The Duke of Sussex as Co-Founder and Patron of Sentebale

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Court Circular 14th March:
The Duke of Sussex, Patron, Sentebale, this afternoon received Mrs Catherine Ferrier upon relinquishing her appointment as Chief Executive Officer.
Singer Rita Ora will headline a concert in Hampton Court Palace on 11 June to raise money for Sentebale charity.

Duke of Sussex take part at the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup at the Roma Polo Club, in Rome today 24 May,_rome?celeb=Prince Harry

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Court Circular 24th May:
Kensington Palace

The Duke of Sussex, Patron, this afternoon took part in the Sentebale Polo Cup Match at Roma Polo Club, Via dei Campi Sportivi, Rome, Italy.

His Royal Highness, Patron, Sentebale, this evening attended the Polo Cup Dinner at the St Regis Hotel, Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, Rome.
Court Circular
Kensington Palace
25th May, 2019

The Duke of Sussex this afternoon arrived at Heathrow Airport, London, from Italy.

Ms Heather Wong and Ms Sara Latham were in attendance.

“His Royal Highness, The Duke of Sussex, will attend the Sentebale Audi Concert in the stunning grounds of Hampton Court Palace on Tuesday 11 June 2019! Come and join The Duke and some of the biggest global performers to help #Sentebale's work - here:”
It's always good to see Harry in hie element, and Sentabale is just so close to his heart.
Yes, Harry is always great at these events whatever the weather, and Sentebale is very close to his heart.
Harry is definitely in his element when it comes to one of three things: wildlife, soldiers and kids. He definitely shone tonight.

Invictus may mean a lot but I think Sentebale will always have centre place for him. It was his first project and first real passion. And of course in honor of his late mother. I always loved both him and Seeiso created it to honor their late mothers. Seeiso's mother was known as the Mother of the Nation, and helped to work with children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. I can only imagine the two mothers could be no more proud of their sons and the honor. Queen Mamohato died in 2003.

Wonderful event that brought in a lot of money for such an important cause :flowers:
I think Harry starting Sentebale in 2006 with Prince Seeiso, was the eventual impetus for William joining with Harry to create their Royal Foundation in 2009. Such a foundation was needed for Harry to be able to effectively manage fundraising and distribution of those funds for Sentebale.

So I wonder what the plans are for how the fundraising proceeds for Sentebale and other Duke of Sussex-created charities will be managed going forward?
Sentebale was founded in Harry's 20s, and then IG for 30s. I wonder what will be for the next decade? It'll be interesting to follow.

In the mean time, a little interesting tidbit. The location of the concert changed this year due to the concert series already going on at Hampton Court Palace. So everything was already set up from the other concerts.
Court Circular 18th July:
Kensington Palace

The Duke of Sussex, Patron, Sentebale, this afternoon attended a Board Meeting at 17 Gresse Street, London W1.
"We know that we have got the Duke of Sussex' whole-hearted commitment to the charity going forward. That is important to us as a charity but it’s also super important to the young people that it benefits because he has an ability to shine a light on this issue," Sentebale Chairman, Johnny Hornby, said today.
I just watched the speech on Instagram. I think he dud a great job. :flowers:

Good balance of speaking about the recent change but also the charity. Of assuring the charity and those who donate to it, he will continue with it. His passion for the charity and his devotion to continue with it are clear. Before IG and of course Archie, this was his first baby, his first passion project. And you can se and hear his still devotion to its work and message.

I had no doubt he'd continue with it and IG no matter what. Thus just reconfirms it.
Harry has always been committed to Sentebale from the time he was 19. He is passionate about this cause and always will be. A fantastic speech as well to this audience. Good on you Harry!
“Watch Sentebale's Co-Founding Patron, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, discuss what resilience means to him and the young people living with, or affected by HIV, he supports via Sentebale, during the Opening Ceremony of the AIDS 2020 Conference.”

Harry has supported Sentebale for such a very long time now, and seen the AIDS epidemic affect so many Lesotho orphans and their families.
Not surprised he said something. I think it was said he was to be in attendance, so glad he was able to still participate.
Sentebale is Harry's oldest patronage and has always been very close to his heart. There was no way that he would, because of the turmoil of leaving the "Firm" and moving across the pond, he would ever relegate Sentebale to the "former life category". Harry does stand up for and do his very best for the things he's passionate about and Sentebale is one of them.

I'm happy they're able to continue to have the conference virtually. ?
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