The King's 50th Birthday Celebrations: April 1996

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family photos


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A King and his people! I belive this was the photo the king chose for his "thank you- cards"


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wonder if we will see this kind of party for his 60th birthday
Josefine said:
wonder if we will see this kind of party for his 60th birthday

Probably not, maybe when/if he celebrates his 75th bithday.
Hm, I wouldn´t be surprised, when there would be a big party. Maybe not as big as the party to his 50th birthday, but I´ve a lot of hope. The king likes big and special jubilee parties...and king Harald, queen Beatrix and queen Margrethe have also celebrated their 60th birthdays quite big and with a lot of Royals (the swedish king was present at all parties)

Princess's Caroline top dress seems made by kind of polar should make her warm enough without needed many layers of cloths, a smarth choice. She looked very elegant and also chic. [url=""][/url][/QUOTE]

it looks extremely elegant. and I'm sure did a great job of keeping a woman who usually lives in sunny places, nice and warm. love the hat stylish.
Emil said:
The Queen surprised her husband by making a short speech fraught with warmth and love, and ended with the following verse in English:

Count the garden by the flowers
never by the leaves that fall.
Count the days by golden hours
don't remember clouds at all.
Count your nights by stars, not shadows.
Count your life with smiles, not tears.
And with joy on every birthday
Count your age by friends, not years.

there was someone that wanted to read the speach of the king to her husband
Thanks a lot, Josefine.
This is the closing of Queen Silvia's speech which I was referring to when I expressed my feeling of slight disappointenment regarding the speech of CP Victoria 10 years later which sounded a bit indifferent & impersonal.
Maybe you could be so kind to post this on the 'King Carl Gustav's 60's Birthday' Thread also, where it was originally asked for.
Where did the Gala Dinner take place. In some pictures it looks like it was in the Hall of State. If yes was this the only time it was used for a dinner?
Yes Stefan, the gala dinner in 1996 took place in the Hall of State.
A long main table was set up with additional round tables on each side to accomodate all guests.
I actually don't remember another occasion during the King's reign when this room - the largest at Stockholm Palace - was used as setting for a gala dinner.
Anybody have any photographs from the King's 40th or 30th birthday? Not sure those would qualifity for creating another new threat would it?
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Does anyone have a link for a photo of Princess Juliana at the Gala Dinner? I know she wore the Aquamarine tiara.
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