at April's 79th Yurikago Musical Festival on the poster for the "Otowa Yurikagokai 90th Anniversary Concert in Kumamoto," scheduled for August 24.



ETA: At the spring garden party, Princess Yohko wore a kimono previously worn by Princess Hanako (who has also shared her clothes with Princess Akiko)

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:previous: More photos of Princess Akiko at the closing ceremony of the 13th National Shrine Scout Conference in Mie Prefecture on August 6th.

That same evening, Princess Akiko also hosted a banquet for the scouts attending the 13th National Conference arrived from China.

Source/Photos: Facebook
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:previous: I was surprised that China was invited until I realized the scouts were from Taiwan (officially Republic of China) and not mainland China aka People's Republic of China.


On August 8th, Princess Nobuko returned to Japan from her unofficial visit to Hungary for Judo Masters competition. Imperial Household Agency officials greeted her arrival at Haneda Airport before 5pm.

Photos: Sankei Imperial Weekly 807


Princess Akiko will unofficially visit France and Switzerland September 9-19. As honorary president of the Japan Rugby Football Union, she will attend two matches against Japan at the Rugby World Cup in France.

In Switzerland, Princess Akiko will visit the University of Zurich where she will give a keynote speech in English on the theme of Japanese Buddhist art, such as the mural paintings in the Kondo (main hall) of Horyu-ji Temple.

She last visited abroad in October 2019 (UK, lecture on Japanese art at the British Museum) and previously visited the University of Zurich in 2017.

Source: Sankei

ETA: TBS shared more of Princess Akiko's agenda. Kyodo and Mainichi report Princess Akiko will also lay flowers at the memorial for victims of the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice and visit the Matisse Museum.

9/9: depart Japan
9/10: Japan vs. Chile in Toulouse, France
9/11: travel to Switzerland
9/12: lecture at University of Zurich
9/13: talk event at Swiss Art Institute
9/17: Japan vs. England in Nice, France
9/19: return to Japan


ETA: Princess Akiko visited Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture on August 17?

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More info on Princess Akiko's September 12-13 lectures in Switzerland from the Swiss-Japanese Chamber of Commerce:

«In the service of art and art education» - Conversation with Princess Akiko of Mikasa - SJCC

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 18:30 - 19:45
Location: University of Zurich - Aula Magna KOL-G-201 Rämistrasse 71
Free entrance. No registration required.

Content of the lecture: Copying the Buddha or Copying Buddhist Thoughts?

The Golden Hall of the Hōryūji Temple near Nara (founded 607) which is the world’s oldest wooden building used to hold mural paintings dating from the late seventh century. They were among the oldest examples of mural paintings with Buddhist icons comparable to those of the Ajanta caves in India and to the Mogao caves in Dunhuang China. Tragically most of them were lost to fire in 1949. The lecture will focus on the tradition to copy these mural paintings which started in the mid 19th century. It also illustrates how the purpose of these reproductions changed.

Presentation / Conversation: H.I.H. Princess Akiko of Mikasa - SJCC

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 17:00 - 19:00
SJCC Members: free, Non-Members: CHF 100. Registration is already closed

16:30 Door opening
17:00 Welcome addresses by
– SJCC President Martin Herb
– Government Councillor Carmen Walker Späh (Head of the Department for Economic Affairs, Canton of Zurich)
– H.E. Yoshinori Fujiyama (Ambassador of Japan)
17:15 Presentation / Conversation: H.I.H. Princess Akiko of Mikasa
Moderator Rafael von Matt, SRF
18:00 Aperitif


On August 8th, Princess Akiko and her cultural organization Shinyusha held an "Ohana Shinsen" workshop at Kogakkan University at Ise, Mie Prefecture.

The artificial flowers, made from Japanese paper, are offered at the Iwashimizu Festival. 30 students, divided into 6 groups, spent over 3 hours creating the sacred offerings to imitate red and white plum flowers and the Nandina tree. The creations will be dedicated to the Iwashimizu Festival at Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in Kyoto on September 15.


On June 30th, Princess Akiko attended the summer purification ceremony "Nagoshi no Oharae" at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.

