Speeches and Interviews with Frederik and Mary

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My Own Role (Cont'n)

pp 125-129

- It seems to me that Frederik and I have been moving forward all the time. But during this time, there has been crossroads, where we had to realize, that there might appear unexpected circumstances. He migth have gotten a new possibility to go on an expedition to Greenland. And we were both in the situation ,where we could meet others. He might easily meet someone else, who in my eyes, would appear much more fitting in rank. There's a lot of girls with a background, which one would find to be much more rigth for him. Because they was from this and that lineage.

- There is something I have become better at, since my meeting with Frederik: Just to be more open about my feelings. If he does something I find thougthless or not quite rigth, I say something about it immeadiately, instead of holding a grudge. That's so nice. It's nice not to waste time with pent-up frustrations. It's hurting yourself, and at same time, the other might never sense one's state of mind at all. It uses too much energy.

- Then, we speak a lot with each other conserning our worries and about everything else: Might we really do thing that way? And we are very optimistic about the future. It's our hope that it would be perfect, which makes you think a lot about things. If I somewhere, in the course of events, had returned, it had been because I had realized, that it had to stop. Because I didn't truely belived that it could succeed. The only thing I can say about that, is that Frederik surprized me all the time. His thougtfulness. And that he kept contacting me. He gave me the belief in myself. The belief that it could succeed, as it did.

- My own role are primarily to be a loving and loyal support for him. His confidant. And a kind of creative idea(wo)man, too, making us work together with the tasks. Bacause I show strength in relation to other people. He knows that he trust me fully and completely. My education and background as such, and my logical sense, migth be a help. I believe I can open his eyes to other ideas and suggestions and help him to explore new possibilities. I don't know where the limit for my support to Frederik is, but I'm a person you can count on, and I'm strong, and I won't break down.

- Divorce is impossibly for us, not to be imagined. It's my opinion that love only exist once -- and that's it! And wehave such a good relationship. We'll overcome all obstacles! We won't let the problems grow to big without doing something about them. We won't allow each other to build fences. This is something which often happens to a relationship - a gradually build up of greater and greeater distance between each other, and at last they can't see how they migth manage to surpass the clift between them. We both know how important that is in our relationship.

- We both know that one always have to work on one's realtionship and talk a lot about it, with respect for each other. Make room for each other. We aren't glued to each other, we have each, our own doings which we want to perform. In this way I think we complement each other really well. I know that everybody probably says the same rigth before their weddings. At the same time we are well aware, that the monarchy is important, and a divorce is unthinkably. Today I can stand up and say this with all my heart, that this will never happen to us. We have promised ourselves to do everything we can to achieve that. And that's all a human being can do.

- People, who wants the best for me, has said, that it's like I'm born to this job. But this is difficult to recognize, because I was born into something completely different. And this is the point, when I have to realize, that there might be a reason why I'm here right now. That the situation has evolved to this ... there has to be something - - - destiny. And I think about why my destiny becomes so leading. I belive, that it happens for a lot of people, that as life unfolds the influence of destiny grows, because the consequences and the incredibly moments you experience, you just can't belive it happens all by itself. When you grow older your experience with this phenomenon grows and your belief in it become verified. I don't talk about everybody. I don't say either that I understand it - I have a lot to learn, too. Will has something to with it. If you want something to happen, and if you are positive towards it's realization and you are bent on achiving the goal. That has something to do with it. Like my destiny taps me on the shoulder.

- My situation rigth now is fantastic ... some has called it a calling. Others have used the expression: To be born into that role. I have never thougth about it that way. The conclusion I have reached is that there is a reasom why I'm hére. And if I am not able to undertake this role, I wouldn't be here. I'm not here to fail. I'm sure about that. But I won't go as far as saying that I'm born for this role.

- To believe in destiny, is in a way supporting the situation. Another reason is because we love each other. But how did it happen that I came to love Frederik? That we came to love each other? What made us meet? I have often thought about, that if we didn't meet that particular moment in Sidney, we migth have met, at Tasmania at the world championship of dragon sailing. Maybe we would have met then. Then we would have had our second chance. But we were lucky.

- I always belived I would meet 'the man in my life'. I have always counted on being married and I have always wanted kids. I believe everybody dream about that.

- I had a boyfriend for seven years. We still have a very good relationship. Then, this didn't mean that I had lost my belief in marriage. We will always mean something special to each other, because we have gone through a lot together. He hasn't found the one and only, yet, I believe, but he will someday, because he's a very fine person. We just know this, the other will always be there. Seven years is a long time. and he was there for me, when my mom died. He was very compassionate at that time. I couldn't have found anyone better in that situation. When I travelled out in the world, it might have been some unconscious way to test our relationship. But I think that we already knew then, that our relationship had to end.


pp 130-131

- But Frederik - - Frederik has so many abilities. His great energy - both spirituel and physical. His attitude to life - - he is a very interesting person, with a complex personality. He thinks deeply about things, and I think he becomes better and better to express his thougths and extract the essence. A oneness/totality/unity. He fights a lot of fights with himself - like many of us do. It's much about, what he has to do. He has warm, warm heart, he's loyal and honest, approching the flawless. He is funny. He's nice to be with, too. He's inquisitive, he can be full of surprises. A multi facetted person! He has so many sides. He has a wish to develope and grow in this life. He is loving. I think Frederik touches people's hearts. He doesn't like me to say this, but he's a very lonely person, like we all are.

- He has build himself an impressive background, a great expertice and ability, developed a great basis of knowledge. I know he works at getting it all integrated in a complete whole. He has to build up a role, which has relevance both for himself and for the times when he will become a king. It's a developement still going on, and at the rigth moment he will be ready. Evidently it takes a lot of reflections - f.i "How can I be sure about this, which way do I go, on what road do I leave my tracks?" I feel he has become stronger and stronger each day. He'll find himself.

