State Visit from Japan

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Pics from


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i need some help with the fashion forum and the jewllery forum to post the best photos for each thread can someone help me out
Great pictures everyone, thanks so much for posting! What a rainy day it was in Oslo, it seemed like it was really raining 'cats and dogs', I hope the umbrellas saved the royals from getting wet. Lovely outift for Mette-Marit at the welcoming ceremony, the headpiece is however doubtful as many of you have already pointed out. Can anyone identify the orders or medals exchanged, I saw Mette-Marit receiving one in one of the pics?

I must say I'm not a big fan of Mette-Marit's choice of evening wear for the gala dinner... She looks so covered somehow, and she looks really pale. And who is that woman in that blue "ruffle style" dress with that white lace (?) thing on her upper body? Terrible one... But a nice evening it seems, I love Queen Sonja's emeral tiara - she always looks good in that one!

Does anyone else besides me think that Princess Astrid's choice of dress for the gala looks like a nightgown? :D
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From Torkel at the SRMB:

Crown Prince Haakon has received the Grand Cross of the Crysanthemum Order (Japan's highest decoration) and Crown Princess Mette-Marit has received the Grand Cross of the Orderof the Precious Crown (the highest decoration conferred on ladies who are not Heads of state).
Firstly the most important: thanks to all for posting pictures!:)

Hmm...hmm...Mette Marit´s dress looks like a copy of princess Madeleine´s nobel dress a very bad copy. As GrandDuchess said, she hasn´t the (natural) skin and hair colour to wear such a colour.
And queen Sonja´s dress: in the thumbnail, I liked it. But after a closer look, I wonder if it´s out of a ballet called "the little salmon" ;)
I think Mette-Marits dress is ok, but she really need some more colour, she is pale and blond, the dress is white and then diamond jewellery. I thought she looked lovely in the pink suit though

The Empress looks so elegant and refined, not a fan of Queen Sonjas dress. Looks like they are all trying to go for very (to) conservative looks for this gala.

the woman with the blue dress with lace in the new head of the information department Astrid Versto, she is wearing a court dress that was designed years ago, they should make some new ones that area a little more flattering, she is really a thin woman but the dress makes her look rather plump
I'm not a very big fan of her outfit but I like her hair and tiara. The tiara is much better than the headband IMO:D
Who is the woman in the greenish top and black ?skirt of pants?
Many thanks for the pics of the gala . Both Mette-Marit and the Queen look beautiful .
I agree about the comments on Mette-Marit's evening wear on this occasion -- far too pale for her complexion. I would also add that the style of the dress is too matronly for her, too.

The gown also looks familiar -- has she worn it on another occasion before? For some reason I was thinking that she wore it on her Icelandic trip? Or perhaps I am mixing it up, with as Lena pointed out, with a similar dress Madeleine has?
I like Mette-Marit's dress. The skirt looks just as lovely now as it did in Iceland.
Photo1-3 from JIJI press
4-5 from TBS news


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More pics from Oslo


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Pics from yesterday


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some more...


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Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko accompanied by Queen Sonja and Prince Haakon visited the National Monument at Akerhus Castle for a wreath laying ceremony.


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I do agree that Mette Marit needs some more color. But I think she needs it on her face in terms of makeup. Not a lot of makeup just a bit of blush and lipstick. Very natural but more distinct colors. Also, I would like her to do something with her hair. I think she should grow it out more. Then put it up in a bun or back in a sleek ponytail at the back of her neck, a Veronica Lake style curls etc. I also think she needs to wear more tailored clothes, and clothes that are better for her shape. She needs to work on her colors and avoid shinny fabrics unless she has more makeup on to balace her out. And please avoid those awful feather hats that look like dead birds attached to their heads. This goes for all the royal women I've seen them in!!!!

Now before everyone goes crazy, I'm not trying to be mean to Mette, but I think she could do so much better on official functions in the looks department. She has a lot of potential. I have seen her look good on several occasions, I just wish she was more consistant.
HMQueenElizabethII said:
Thanks lots everybody!So beautiful!I really like Her Majesty's new dress.

I'm not sure about Queen Sonja's dress being new .I think I've already seen it once . Does someone know if the Queen has already worn this dress before ?
Pics of the imperial couple


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More pics of them


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Pics from Japanese Broadcast stations


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New pics from Norway

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who is in the third month of her pregnancy, smiles before a state dinner given by Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko at Oslo City Hall May 11, 2005.


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Pic from JIJI press


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Haakons speech at the gala dinner, only in Norwegian

Deres Majesteter,

Deres Eksellenser,

Mine damer og herrer,

Det er en stor glede for oss i Kongefamilien å ønske det japanske keiserparet velkommen til Norge. Kongen kan dessverre ikke delta slik han hadde ønsket, men han har bedt meg overbringe de hjerteligste hilsener, og jeg kan forsikre dere alle om at han er i stadig bedring.

