Danish State Visit to Norway: May 14 - 15, 2024

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Indeed the pearl tiaras really suits Queen Mary. It seems she has left off the necklace and went only with the small round brooch. She is now the fifth danish Queen in a row to wear it.
At around 19:45 Norwegian time (about now), the guests will be greeted by the royals in the Hall of Mirrors (the name is due to the mirrors on the doors; it's also referred to as the Music Hall). - Photos of the room: 1 - 2.

They will then walk into the Smal Dining Hall. - Photo of the room: 1 - 2.

And then into the Smal Ballroom. - Photo of the room: 1 - 2.

And then into the Great Ballroom. - 3 good photos of the room in this Royal House article.

And then into the Banqueting Hall. - A photo of the room.

Around 20:00 (they are a bit late), the royal procession will pass through the same rooms. And after entering the Banqueting Hall, well, be ready for speeches by the two monarchs, followed by the national anthems.

NRK and TV2 are sending live now (see the NRK-link here).


And be aware that there are two types of white-tie gala dinners at the palace:

1. Gala dinners during state visits and royal weddings for heirs, where King Harald and CP Haakon are in the gala uniform of the army (male foreign royals, like King Frederik tonight, can also wear uniforms).

2. The annual gala dinner for the parliament, the diplomat-dinner and Gala dinners during milestone royal birthdays and other anniversaries, where the King and Crown Prince are in white-tie (which is what we saw during the 80th birthday dinner for the King and Queen in 2017 and Ingrid's 18th birthday dinner in 2022).

She looks amazing! The necklace would have been too fussy with that dress, so I'm glad she didn't wear it. I hope to see her in the whole parure, maybe for New Year's Courts next January. :)
The video showing Frederik greeting Harald was lovely, such warmth between them.
Such warmth between the two royal couples

Both had personal speeches

"King Frederik moved - King Harald gave a deeply personal speech
King Frederik struggled to hold back tears when King Harald opened the gala dinner by speaking for him and Queen Mary.
The Norwegian king gave a deeply personal speech to the Danish guests.
He mentioned, among other things, Frederik and Mary's wedding day, and that caused the whole hall to burst into applause. Today, the Danish royal couple have been married for 20 years.
King Harald also talked about how family is the most important thing for Frederik - and also for himself.
And the king made the whole hall laugh when he talked about Mary falling in love with 'a very sporty Dane.'
It also made Queen Mary laugh out loud.
However, the speech also contained serious elements.
- In times of external enemies, our friendship is more important, he said, among other things, alluding to the war in Ukraine and continued to pay tribute to Nordic unity.
- We will still be put to the test, and then it will be about sticking to our values.
The king also wishes the Danish royal couple good luck as regents and ended the speech by raising a toast to the Danish guests. "

"King Frederik thanks you for the welcome.
- It is always great to visit Norway. It's like traveling out and finding home. Danes and Norwegians understand each other. We are never on foreign soil when we meet, says the king.
- The beautiful nature attracts Danes as well as Norwegians, says the king and comes up with a personal anecdote about his participation in a skiing race, where he was beaten by Crown Prince Haakon.
- And he even complained that his skis were missing a grease ring, says the king to great amusement from the audience.
- For me, it is a great joy to be able to convey a greeting from my mother.
King Frederik ends his speech by toasting the Norwegian royal couple and wishing happiness for 'both our countries.'"
This visit and the one to Sweden is such a great training for FX&QM and in particular for their staff. Which is of course very much the purpose of these first state visits. - Even though there are still serious elements attached to it, but that's more or less in the hands of the politicians. The regent Couple don't need to say something potentially controversial, nor will there likely be controversial questions asked by the press.
The mood is lighthearted and any mistakes will be laughed away and there is next to no risk of offending their hosts.
And what a treat for the crew on Dannebrog. - Two state visits in a row, that's a rare thing!

I'm sure everybody is going to learn a lot from these two visits. - And one day it will be Victoria an Daniel as well as Haakon and MM who will do a practice run to DK.
King Harald (in his usual warm and lovable way) gave (as polyesco said) a deeply personal speech to King Frederik and Queen Mary.

Read it in Norwegian here.

He said, among other things:

Dear Frederik and Mary.

It was a big moment for all of us when you Frederik (he speaks to Frederik alone here) went out on the balcony on 14 January. It was touching to experience the warmth and joy that connected you and the Danish people together at that moment.

This moment I hope you will carry with you as a strength throughout your kingship. But the support of the people alone cannot carry a king. You also need to live in love with those closest to you.

So when you were joined by your family on the balcony on this very special day, I hope you felt the strength you needed. For the family is perhaps your most important support. At least that's what I've experienced.

Dear Mary, you took on a big task when you went and fell in love with this sporty Dane. You gave up a lot that was safe and familiar. You made Denmark and the Danes your own heart-country and heart-people. I know that you have also been a great support for our dear Queen Margrethe.

Today, the two of you have been married for 20 years - surely that deserves a round of applause? (Applause it got, and Frederik looked moved.) We think it's very nice that you chose to celebrate your wedding anniversary here with us tonight!

During these years you have raised four wonderful children together – Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine. Last year, the CP-Couple and Princess Ingrid Alexandra joined in celebrating the 18th birthday of Prince Christian, who has now become Crown Prince. The Queen and I are grateful that the close ties of family and friendship between our two families are also continued through new generations. It means a lot to all of us, I think.
And what a treat for the crew on Dannebrog. - Two state visits in a row, that's a rare thing!

I forgot where I saw it but it looks like both crews got to visit both royal ships. What a treat 2 royal ships with full crews.

Video from the DRF from the gala, we get to see the greeting line

Unfortunately, Ingrid Alexandra did not join the gala but nice that she was able to attend the lunch and that we got a picture with her godfather.
Okay, that shot at the end when Frederik took off his glasses? My sincere thanks to whoever filmed that. LOL
Group photo of the gala dinner:

With King Harald and CP Haakon wearing the gala uniforms of the army and King Frederik of the navy. The red stripes on the pants signify general staff officers. I.e. either generals or staff officers attached to a general staff.
No Danish order for princess Astrid...

Both King Frederik and CP Haakon are in this photo wearing the full dress uniforms of a full admiral. Can you decide, I wonder, who is the better looking and/or whose uniform is the better looking.

For comparison, the Danish adjutant behind them is a major in the air force.

the longer coat on Frederik's uniform just wins for me.
This version of the navy is my favorite on Frederik.
No Danish order for princess Astrid...
Like in Sweden for Carl Philip and Sofia,. But surprised that she not already have it as she has accompanied her father on his first State Visit to Denmark.
Another lovely state visit between 2 tight and very close knitted families… The all nordic state visits is always something special to see 😊
Day 2 has started!

Here are some photos and videos:

** tt.se gallery ** ppe gallery ** anp gallery ** rex gallery **

** gettyimages gallery: NOR: Day 2 - Danish Royals Visit Norway ** gtresnews gallery **

The setting by the lake at Ulsrudvann looked simply breathtaking!
For the government luncheon at Akershus Castle, Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a diamond brooch, diamond and ruby earrings previously worn by Queen Sonja and a diamond bracelet. A blue dress.
The NRF value their old cars over their old jewels Im sure of it… why else wear the not at all historic, and with no danish history, amethyst parure which is now brought out for state visits from smal republics, for the first state visit of the danish King, but they bring out the most historic car where the chauffers looks nervous it might stop at any second. Everything they arranged for the arrival at the Honørbryggen and Karl Johan was absolutly beautifully done though.
Isn’t Ulsrudvann where they also took pictures with IA and CP Victoria and her family?
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