End of translation

From the Mary interview

pp 132-135

- If the monarchy one day disappers - I speak now about monarchy as a concept - it's caused by several factors: The developement of society and if an eventually - motivated - lack of respect for the royal family has come to existance. If the people don't see that they make a difference. If the people can't see the value of monarchy, it just underlines the fact, that the role of royals in the monarchy is extremely important. By inference it's extremely important too, that you don't break the rules - by making remarks about politics or political topics, for instance.

- There is a borderline. The royals have a very huge symbolic influence, and if you once cross that line - the rules of the game - it's dangerous in several ways. Others can use your opinions and attitudes, just because of your position in society. This a very big problem, and there must - from both sides - be a respect of the layed down guidlines. And the persons, who work from inside in this, has to do everything to maintain these norms.

- The evolution of society points to a much more flattened structure, which will result in the royal family not having the same role as before. Consequently, I think, that the royals has to be smart enough to find a strategy for survival. Just like any other company in a competitive world. What do we have to do, to ensure our position? What do we have to change? What can we ad to the monarchy as a brand to give it more importance and meaning in society. The royal family and the court have to work intensively to understand the continous changing in society and find the vacuums, they can fill.

- For most people traditions are important. They mean a lot to them, they give meaning, connection and strength. What has impressed me most by the Danes, is exactly their interest in the tradition. This is wonderful. And the royal family is an expression of a tradition. A very popular and strong tradition - a very meaningful tradition. Consequently, to destroy this -the peoples feeling for the importances of tradition - will take a lot, I believe. The strength of tradition are huge. When we in Australia could vote on the introduction of the Republic, it was a big surprise, when the bill got a "nay". Personally I was a bit surprised, too. But the people found that the kingdom was a part of themselves. It's a tradition. It's a kind of identity.

- But monarchy has to show intelligens, too. There has to be a warm, positiv feeling around it. Honesty. Foresigth. Not just do things as they always have been done. Because society isn't as it always was. You have to be smart enough to realize the necessity of change. You have to keep up with the beat. You can't just be a person who goes to openings and cuts cords with golden scissors, you have to think strategically, too, You have to "read the market" and find the ways to develope yourself, to be "relevant" in relation to that "market".

- You have to try to push your limits, try new methods. There isn't anything wrong in trying out new ideas. You can try it on some few "focus areas" in society. Perhaps my angle are a little business like, because I have worked in marketing and markets. Perhaps I'm a little naive on this subject, because all the people wants of the royal family is just to know, that they are there and that they do well. Trust. Respect. But apart from that, it should be possibly to ad new ways of doing things.

- In my opinion, one has already seen this throughout the last centuries, where the danish royal family has developed themselves. Going out amongst the people. The royals don't sit in their high castles anymore. But it's very important to consider how a modern monarchy must function, what is it's role? And at same time keep up the traditions.

- A modern royal family must be in rapport with the society around it, but still keep the very difficult and respectful distance. Perhaps the definition of a modern monarchy is: The danish monarchy. The dansh royal family.

- It's very important that our children, like The Crown Prince and Prince Joachim, is going to an ordinary school. Our children must participate in society like everybody else. Just as Prince Joachim has his life outside the royal family, with his farming and his great passion for that. It's important that our children - parallel with the life in the royal family - is prepared for a life outside it. Their social abilities will be developed.

- But it's important too, that they get the possibilities to persue their own dreams. Because it's possibly to do both.

pp 136-137

- The connection to your country is characterized by love towards it and an appreciation of it. Proudness to be from that country. To be part of that country. I know it's possibly to feel this towards two countries. I have seen this in my parents. They have never forgotten where they came from - Scotland - and what it means to them, and what it have made them to. It has been important for them to remember those traditions, which have significans to them, throughout their whole life. At the same time Australia became a country, they cared for and aprreciated, and which they felt fortunate to be able to live in.

- To me Australia will always be a part of who I am, and I feel privileged and fortunate, because I grew up there. To have lived there and to be able to return and recognize the country. At the same time I'm curious to be a part of Denmark - I can already say that I love to be and live here. Here is a lot of people who has a great importance to me, and it is a country, which you just are unable not to care for - because you are real lucky to get allowed to be here. Naturally Australia will always be a part of my identity - perhaps the gretast challenge will be to watch a great sportsmatch: Australia - Denmark! How can you support both teams? That will be a kind of test. The love for a country, to be privileged to feel to be a part of a country, and to be proud of the country and it's people. All this is in the word: "patriotism".

- If I hear the word "Australia" I start to smile immediately. A big spontanous smile - like an automatic reflex. I fell very happy. And I think in colours. The colours of Australia are completely different than here. A complete different palette. To me Australia is primarely the warm feeling of recognition. That's the reason why I smile.

- The associations I get by hearing the word 'Denmark' is: "My new home"! When I sit by the window and look out and enjoy the view, then it's "My new home". It's a lovely thought. There's the "light" too. People say that throughout the winter it's so dark and grey. But I think about the many different types of lights. Th light. And then I think about the whole country as my new home. While I sit here and look out, I think: My new home. My new colours. My new light.
I just read a great part of the interview book and I'm really surprised about the openharted Mary. I can hardly believe that she said or wrote all this information. I never heard that a coming crown princess is so open in public press. It is nice to read about her life and growing relationship with Frederik. Such private details that she shared! I really want Maxima to do such a thing about her life!

The Poem

pp 138-139

- I have brought with me, from home, a favorite poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning - named "How do I love Thee?" It goes like this:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breath and heigth
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sigth
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-ligth.
I love thee freely, as men strive rigth.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

- This is a poem I learned from my father. I have always said to myself: If I could read that poem for someone and honestly feel, that this was from me to him, then this is the person I will be and live with. I have quoted from this poem in my letters to Frederik. But I can't remember, when I did it in serious. Perhaps it was in that period where I thougth, that our relationship migth develope to something that could keep, that I quoted from it, to him. So, he knows it well. And he knows what it means to me.