Det er ekstra gledelig at Deres Majesteter besøker Norge i 2005, året da Norge markerer at det er 100 siden unionsoppløsningen med Sverige og det året Japan og Norge feirer 100-årsjubileet for sine diplomatiske forbindelser. Japan var meget raskt ute med å anerkjenne Norge i 1905.

Selv om vi lever på hver vår side av kloden, er keiserfamilien og den norske kongefamilien knyttet sammen gjennom lang tids vennskap. Under mitt besøk i Tokyo i april gjorde Deres Majestets beretning om det første møte med Norge og Europa i anledning Dronning Elisabeths kroning, dypt inntrykk på meg. Som deltaker i De olympiske leker besøkte faren min Japan i 1964. De mange senere besøkene begge veier har bidratt til å bygge og bekrefte de gode relasjonene.

Fra norsk side husker vi med særlig glede statsbesøket til Japan i 2001. Kongen og Dronningen har fortalt meg hvilken enestående gjestfrihet de ble møtt med, og om de mange spennende sider ved Japan de ble presentert for. Selv har jeg besøkt Japan i forbindelse med De olympiske Leker i Nagano i 1998, og nå i forbindelse med den engasjerende og storslåtte verdensutstillingen i Aichi. Jeg er dypt takknemlig for den varmen jeg har blitt møtt med av Deres Majesteter og den keiserlige familien og den levende interesse Deres Majesteter viser for Norge.

Gjennom de siste 50 årene har vi sett en utvikling i det japanske øyriket som savner sidestykke i verdenshistorien. Japan har - på basis av sine menneskelige ressurser og sitt engasjement – utviklet seg til å bli verdens nest største økonomi. Dette har vært av stor betydning for uviklingen i Asia.

Samtidig ser vi at Japan i stadig større grad er blitt en viktig aktør på den internasjonale politiske arenaen. Japan og Norge har felles synspunkter på mange internasjonale spørsmål og har et nært samarbeid så vel bilateralt som i FN og andre multilaterale fora.

Nordmenn og japanere er sjøfarende folk, bosatt i fjell-riker med lange kyster omkring. Et norsk skip anløp Nagasaki havn så tidlig som i 1870, og allerede i 1905 var de økonomiske forbindelsene mellom våre to land betydelige, basert på skipsfart, hvalfangst og handel. Maritime næringer har fortsatt å prege samkvemmet mellom våre land gjennom de hundre år som er gått siden 1905, med skipsbygging og skipsfart som bærebjelker i våre økonomiske relasjoner. Moderne kommunikasjoner har også gjort at halvparten av all norsk eksport til Japan i dag er fersk sjømat. Under mitt nylige besøk i Japan fikk jeg oppleve at norsk laks og japansk matkultur er en vellykket, for ikke å si velsmakende, allianse.

Det kulturelle samarbeidet spiller også en viktig rolle i forholdet mellom landene våre. Japansk kultur, fra den klassiske til den uTRFamoderne, fra hagekunst til film og matkultur, blir beundret i Norge. Samtidig gleder vi nordmenn oss over den store japanske interessen for norsk kultur. Japanere har inngående kjennskap til Grieg, Munch og Ibsen. Samtidig er dere åpne for moderne kulturelle uttrykk, enten det dreier seg om billedkunst, kunsthåndverk eller musikk. Da jeg besøkte Japan i april, var det en glede å se hvilken interesse som møter norsk design, ikke minst møbeldesign. Den norske jazzuken ble også så vidt jeg forstår godt mottatt.

For den norske reiselivsnæringen er det gledelig at stadig flere japanere kommer hit for å oppleve ulike sider ved norsk natur og kultur. Økende kontakt og vennskap mellom enkeltmennesker gir også det beste grunnlaget for å videreføre og styrke de gode forbindelsene mellom Japan og Norge.

Dronningen, Kronprinsessen og jeg ser med stor forventning frem til å være vertskap for Deres Majesteter under statsbesøket til Norge. Jeg vil med dette utbringe en skål for Deres Majesteter og for forbindelsene mellom våre to land og folk

Some larger pictures from the gala at the royal palace May10th from


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Lovely pictures from today, thanks to everyone who posted! I have one small request for pictures posting though - couldn't we all write what event and date the pics are from, so that when we in the future look at them, don't have to wonder what date and what the event was?
Anyone have pics of Queen Sonja,Princess Astrid at the Return Dinner yesterday night?
mandyy said:
New pics from Norway

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who is in the third month of her pregnancy, smiles before a state dinner given by Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko at Oslo City Hall May 11, 2005.

I am not too fond of Mette-Marit's hair color here, it washes her out her skin complexion.
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