The Duke and Duchess of Bragança and Family: February 2008- December 2014

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Congratulations to D. Duarte. He deserves. This proves that Portugal will gain a lot if the country gives more powers/functions to him. Even if it continues being a republic, our governments should understant that D. Duarte can help the country and do a good service to the nation, mainly in diplomatic relationships.
I feel deeply honoured as a portuguese and as a monarchist
He is a real King.
I don't think he has any orders from the Republic but he is the head of the order of Our Lady of Vila Vicosa, and the government recognizes him as the head of this order.
D. Duarte's new passport from Timor has been posted in facebook:

As they called for attention in FB, the passport has all his names and even the title of SAR. So Timor recognizes this as valid and Portugal doesn't.

This facebook page (LINK) also has pics of him attending the inauguration of Monumento Sala Thai, in Belém, Lisbon, also attended by the princess of Thailand, and aims to celebrate the 500 years of diplomatic relationships between Portugal and Thailand.
I wonder if The Duke and The Princess spoke during the inauguration, I did not see any pics of them conversing. Interesting how the President could not find himself to attend this event, yet another reason why Dom Duarte should be the head of state!
At least he received her but it would have been nice for him to be there considering he's the head of state and it was a celebration of diplomatic relations between two countries. But what's done is done.
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Is that the pavillion in the parc close to the padrão dos descobrimentos (and the Jerónimos Monestary)? I was there in the beginning of January and the pavillion could not be visited because there was a red/white ribbon around the area. Now I understand why :).
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There is going to be a cocktail around D. Duarte Pio's honour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tonight. O rei de Portugal | Hildegard Angel
I wonder if it will really happen since Dona Maria Adelaide de Bragança has passed away.
Wonder if they did anything for their 17th wedding anniversary/

The Duke and Duchess of Bragança attended the Bernadotte Awards in Stockholm on June 7, 2012.

** Pic **
The Duchess resembles Queen Sofia very much!
On the day of the republic, Dom Duarte was pictured in the Rossio area drinking a Ginjinha with friends. The caption says that it was after the 'habitual speech'. It didn't say if it was Dom Duarte's speech though, although the newspapers announced that he would give one.

Depois do habitual discurso de D. Duarte Pio no Palácio da Independência, ontem em Lisboa, o arquitecto Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles e um grupo de monárquicos acompanharam o Duque de Bragança até à Ginjinha do Rossio. (Pedro Catarino) - O Dia em Imagens -
The Duke and Duchess of Braganza attended the pre-wedding gala of Prince Guillaume and Stephanie.
- Picture
Ceremony in Rome of the Order of Saint Isabel with members of different Royal Families ( Romania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein):

Principesa Mo
HRH the Duchess of Bragança has conferred the Order of Saint Isabel to the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, the Hereditary Princess of Romania, Princess Margaretha von und zu Liechtenstein, Princess Christine d'Orleans-Bragança and the Princess de Ligne.
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