- I particular love the last line, "and, if God choose, I shall but love thee after death." Because it sounds so beutiful and etherical. And furtermore it reaches out from the death. Nothing can touch love! Nothing changes it - it's out of reach. It reaches almost out of love itself. A love which reaches out of this world.

- It's a poem, which have tremendous importance.

- But there's another one, which means a lot to me and our family. It is an english hymn called: "Eternal Father". Actually it will be played in the church at our wedding. It was my mother's favourite hymn, and one, which I have always loved. Once I sang in a choir and this was the hymn we sang, in a performance of "Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat". It was very beautiful and powerfull and when I suggested it to the chief of court, he came back and said it was one of QMII's favourite hymns too. It was played at my mothers funeral. And it means a lot to me and my family, that it will be sung at our wedding.
23. Dreams

- Dreams appear in many of life's decisive moments. As an escape or as a beautiful fairytale. Anyway as a let out. Disturbing or happy. Actually I have experienced this unreal state once in my life: The strongest experience I have had, rigth after I had lost my mother. To wake up and think: Is this a dream or did it really happen? Because I wished for something so intense that it had to be a dream!

- But right now, I don't think I have felt, that what has happened during the last three-four years as a dream. Like it has been 'surrealistic'. Perhaps at the official engagement day. At that day it was like: Is this real? The day when Frederik proposed to me privately, it was very real, it was completly 'normal' - - - if you experience a situation like that as normal at all. So, you might say it was like a dream, but it wasn't as close to a dreamlike situation, as the official day of the bethrotal was. Because at that day, I thought: Oh, my God, is this happening in real life? Then I had to ask myself: Is this a dream?

- Everything is so different from my former situation one and a half year ago - wow, it's completely different. All that happened to me, since I met Frederik could very well have been a dream. But it isn't. Usually we see dreams as a reflection of your subconscious. But everything I have experienced and experience, has never existed in my subconscious. Because I could never have imagined this! I have never could anticipate or fantasize about this. It is God's own truth and reality.
Thor, it so very nice to see you present your translation work to LTR's members :)

Thanks for the new additions !! :flower:

I don't think this info about the book this topic is all about has been posted at LTR previously :

"Kronprinsesse Mary"
Interviewbog: Kronprinsesse Mary fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge.
Publisher : Gyldendal - 144 pages - no photos

The book Ninka has written on her 7 three hours interviews with
HRH Crownprincess Mary was released tuesday 18.may 2004

A small part of the book was presented in the newspaper Politiken sunday 9.may
- in an unusually huge newspaper article still to be bought there.

Excerpts of the interview has been translated and been the base for
many shorter articles in english already (some of those are posted at LTR some time ago)

Berlingske Tidende's review :
Det gode skib Mary - af Jens Andersen - 18. maj 2004 kl. 03:30

You may buy this book online in the link below or use the e-mail there
Remember Thor's description : all danish words no photos

gad.dk - Kronprinsesse Mary - fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge
Sådan fortæller Kronprinsesse Mary til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge (Ninka) under deres samtaler fra december 2003 til april 2004. Kronprinsessen har aldrig tidligere givet et portrætinterview. Spontane samtaler, hvor konkrete emner endevendes, ofte med overraskende indsigt. Spørgsmålene besvares med åbenhed.
Does any one no if their will be a english version please.
Originally posted by billie-jo@Jun 10th, 2004 - 1:03 am
Does any one no if their will be a english version please.
Hi Billie- Jo

Nobody knows that yet, but it'll my guess that the publishers will try to sell it to an Australian publishing house, or perhaps publish an authorised edition here in Denmark for the foreign visitors. They have done that in 1996 with the similar situation, where Ninka's interview with Queen Margrethe was published in danish and later in an english version.

And to Anna: Thanks for you warm welcome! :flower:
Nice interview, I like the fact that they got to know each other for a long time.........
Hi everyone!

This is my first post so I'm a bit nervous about it working. :p

I'm wondering what the general reaction to the Politiken interview/interview book was in Denmark? Could the Danish members/those living in Denmark give us some insight into this? Anyone else is more than welcome to post their views about CP Mary after reading Ninka's interview. It will be interesting to get peoples' opinions! :)

Last but not least, a BIG thank you to Thor for his mammoth effort in translating many parts of the interview book.
HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH! :lol: (hope that's how you spell it!)
Hi Emi

Thanks for your kind words. :flower:

The reaction to the interview by the Danes. Well there hasn't been that much of a reaction, but what there is, is positive. I think that we - the Danes - take notice of it, and say: Hmmm, very interesting stuff! Remember I have only translated about half of the book, so there's a lot of stuff to digest. But I note that excerpts from the book is used extensively, in articles in the the weekly magazines and in the two books about Mary and Frederik, which has just been published in Denmark ( and from which have published excerpts on RB Forum) . So it's a kind of sourcebook or textbook on Mary. The only - sligthly negative - comment on the book, I have noticed, is from the Danish author Klaus Rifbjerg, who in a large critical comment on the royal wedding in Denmark and Spain, compared to the happening in Iraq, said about it, something like: it was young woman's more or less trivial generalities. Well he's know for being a staunch supporter of the republic.

Hurra, yourself!
I don't think this has been posted in this forum earlier - forgive me, if that's the case.

I don't know, if Thor is to modest to bring his translation work in this forum himself ;) But now I take the liberty of bringing his translations of parts of a new book on Mary :)
Mary - Crown Princess of Denmark
By Karin Palshøj and Gitte Redder

Published june 15, 2004

From chapter 2 The Secrete Period

Sidney is at the melting point of festive atmosphere saturday september 16, 2000. More than 2000 athletes from 198 different countries are gathered to compete in the gold-, silver and broncemedals in the first OL games in the new millenium. Add to that thousands of spectators and people from the media from all continents of the world. The host - Sidney - has simply changed to be the center of the world and the it's four million citizens have surrendered to the festive atmosphere.