Photo: 7/3 post in

ETA: More info at Nagoshi no Oharae Purification Ritual | Kamo Wakeikazuchi Jinja Shrine (Kamigamo Jinja)
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Mikasa family Agenda for the week from August 28th to September 3rd:

September 2nd: Princess Yōko: attending the 23rd 8-Dan Kendo Selection Tournament for the Prince Tomohito Cup at the Nippon Budōkan, Tokyo.
September 3rd: Princess Akiko: attending the 3rd Award Ceremony of the Japanese Classical Cultural Foundation at the Kyoto Concert Hall, Kyoto Prefecture.

Source: Asahi
After a pandemic hiatus, Princess Akiko and her cultural organization Shinyusha held Izumo Kids Camp from August 18 to 20 at Izumo Taisha in Shimane Prefecture. Chief Priest Takamasa Senge (father-in-law of Akiko's cousin Noriko) attended the opening and closing ceremonies.

Day 1 photos: opening ceremony at 4pm, worship and formal visit at main shrine, tour, return to inn, dinner, evening worship and spiritual procession, return to inn and sparklers in garden

Day 2 photos: a group of Boy Scouts Taisho joined the camp, tour of Izumo Taisha’s main shrine, visit Tatara Ironworks in Unnan City, visited the Tanabe family who popularized tatara iron, toured the lore of Izumo mythology, "Yagi Orochi Habitat Denshochi", "Yagi Orochi Park", "Suga Shrine", and "Mankusen Shrine.” Climb Mt. Yakumo after worshipping at Suga Shrine. Watched Kagura performance of mythology. Return to Izumo Taisha to split watermelon.

Day 3 photos: pray at Izumo Taisha’s main shrine, visit Ancient Izumo History Museum for special exhibition "Shimane Traffic Chronicle" and children drew pictures of "future vehicles," return to inn for lunch and closing ceremony

On July 27th, Princess Yōko attended the 57th National Men's Kendo Dojo Tournament at Nippon Budokan (primary school division). She presented the prizes at the end of the competitions.

Source/Photos: Facebook


On July 28th, Princess Yōko attended the 57th National Men's Kendo Dojo Tournament at Nippon Budokan (junior high school division).

I hope better photos of both the events will be posted soon.

Source/Photo: Facebook

A closer photo of Princess Yohko on July 27:

Girls also participate in the tournament.

Some photos at a distance:

Princess Yohko appears in the inset video of this demonstration:


Hopefully the All Japan Kendo Federation uploads photos to their Flicker account:

Last year's 56th tournament photos took a while. Yohko appears in the backround:
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On September 3rd, Princess Akiko attended the 3rd Classics Day Cultural Fund Award ceremony at Kyoto Concert Hall in Kyoto. She is Honorary President of the Classics Day Prize Committee.


2023 winners (PDF)

Literature and thought: Chris Mosdell (poet/lyricist)
Traditional performing arts and music: Katsura Yoshibō (rakugo storyteller)
Art/Life: Wooden barrel craftsman revival project
Future Award: Komatsu Kabuki Future School, Kyoto Prefectural Sagano High School Kyo-Heian Cultural Theory Lab, Miyako City Tsugaruishi Junior High School Cultural Festival Local Performing Arts Lion Dance Group
On September 7th, Princess Akiko visited Ishida Glass Studio's exhibition at the art gallery of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in Chuo, Tokyo.



On September 9th, Princess Akiko departed Haneda Airport for France to attend the Rugby World Cup and speaking engagements in Switzerland. She arrived at the gate before 8:30am, greeting IHA staff and then boarded a commercial plane.

Video/Photos: NHK, NTV, TBS
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On September 10th, Princess Akiko attended the Rugby World cup group match between Japan and Chile in Toulouse, France. Later, she visited the town hall of Toulouse where she received the city's gold medal and met the Mayor, Deputy mayor and other officials. Princess Akiko also visited the Japanese garden earlier.

Agenda per
- Japanese garden in Compans-Caffarelli Park
- Japan-Chile match at Toulouse Stadium
- red room of Capitole de Toulouse with Mayor and some 30 business leaders
- reception at Hall of the Illustres with children learning Japanese and their families

Match photos:

Toulouse photos: garden, city hall, reception
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On September 14th, Princess Akiko arrived in Nice, France and visited the Matisse Museum's exhibition "1930. Notebooks d'Art" with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.


Coupe du Monde de rugby : une princesse impériale en déplacement à Nice | Nice 24 (includes photos)

Princess Akiko of Mikasa will lay a wreath in memory of the victims of the attack of July 14, 2016

On Sunday, the Japanese delegation will be welcomed at Villa Masséna by the mayor for a ceremony, in the presence of the Japanese community based in the Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis.

