The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion & Style Part 7: June 2014 - May 2015

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Camilla looks wonderful. I love the detailing on the jacket, just gorgeous. Also, can I just give a shout out to Prince Philip, he is so dashing, adore the pink carnation. Two days in a row, he's been my best dressed at Ascot.
Camilla looks wonderful. I love the detailing on the jacket, just gorgeous. Also, can I just give a shout out to Prince Philip, he is so dashing, adore the pink carnation. Two days in a row, he's been my best dressed at Ascot.

It is at formal events like this (the Trooping, Garter day, weddings etc) that Camilla is impeccably turned out. The less formal and more "regular" engagements are where standards can sometimes slip.
Camilla looks lovely in crème today at Royal Ascot. She has used this jacket previously (not quite sure where). The hat was used at Ascot last year, and then again, in Normandy a few weeks ago for the D-Day commemorations.

At fisrt glance i thought it was the same hat too, but in fact it seems to be a different one :

In Normandy

Camilla Parker Bowles Photos - The 70th Anniversary of D-Day Landings Commemorated - Zimbio


Camilla Parker Bowles Photos - Royal Ascot 2014 Day Two - Zimbio

An i agree, Cams is at her best in formal.
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I do think that the brim is different (or was changed). Or mayge it's the angle of the photo ...
I think she wins best-dressed for me today- just because of those rocks!:lol:
Camilla is looking great in the cream outfit. It's elegant, and suits her shape.
It is OTT, but Camilla carries it so well, I feel. I know I could never get away wearing such an ornate, massive chapeau but she just looks so elegant in it.

That choker has got to be my favorite in her collection.
Ah, the Trooping of the Colour and a symphony of hats and ensembles and pretty, pretty baubles. This year I love the whole look and the "massive chapeau" is truely splendid. But, as we all know, the devil is in the detail . . . and what a "detail" it was. After being starved of the sight of this beauty out she popped with her glorious pearl and pink topaz choker and her signature drop pearl earrings.

Then came Day 1 at Ascot and a beautifully restrained blue ensemble that was subtle but nevertheless sported a magnificent chapeau, and finished with one of her favourite pearl chokers with a diamond clasp and her signature pearl drop earrings.

Ascot Day 2 and I am in love . . . from the top of her stunning Crème Chapeau throuh her Crème coat offsetting an ivory? dress. Camilla looked magnificent, the colour, the fit and flare of the skirt, the length, just perfect.

And Hello!! just to tantalise us once more, there was that magnificent Pearl and Pink Topaz choker. But wait a minute, what's that I see . . . she's wearing the matching pearl and pink topaz earrings and it gives the whole ensemble a feeling of warmth.

Mmmm. Sublime. :flowers:
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The outfit looks nice on her and the colour combination makes the outfit feel fresh and summery.
More Camilla "summer staples" when she visited Wimbledon today. Wonder how long before the blue version of this outfit re-emerges?

** gettyimages/zimbio gallery **
I'm not a huge fan of the outfit, although it looks good on Camilla and is very 'her'.
Another of Camilla's summer wardrobe staples gets an outing. She's looking good in it, too.
It is clear that Camilla uses her wardrobe like a lot of us: a few stables get a lot of use, and some of the others get used occasionally. I think a lot of her formal clothes probably get 2-3 "public" outings before being retired, whilst the favourites soldier on for years on end.
I like this look; it's fresh, and summery.
I love the skirt. Camilla looks elegant in that cream color.
I like both looks. But especially the grey shoes in Wales. Glad to see some very pretty, sensible shoes. I'd like a pair.
Do they have a plebeian tan or makeup? The couple looked usual. The white dress is not flattering.
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She looked very nice both days and I love her skirt on the first one.
The dress looks comfortable and appropriate for the engagement. though I would have liked to see it in a different color. White washes Camila out just a little bit.
Caution Pap photos:
TMZ has a tooo cheeky bit about the Duchess's vacation in Ibiza.

I think she looks great. Love the suit. And love that she is out there for the day having fun. Camilla Parker Bowles -- Baywatch Babes Got Nothing On Me! |

I regret I have clicked on the link. I did not expect such intrusive photos. I could have known since the link speaks about "Camilla Parker Bowles"... I feel sorry for the Duchess, in no any way I want to encourage paperazzi to disturb private moments.

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