The opening ceremony is witnessed by heads of state from all over the world and by the Danes Crown Prince Frederik and prince Joachim. After only one day in Australia - the crown Prince's firts visit ever to 'down under' - he stands spontanously and applause as Denmark as nation no. 52 enters the stadion, lead by the sailor Jesper Bank - who won gold medal at the Barcelona OL in 1992.

Together with the chief of court - Per Thornit - and two security guards the princes stay at the fashinably hotel Quay West at Sidney Cove. But the first few days in the pulsating metropol hasn't been used to sleep out jet lag. Friday is arrival and opening ceremony. Saturday morning the two princes watch their compatriots compete in triathlon, afternoon the danish table tennis games and afterwards swimming matches. But they have a date saturday evening with some good friends. They wont miss that.

They meet at the Regent Hotel in George Street. Here lives several princes and princesses from the European royal houses. The Spanish King Juan Carlos nephew - Bruno Gomez-Acebo - has met an Australian girl - Katya Tarnawsky - many years ago in London, and they havs kept in touch ever since. Now Katya and her sister Beatrice have promised Bruno to show him the best bars and dance places in Sideney, and Bruno has told them that he'll bring a couple of friends.

- "I called my good friend Andrew Miles with whom I had studied design a couple of years ago. I asked him if he wanted to go to town with Bruno and a couple of his friends, who I expected was some spanish sports people, who participated in the OL-games. Bring a cople of nice girls I suggested to Andrew. Mostly to create a balance between th ´boys and girls," Beatrice tells.

- " There was a fantastic euphoric mood, when I met Bruno at the Regent Hotel. Bruno introduced me to the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, to the Norwegian Princess Märtha-Louise and the Greek Crown Prince Nikolaos. And they all underlined that they looked forward to an informal evening. Frederik was in high spirits, high to the roof, like a puppy".

Even if the official limos with security details were waiting outside the Regent Hotel to transport the noble guest around the city, the princess prefered taxis. Beatrice and Frederik jumped into the bakseat of one, and the security guard besides the taxi driver. Beatrice told the driver to go to Slip Inn, and no taxi-driver in Sidney had to be told the directions, because they all knew the hot spot place, which weekend after weekend is populated with high-spirited Australians and back-packers from all over the world.

Beatrice remembers, that she was starting to regret the meeting point at Slip Inn, where Andrew awaits with his flatmate Mary Donaldson, and a couple of other friends, who she - by the way - never had met. Is it splendid enough for the royal guests? she speculates and is starting to panic. On the other hand she can't disappoint Andrew, who is looking forward to the evening. And it's kind of late to start improvising, when one is unprepared and without warning is going to guide a handfull of European princes and princesses.

It's 9 o'cklock in the evening, when they arrive at Slip Inn. Andrew awaits inside with his house-mate Mary Donaldson. Beatrice greets Mary and register that she looked fresh and sporty in jeans and a sleveless top in metallic gren and yellow-green shimmering colours. Next Beatrice indtroduces all around. Everybody shakes hands and start small talking, while beers and Margaritas are served. After drinking they go downstairs where they get three tables, which the princes helps to get pushed together.

"Fate chose to place Mary Donaldson between the Crown Prince and me. Poor she. He is very open and interested in meeting new people," Prince Joachim told in an interview to Billed Bladet.

The company ordered pizza, beer and wine and they talked and talked. More and more people was visiting Slip Inn, and waiters and waitresses were zooming around serving custumors without knowing who the guests were. Only when one of the guests used a Black American Express Card, the personal of Slip Inn realized it had distinguished visitors.

After the bill had been payed, the mixed company walked down the hectic George Street to another trendy bar - The Establishment. Frederik and Mary walks and talks together, Beatrice notes, and when they reach The Establishment, they stand close together, deeply in conversation, laughing together, unseperably, tells Beatrice.

"This looks interesting, I thougth, and when I left The Establishment, they still talked together. Next morning I contacted Andrew to evaluate the evening, and we concluded that something was going on between Mary and Frederik", she tells.

This starts the romantic fairytale about Mary and Frederik. A fairytale about a modern, independant business woman, 28 years old and single, who accidently meets a modern, independant, educated man. During the first few dates in Sidney in september 2000, Mary probably had no idea of, to what this would lead. And that it was going to change her life permantly. Just two people enjoying each others company and the magical moments which appears, when two people are starting to fall in love. They started to get to know each other a tiny bit during the few evenings when Crown Prince Frederik wasn't on duty.

At this yime Mary knows very little about the country which is going to be her new mother country.

The romance escapes detection from the collected army of Danish journalists, who are otherwise engaged. They have only eyes for th OL-games and have no awareness of the emerging love-affair rigth under their collected noses, and which otherwise would have made the frontpages of every single danish newspaper written in bold types. The danish girls handball team is winning the quarter finals by beating France in a nerve wrecking game, and they move to the semi finals against South Korea. Both Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim shouts with joy together with the members of the team, when the team win the finals and the gold medals.

Between the many games Frederik visits the australian girl Mary a few times. She lives in a charming post-victorian town-house from the 1920'ies in Porter Street - a quiet local street with an avenue of Eucalyptus trees, very typical Australian. The house is two storage high and Mary has taken over the contract in march 2000. The rent is 780 AU$ a week, but the budget is OK as she share it with two friends, who also shares the kitchen, the two bathrooms and the drawing room, and participate in doing the practical work around the house: Making dinner, do the dishing a.s.o. There's a little front garden too, where they can barbecue, and it's about 10 minutes cycling to the legendary Bondi Beach.

Porter Street becomes a haven and a hiding place for Frederik and Mary. Here they are able to get to know each other, without the photographers lenses and the aggressive journalist looking on. For Mary this haven means that she gets to know Frederik, as she would have done, if he was any other ordinary young man. There's no bodyguards inside the house. There's no royal antechambers and high ceilinged ballrooms and exquisite china tea sets. Just three ordinary flatmates joining to do the chores of the house, the cleaning the dishes and making the dinner.