Before the ceremony, Princess Akiko of Mikasa will lay a wreath in memory of the victims of the attack of July 14, 2016. Then, she will attend the Rugby World Cup match of the Japanese team against England, at the Allianz Riviera (9 p.m.).

ETA: More photos of Princess Akiko's speaking engagements in Zurich, Switzerland

September 12: «In the service of art and art education» – Conversation with Princess Akiko of Mikasa

Setpember 13: "Presentation / Conversation: H.I.H. Princess Akiko of Mikasa"
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On September 16th, Princess Akiko visited Villa Kérylos in Ville de Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France in the afternoon.


ETA: On September 17th, Princess Akiko had an audience with the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, and paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on July 14, 2016. Nice and Kamakura are sister sister cities. Princess Akiko attended a ceremony to receive a collar of an eagle, the symbol of Nice.


Princess Akiko with Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, and Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Japan-England group stage match at the Rugby World Cup.
Mainichi, AFPBB
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:previous: The Facebook link of Princess Akiko's visit to Villa Kérylos has been restricted or deleted but the same photos are still available (for now) at

The eagle decoration Princess Akiko received from the Mayor of Nice is the "Golden Eagle of Aigla Nissarda," and is described as Nice's version of the Legion of Honor.


On September 16th, Princess Nobuko attended the 24th FAWA (Federation of Asia-Pacific Women's Association) Convention at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Shibuya, Tokyo.


The same day, Princess Yohko attended the "Inclusive Design Ideathon 2023" presentation and social gathering at Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus in Koto, Tokyo. She is Honorary Advisor of the Inclusive Design Network.

Distant photos from behind (seated front row, wearing a blue/white dotted top):


ETA: Princess Akiko also visited Éphrussi de Rothschild Villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on September 16 and visited Villa Massena in Nice on September 17th.

Source/photos: Pourquoi la princesse japonaise multiplie les rencontres de Nice à Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - Nice-Matin

On September 18th, Princess Akiko attended a Japanese course at Estienne-d'Orves high school in Nice. 100 students chose this option. After introducing themselves in Japanese, the students were able to speak with her and discuss the influence of Japan and France in Art.

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On September 20th, Princess Nobuko was injured at home (IHA branch building) in the afternoon and went to Keio University Hospital for pain in her left leg and lower back.

She was diagnosed with a fracture of the lateral malleolus of left ankle and a fracture of the second lumbar vertebra. Princess Nobuko is taking painkillers and resting. Surgery will be planned for the ankle.

Sources: NTV, Asahi, Sankei

Princess Nobuko suffered a fracture in the first lumbar vertebrae in 2019 after a fall at home, and also fractured her right ankle in 2015.

Wishing her a successful surgery and smooth recovery. I guess she fell again? How she injured herself was not disclosed.
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On September 22nd, Princess Nobuko had surgery on her fractured left ankle, fixing with titanium. The post-surgery progress is uneventful and she will have rehabilitation later.

Sources: NTV, Sankei, FNN, TBS


Japan Lecture Series: Princess Akiko of Mikasa Explores Art and Art Education | Global Affairs | UZH

In the service of art and art education

President Michael Schaepman welcomed Her Imperial Highness, who visited the University of Zurich as a lecturer already for the third time. The visit was initiated by Prof. Hans Thomsen, who is both a Professor in East Asian Art History at UZH as well as a board member of the Swiss-Japanese Society. He has been fostering a longstanding professional friendship with the princess.

Princess Akiko is the first member of the Japanese imperial family holding a PhD in Art History, even though her path was not initially set on pursuing such scholarly pursuit. It was only during her exchange year in England when she was frequently asked by other students about Japanese culture that she realized how little she knew about her own country’s tradition. In addition, she noticed that Japanese art was perceived very differently in the West in comparison to Japan. [...]

Her lecture centered around the reconstruction of wall paintings in the Hōryūji Temple in Nara which are considered a national treasure and, unfortunately, were destroyed by a fire in 1949. The project was successful thanks to reproductions of the paintings, some of them initiated and treasured by English noblemen who visited Japan in the 19th century. This showcases the importance of international collaboration in order to preserve cultural heritages and foster the mutual understanding of it.

