State visit from Jordan: January 13-15, 2008

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Thank´s Paty Queen Rania today is perfect only I don´t like her shoes. Lalla Salma is beautiful.
Thanks for the photos!:flowers:
Queen Rania looked fine, but I do not like her leather jacket. Lalla Salma's outfit fitted her reasonably well. I liked Lalla Meryem's outfit.
Petra phots:
Queen Rania, Lalla Salma open expansion project of Dar Al Berr in Marrakech
King receives Moroccan Prime Minister

i like QRania jacket very nice and elegant the whole look was beautiful this the style i like on Rania i didn't like the shoes and the bag the last one was just awful,Lalla Salma looks just perfect i like everything on her today the shoes the bag the hair,the skirt:D very good Choice.....the same for Lalla Meryem.
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thanks for the beautiful pics everybody.
rania dressed better than yesterday and i also like the jacket looks good on her.lalla salma was so pretty today her outfit with skirt suit her alot and she looked so elegant on it so was lalla meryem.
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Both ladies look very lovely, especially Lalla Salma. She looked very sharp, very professional.
Queen Rania is so elegant, I love her dress. Meryem and Hasna wear beautiful dress too.
Thanks everybody for keeping posting.

Waw, I like Lalla salma yesterday with her cream suit, very modern and simple, neutral colors for day wear suit her very much, she was looking regal and profesionnel from head to toe.:flowers:

I also liked her caftan from gala dinner, very actual color which suits her complexion, Rania also looked good, but i must be alone who didn't like her gown, it's very casual for a gala dinner, I would liked something like the Elie Saab's gows inspired from Caftans, or a jordanian thobe, this was a good occasion to wear it.
don't like the kaftans that wore the princessesI am not surprised by salma's one, not pretty at all in my opinion, and she has a bizzare taste to put emerald with pink kaftanthe one of meriem isn't as beautiful as abitually, same thing with hasna and asmathe most elegant and refined is without contest queen rania, she is stunningsimple and beautiful dress, nice hairdo, this lady has very nice taste
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I agree with you the three ladies were nicelalla salma's suit was simple and elegant, it's very rare that I find her outfit nice, but this time, she was nice, I think that her hairdo is boring, but it seems that I am alone to think that
waw the leave the country? Very short visit.
waw the leave the country? Very short visit.

Yes it was a short visit, 3 days only. Anyways, I dont think State Visit are any longer than that.
This was more of an official visit than a state visit to me.
I didn't like what lalla salma put yesterday.
She always put the same style of caftans, the same colors, same jewels, and the same hairdo, it become very boring:neutral:
I really don't know why?????
why does she not change her style, she's very cute and pretty, but she really doesn't know how to valorize her beauty
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Thanks for the video, but I don't have seen the departure.

You are welcome reeda2000 and asturiana.

I saw the departure on TV, it will be updated soon, on the website.
Actually I did not like the dresses of the Gala dinner,lalla salma and rania wasn't good yesterday I found both ladies boring,in despite of the nice colour of her caftan wish suitt her i didn't like lalla salma's look she seems like she dress up quick the only good point on her look is the jewels STUNNIG,for rania her dress is just odd,sad,dark and awful Without insult she looked like Anjelica Huston in the Adam's Family,I don't know why young and beautiful lady like her wore a sush dress in sush event..
lalla meryem and lalla hasna were beautiful but their caftan not.
the only one I approved last nigt is lalla hasna she was the best:elegant and very lovely her caftan was the best too.
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I agree Shrifia, Lalla Salma's emeralds are stunning. IMO Rania looked quite dowdy. I remember on another visit to Morocco she wore a really beautiful caftan, not black and white one but more of a light colour.
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