When Frederik kiss Mary goodby in Sidney after the end of the OL-games, they probably both knew that this migth develope to something serious and lifelong. If they dared to give it a chance. And love has to have the possibility to develope outside the inquisitive eyes of the journalists and the Danish public.

Mary orders her closest friends to keep mum about the relationship, and at her place in Porter Street, her flatmate Andrew Miles is her confidante. Andrew meets Frederik several times, before Frederik leaves Sidney for the first time and the two of them becomes good friends. Andrew promises Mary not to tell anybody, who her new boyfriend is, and an unusual romance is starting off from his home.

Telephones and the internet is the link between the newfledged sweethearts, from one continent to another, over the oceans and between time zones. To be without each other as new sweethearts is incredibly hard, and one of Mary's good friends - Hamish Campbell - says that their telephone bills must have beeen sky-high.

- "Mary loved when Frederik called, and this he did very often. Almost every day. Their relationship developed in the phone. She talked about him all the time, and there was no doubt it was serious", Hamish tells.

As one of Mary's good friends he often saw Mary in the weekends. They went to parties together and went sailing. And Hamish smiles at the memory. They could be sailing when Mary's cellular, which always was on, started ringing, and it was Frederik. Again.

- "To us, in her circle of friends, it was Mary's boyfriend who called, and we didn't thougth much about that being special. Mary introduced him as Frederik, and besides being Danish, and that was different, all this Crown Prince stuff didn't mean a thing. It was like any other ordinary relationship, and we didn't blew it out to anything exstraordinary," says Hamish.

After less than two weeks back in Denmark, Frederik returns to Australia. Officially he is with his good friend from the navy seal days - Jesper Handwerk - and a few bodyguards on a trip around the sunbaked continent. Vacation and exploration to an unknown continent in which he felled in love, is the official explanation from the court to the nosy journalists from the tabloids.

In love is Frederik, so much is true. And for the first time in his life as a crown prince, he is allowed to enjoy the love without being besieged by journalists and photographers. Again Porter Street becomes the framework of the royal romance, and the new lovers are able to make slow walks around the neigbourhood around Bondi Street, without dager to meet Danes who might recognize Frederik.
Mary - Crown Princess of Denmark
By Karin Palshøj and Gitte Redder

Published june 15, 2004

From chapter 2 The Secret Period


Besides enjoying each other's company and their love, they spend a lot of time together with the australian sailor and estate agency owner Chris Meehan.

During the OL-games the danish participant in 470-boat Michaela Ward have introduced Frederik to her sailing boyfriend Chris. Both Chris and Frederik is keen yachtsmen and is quickly on the same wavelenght. Later under OL they meet again at a reception, and this time it's Frederik who presents Mary to Chris and Michaela. It becomes the beginning of a danish-australian double romance, which is undiscovered by the danish press.

The two danish-australian couples go sailing together, make barbecues and discover that it functions well between them. A few days later Chris Meehan discovers in Mary a potential to become his new marketing agent in his firm Belle Property. As a manager of the new started property agency he needs a clever marketing chief, and Mary has exactly the qualifications he need.

- "At that time Mary worked in another marketing bureau. I told her that we had a job vacant and asked if she was interested. She was and she joined the management group in the fall of 2000" tells Chris Meehan.

When Mary started in Belle property, which besides selling houses and apartements from the top class drawer also published lifestyle and furnishing magasines, there was about a score of employees at the address near King's Cross. Close to the busy Darlinghurst Street, where small cosy shops, coffee bars and etnic restaurents flowers and makes the street one the most visited in the city.

Belle property expanded very quickly and in the year Mary was there, the employed grew to over 100, and it got branches other areas in Australia.

When Frederik visited Mary in Sidney, he always passed by Belle Property to collect his girlfriend. But the first year the employees didn't know than Mary's boyfriend was a crown Prince. Only Chris knew the secret.

- "Frederik spent some time with some of my friends. I didn't thougth it was necessary to inform neither my employees or my friends precisely who he was. Because he was just Frederik from Denmark, and this was enough for them to know. I'm convinced Frederik enjoyed being regarded as everybody else."

Chris Meehan felt too, that their anonymity was pricesless for Mary and Frederik, to be like all other young people.

- "The Danish Consulate naturally knew that the Crown Prince travelled back and forth, and they knew when Frederik was in town. But apart from that Frederik could move around as anybody else and be anonymous. Nobody knew who he was, and he could do just as he liked. I felt it was important to him. And Mary certainly didn't need the extra pressure, from nosy questions, if they knew who he really was. It didn't concern anybody else. Except for her closest friends and family, nobody knew anything at all".

While Frederik and Mary is getting more and more happy with each other, the danish press still hadn't any idea of what was the real reason behind the crown princes' new travel to Australia. November 6 he break off his stay in Australia and returns to Denmark because his beloved maternal grandmother, Queen Ingrid, is very weak after several weeks of sickness.

Mary never gets to meet Queen Ingrid, but the sorrow caused by the death of his garandmother fills Frederik, and Mary gets Frederik's reports and is able to create in a picture of this strong-minded and determined granny, who every summer invited all her grandchildren to live and play at the beautifull Graasten Castle and was the natural and warm center of this extended familiy.

There is a handfull of undetected assignations in Australia the next year. Frederik takes the exhausting travel, which unavoidebly stops at Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong, and last 24 hours. At least 5 times they get to meet in the secret year. And Frederik feels apparently at home in the laid back unsnobbish australian culture.

In particular he fits/functions well together with Mary's friends, colleagues and flatmates. Everybody is at firstname basis with Frederik, who discuss sport with the others, but also may participate in a heated discussion. Some of Mary's friends call him "Fred", because it's much easier to pronounce than Frederik. Like Mary, her circle of friends are unceremonious, and either they don't know that he is a CP, or they dont mind.