More photos of Princess Akiko's talk and reception at Swiss Institute for Art Research (SIK-ISEA), Villa Bleuler in Zurich, Switzerland on September 13.
On September 29th, Princess Akiko attended a reception for the signing ceremony of the partnership between Prince Mikasa Memorial Foundation and Turkish Airlines at the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo.

Source: NTV


Press release (scroll to 9/29/2023):
The flag carrier supports archaeological studies carried out in Türkiye with the Prince Mikasa Foundation regarding the preservation of cultural heritage and exchange promotion projects.

Turkish Airlines signed a partnership agreement with Prince Mikasa Foundation for cultural heritage preservation and promotion of regional exchange. The cultural cooperation agreement was signed with a ceremony held at the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, with the participation of H.I.H. Princess Akiko, Prince Mikasa Foundation President Mr. Sachihiro Omura, and Turkish Airlines Independent Board Member Mrs. Fatmanur Altun. With this cooperation, the flag carrier will support the excavations that started in 1986 in Kırşehir Kaman, located on the historical Silk Road, under the leadership of Prince Mikasa.

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Main schedule for Mikasa princesses at special National Sports Festival in Kagoshima Prefecture, which was rescheduled due to pandemic. Kagoshima was supposed to host 2020's festival.

Princess Yohko: October 9-10
10/9: Visit to Tarumi City Cultural Center, volleyball (Kushira Peace Arena, Peace Park, Kanoya City)
10/10: Kendo (Makizono Arena, Kirishima City), sports climbing (Kaseda, Minamisatsuma City) special venue), visit to the Mansei Peace Memorial Hall in the same city

Princess Akiko: October 10-11
10/10: boxing (Akune Sports Park General Gymnasium in Akune City), visit Togo Community Center in Satsumasendai City
10/11: Satsuma Vidro crafts in Satsuma Town, rugby football (Hokusatsu Regional Park Sports Square in the same town), Arimura (Sachi) Tea Farm in Kirishima City



ETA: On October 3rd after 3pm, Princess Nobuko was discharged from Keio University Hospital, where she had been treated since September 20 for left ankle and second lumbar vertebrae fractures after injuries at home. She had surgery for the ankle.

Princess Nobuko started ankle rehabilitation last week and will continue at her residence, the Imperial Household Agency branch office. While her health is generally good, Nobuko will need to use a wheelchair for some time and future official duties will be adjusted to accommodate her condition.

Sources: Sankei, TBS, NTV, FNN
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On October 5th, Princess Akiko attended the 21st People's Self-Defense Forces award ceremony at Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Photos: Sankei, FNN

ETA: Announcement of 2023 winners per Sankei currently has last year's 20th ceremony info and photos


English video of Princess Akiko at the Turkish Embassy on September 29
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Another photo of Princess Akiko at the 21st People's Self-Defense Forces award ceremony at Grand Hill Ichigaya Hotel, in Tokyo, on October 5th.
In total, nine people from the various prefectures, including Mie and Kumamoto, were honoured with medals.

Source/Photo: FNN


On October 1st, Princess Akiko attended the opening ceremony of the new premises of the Kyoto University of Arts and Crafts in Sohnin, near Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture.
The Princess read her speech at the opening of the ceremony.

Sources/Photos: Facebook, Facebook 2


ETA: More info about Princess Yōko's visit to Kanoya City for the National Sports Festival she will attend from October 9-10 in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Source: Kanoya City

A third photo of Princess Akiko at the 21st People's Self-Defense Forces award ceremony can be found here.
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On October 7th, Princess Akiko attended the opening ceremony and reception for 35th Okayama Kibi Kogen Wheelchair Fureai Road Race at the National Kibi Youth Outdoor Learning Center in Kibichūō, Okayama Prefecture. About 190 athletes and officials attended.

Photos:, prefectural assembly member's blog
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Princess Akiko visited Fukushima Prefecture October 8-9 for the 30th anniversary commemorative symposium for Karamushi Weaving Experience Project in Showa Village. Starting in 1994, the village recruits trial students nationwide to pass on techniques of the traditional weaving. So far, 125 people have completed the experience and 33 have remained in Showa to continue the craft.

On the 8th, Princess Akiko, who last visited Showa Village 9 years ago, gave a special lecture at the symposium and praised the project for continuing the charm of karamushi into the future. A panel discussion was held to discuss issues in promoting karamushi culture.

Photo/video: minyu-net,
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