- "Mary loves sport, as do Frederik. They go in for "a healthy soul in a healthy body". She is a competent golf player, she loves to jog, to cycle and to sail. We often take out in a boat. She's an outdoor girl," Chris Meehan tells. As a close friend of both of them, he underlines that they have the same kind of humour.

- "They are very relaxed and cheerful together. They laugh a lot. In my honest opinion, it would have been much more difficult for a danish girl, to be a girlfriend to Frederik, because she would have a lot of preconcieved ideas about, how to behave and be properly polite towards a royal person. This Mary doesn't have - and me neither. Mary doesn't care about the fact that Frederik a crown prince. She tells jokes, she would rather have a beer, and she puts him into place, if it's needed. She hasn't any preconcieved ideas how she has to be in the company of a crown prince. She is simply herself, and maybe this is the reason why it works so well between them", says Chris Meehan.

Chris isn't in doubt that Frederik has made a great pedagocial job, by using more than a year to enjoy his falling in love with Mary, while slowly introducing her to the intricies and the costs, which are connected to a future as a married partner to a crown prince and half of the kingdom.

- "He did it quietly and peacefully. Step by step. I think he did it in the right manner. It made it much easier for Mary, that she didn't knew all the stuff she knows now. She got to know and love Frederik as a man and a human. Not as a crown prince. And that is a strength in their relationship which will keep a kind of balance, that every relationship has to have".

Chris Meehan isn't closefisted with superlatives , when he is asked to describe Mary.

- "She has a wonderful sense of humour and self irony. She is a "country-girl", and this is a high praise in Australia. It means to be down to earth, Mary never loses her common sense and she is totally unsnobbish. She's relaxed and tolerant towards others. After she had met Frederik, I have been on a lot of expensive restaurents with them, and she appreciates just as much standing in a pair of old jeans in her garden, having a barbecue party with her friends. To her, there's no difference, and that's where I find that Mary's age and maturity gives her the strenght to be herself," Chris Meehan underscores.

After more than a year of secret romance and many hidden assignations in Australia, the royalty hungry danish tabloid press is waking up. Who is it the Crown Prince is seeing in secret, who is the first to get her name and background of his new sweetheart. In september Se & Hör publish the fact that the new one is called Belinda Stowell, who is a gold medal winner at the OL games in Sidney. S & H brings a picture of the blond Australian, and writes how Frederik succeded in keeping the affair hidden.

Except for the fact that Frederik's new love is Australian, the article is completely faulty. When Frederik again in october 2001 travel to Sidney to meet Mary and enjoy the australian spring, it becomes the last time the two of them are able to be together anonymously.

But they have stolen a solid march on the danish tabloids, when Billed Bladet finally lives up to it's slogan "The Royal Weekly Magazine of Denmark" and brings a picture of the Crown Prince's true sweetheart, Mary Donaldson, on the frontpage.

It's the experienced journalist of Billed Bladet, Anna Johannesen, who is first with the news and turns Mary's life up and down. After a two weeks visit of Frederik in Porter Street and sailing trips in Chris Meehan's yacht, Mary meets early in the morning at her job monday, november 12, 2001. Frederik has left and travelled back to Denmark friday, and the two of them has known each other for 14 month. After a long workday Mary leaves the office on first floor, and when she comes out of the building, Anna Johannesen awaits and asks her whether she is Frederik's girlfriend.

"No comments", answers Mary. A photograpeher catches Mary in a red tight skirt, and this picture is splashed across the frontpage three days later. Now Mary is world famous in Denmark. The peace and the anonymity is gone.

Mary's good friend Hamish Campbell laughs at all the fuss it created, when the romance with Frederik was published. In the period where the relationship between Frederik and Mary evolved, he met Frederik a lot of times and regards him as a nice and quite ordinary guy, with an extraordinary duty, which he has learned to live with.

- "But when the news bomb detonated, Mary was shocked and not at all prepared for the attention of the press. I don't think anyone can prepare for that. A short time after it became known, I picked her up at Belle Property, and we were followed in our car by photographers. I found it quite funny at the time, but Mary would do anything to get rid of their attention, because she's a very private person. It absolutely wasn't easy for her in the start, when she became famous solely because of her boyfriend. But now she has learned to get to grip with it, and put up her own limits," says Hamish Campbell.
Excerpt from chapter three

Waiting for the Examination

It must have been the longest engagement in history. Only after an intended or unintended slip of the tongue by the perhaps future mother-in-law, QMII, which is interpreted by the public as an "AYE" to her sons engagement. Next an official press release from the Court, that Her Majesty on the upcoming meetings of the ministers - presided by the Queen - will give her consent to the engagemnet. And finally the real engagement, where the impatient Danes for the first time is allowed to look at their future crown princess up close, and watch her waving and smiling and hear her speak in her new mothertongue.

This was two month of succesfull royal staging and seduction. The expectations was sky high.

For Mary it is two month, where she anxiously may practice before the big examinantion, where the Danes will judge whether she is fit to be a crown princess or not,

For Mary's good friend and former employer, Chris Meehan, who visits Mary in relation to the engagement, the big brouhaha surrounding Mary's engagement, it is a little out of proportion.

- It was quite funny to experience a royal engagement at close quarter. It was a lively show. I visited Mary in the days around the engagement, and we went through the questions at the press conference together. There's a tremendous public focus on a person who are going to be engaged to a royal, and nobody can prepare for that, if one haven't been raised in such a milieu, says Chris Meehan, who was impressed by Mary's calm, breath of view and style at the engagement day.

Months of impatient guesses found their release at a hot summer day in august 2003 at QMII's and Prince Henrik's wine château, Caïx, in the southern France. As tradition bids, the Queen had invited to a press conference at the Château, and here she spoke about her coming daugther-in-law.

- We have met her, as You probably know, and appreciate her very much, QMII told. When she was asked whether she thougth she would get a nice daugther-in-law she answered it positive: "I think, it will be very fine". Alert journalist called home immediately to radio- and TV-stations, which interrupted the normal transmissions to bring the news, that the Crown Prince in the near future would be engaged to his girlfriend through three years, Mary Donaldson.

The Danes and danish press went into romantic frenzy about the unconfirmed coming engagement. "Mother-in-law tells" was splashed on the front page of Extrabladet. The same happened with Berlingske Tidende, and Jyllandsposten issued a special section about the future Crown Princess of Denmark. The principal characters - the perhaps future fiancees - was missing, and there was no kissing or hand-holding scenes to satisfy the press.

At Politiken, in the satirical column ATS, made fun of the royal fuss, and pulled the press down a little from their hypes.
Excerpt from chapter three

Waiting for the Examination - 2

The Danes are crazy about Mary, a poll from Gallup in Berlingske Tidende shows only four days after QMII's words from France. The Danes buy Mary on face value, and a overwhelming majority thinks, that Mary will be fit to be a queen sometimes in the future. 90 percent of the Danes support Frederik in his choice of an ordinary citizen without blue blood in her veins. The immigrant woman is being bid welcome with open arms by the Danes, a thing not many other immigrants are granted. The choice of Frederik is the choice of the Danes.

And Frederik has done a good job, Mary's father told in JJ films portrait of Mary about how his youngest daugther's relationship with the Danish Crown Prince became official in his family.

- While I was in Korea, I recieved a letter, where Frederik asked me about Mary's hand in marriage. This was followed up by a telephone conversation. It made me very happy, that he choose to do this formally, and anyway I didn't have any wish to stand in the way of their happiness. I wrote a return letter, where I gave my consent, and wrote that I hoped he would be good husband, John Donaldson told.

Wednesday september 24, 2003, the Chamberlain Ove Ullerup sent out a short press release. "The Office of the Chamberlain announces, that HRH The Queen, at the meeting of the ministers, october 8, 2003, at 10:00 hours, at the Palais of Residence at Amalienborg, has the intention to allow HRH CP Frederik to engage to be married to consultant, Miss Mary Donaldson."

Again the Danes and danish press went into romantic hyperstate frenzy - but this time it was an actual confirmated engagement. Still without the future spouses, who had found sanctuary abroad, from the inquisitive press, in Italy. Newsapapers, TV-stations and radio released new and repeated versions of the old message, that Denmarks future queen and the bride of Frederik was named Mary Donaldson. Again Mary was splashed on the frontpages, without ever having said one word, or called for a press conference, and again all royal experts and historicans was summoned into the TV-studios to comment on the big happening of the day. The esctacy of engagement in the media escalated, an example is the comment from the editor in Berlingske Tidende, who called the future crown princess for a "life insurance for Denmark's Popular-Monarchy".

At the same day as the press release, Mary quits her job at Navision
Excerpt from chapter three

Waiting for the Examination - 3

The Danes have precisly two weeks to prepare for the meeting with their new crown princess. Danish and Australian flags are quickly sold out in all the shops of Copenhagen. The citizens take the day off from work and in spite of the autumn cold, travels to Amalienborg Square to wave. Kindergardens and pre-school children classes plan excursions, and the stores of Copenhagen decorates the shopwindows. The famous pastry shop "La Glace" in the heart of Copenhagen, bakes engagement cakes, from an old Tasmanian recipe, the cakes taste of apple, cinnamon and walnut, and they are a hit.

Wednesday october 8, the big day finally arrives. All Denmark has waited to hear Mary speak words. And it is a day where Mary and Frederik is going to demonstrate, that they are lords in their own house.

First everybody is surprized, because they are going to be married at a friday, and not a saturday. Without any other reason other, that they want to do it this way.

Secondly, they surprise everybody by choosing to be wed in the Cathedral of Copenhagen, called Vor Frue Kirke. Several years of guesses from the press were made null and void, because everybody had voted for a saturday wedding in Holmens Church, where QMII and Prince Henrik was married in 1967.

Thirdly, the CP couple several times refuses to play the main characters in the soap-opera instructed by the press. The couple refuses to tell how Frederik proposed to Mary, and Frederik refuses to kiss Mary in front of the cameras of the press. They had to be satisfied with a few kisses on the hand.

The program for the engagement day is hectic. At 10:00 hours meeting of the ministers, where Mary's future mother-in-law will give her official permit to the Danish Premier Anders Fogh Rasmussen. 11:00 Mary and Frederik greet the ministers of the governement and toast in champagne to celebrate the engagement. At exactly 12:00 hours the newly engaged couple steps out on the balcony at Christian IX's palais and wave to the approximately 20,000 Danes, Australians and other visitors who have come to the square. Four times the couple steps out on the balcony to recieve the collected applause of the spectators. The Crown Prince even with tears in his eyes. So happy is only a man in love. Frederik, who for many years has been in severe doubt about his difficult role as a Crown Prince, now experience a glowing tribute from the Danes, a happiness for his sake and an acceptance of his future wife, which, perhaps for the first time, makes him feel at home, happy and secure in his own royal house.
EXCELLENT JOB THOR!!! :flower: :flower:

That was brilliant. Must have taken aaagges!! to translate!!

O yeah, and Mary is on the cover of the magazine here in Australia this week. Pre-wedding event - red dress with the ruby jewels. And inside are pictures of the beautiful Tivoli outfit (and note I said the beautiful outfit so I don't mean that black combo disaster! :p) and the birthday gala and morning outfit with prada cardigan.
And thanks Chatleen for posting it here!! ;)

(I always thought that Beatrice didn't really know Mary... I kind of think she was a jealous git, who's probably still spreading her venom under a false name in one rmb in particular! haha! i'm just kidding!!!.... :p )
Originally posted by Jasl@Jun 21st, 2004 - 5:41 pm
I always thought that Beatrice didn't really know Mary... I kind of think she was a jealous git :p )
I agree :) I noticed the part about Beatrice going in the same taxi as CP Frederik to the Slip Inn - mayby she were having plans :p :lol:
And Beatrice also said before that she "prefered" Fred's smooth torso (when they were feeling the chests) etc!! But anyway, I think that's enough besmirching Beatrice's character from me (return of favour, on behalf of Mary... LOL!)

I think Fred must have been really been in-your-face with Mary because Joachim said this "Fate chose to place Mary Donaldson between the Crown Prince and me. Poor she. He is very open and interested in meeting new people" :lol:
Originally posted by Chatleen@Jun 21st, 2004 - 4:43 pm
I don't think this has been posted in this forum earlier - forgive me, if that's the case.

I don't know, if Thor is to modest to bring his translation work in this forum himself ;) But now I take the liberty of bringing his translations of parts of a new book on Mary :)
That's OK, Chatleen, haven't time to keep up with all these forums :innocent:

I'll post my continuations here, too, when they appear :blink:
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I don't think this has been posted in this forum earlier - forgive me, if that's the case.

I don't know, if Thor is to modest to bring his translation work in this forum himself ;) But now I take the liberty of bringing his translations of parts of a new book on Mary :)
That's OK, Chatleen, haven't time to keep up with all these foums :innocent:

I'll post my continuations here, too, when they appear :blink: [/b]
Not to worry, Thor - you just go on doing the translations, and I will post them here :p :rolleyes:

Seriously, you're doing a very good job, and it is understandable, if you might feel, that you spend to much time on these forums ;)
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and it is understandable, if you might feel, that you spend to much time on these forums ;)
You're not the only one Thor! At least you actually come up with excellent translations!

I come up with yet another board! hahaha!
Thor has made some excellent translations of an interview with Crownprince Frederik. The interview is from this book:

A family and it's Queen.
Interviews with QMII, P. Henrik, CP Frederik, P. Joachim and Queen Ingrid.
by Ninka 1996

Ninka (Anne Wolden-Ræthinge) is the same journalist, who made the recent interview with Crownprincess Mary.

Thor has translated the parts with CF speaking of his childhood.
- Unfortunately I have no memory of my maternal grandfather. Not at all. I was only 3 1/2 year when he died. Not even about the ceremony at his burial, in which we participated, both of us. I have seen movies about him from his last years, where I can hear him talk, but it don't recall any remembrance of him.

- The remembrance comes a little later. For a small boy, the physical distances at Fredensborg and here at Amalienborg were so great that we were used to live in a section all by outselves, from infancy together with our nanny. And this was the normal everyday life for us. We lived at different life, than that of our parents downstairs, of course. We went to school. Had meals by ourselves. And ate different food. You could say we had a completely different life than our Parents. But it didn't seem strange. You just knew it was like that, and you went in and said goodnight to them. Or sometimes they appeared without warning to see if you had done your homework - it was my father who came, without warning. But we didn't knew anything about how other children lived, and this made it appear natural for us. So, we didn't feel that our lives was different from others.

- We visited some good friends in Hellerup (Thor: Beverly Hills), two brothers, who we still see a lot. When we came there to play, or at birtday parties, they had some different playthings than we had, of course, and we thought they had more than us - different cars, exciting stuff which you would like to have, but which we didn't were allowed to. But I didn't thougth much about that the surroundings were a bit different. I was concentrated on playing with other kids. Nowaday I like to visit other peoples homes, a watch how other people live. Big house or a little one. Or an appartment. I often walk around a little, to study their home, sneak around, and look around. Not that I pull their drawers og open their closets, but I find it interesting to see how people furnish their home. How nice and cozy they are able to make it. I am very interested in that. I probably have an inclination to live cozy. The room mustn't be too big. And not to high to the ceiling. The appartment in where I live now is quite suitably, cozy and nice (Thor: At the Amalienborg Palais). You could say warm, physical and mental. It reflects on each other. And there had to be some comfortably furniture. This furtnichure in which we are sitting now, are very fine and grand, and they suit vere well to the room, but they aren't what I connect with homelike. There must be a big comfortably sofa and a big easy chair. And I have a small fireplace - things like that, I like very much.

We never saw our parents in the morning, because we were gone before they woke up. We saw them in the week-ends. Much. We had lunches and dinners together. But except for that, we soon rushed back to our playrooms. My father was good at pulling us out to do a walk, or a drive in the car, or going to see a movie, when we was in the city in the wintertime. It was nice and exciting, so in a way you could say my father was exemplary. My mother read stories for us between 18:00 and 19:00 in the evenings. Never trivial stories. She had, as always, thougth a lot about her choice of story. We got a heap of knowledge in this way and foodstuff for our imaginations. She was eminent in this. But this stopped when we were about 10 years old. Then many other thing start to happen in a kid's life.

If my father had been a Dane, we definitely would have had an another upbringing. Now it was a somewhat old fashioned French method of upbringing, we had, my brother and I. When the judge and jury had spoken, you had to howl behind closed doors. I have done that several times. There was that feeling of powerlessness, which you often have towards your parents. It appeared almost hopeless to me at that time. It wasn't possibly to break through in any way, which you had experience with your friends parents: That it was possibly to have a dialogue, that there migth be two sides to a case. You don't have the same gifts of tongue as the grown-ups. But nevertheless: That there could have been some kind of two-way-communication and through that : understanding. But this wasn't possibly. It was just to do it. Get it done. It was just an order. A one way communication. Even later I haven't discussed it with my parents. It has unfortunately been something which have been avoided. Which have never been touched again. And IMHO it never will, because...it's a kind of a lost past, yes. It can't come back, no? And today, all this hasn't anything to do with my love to my parents. In fact it was first at the silverwedding speech, where I touched the subject in "Spare the rod, spoil the child..", and therefore we were never in doubt that our father loved us very much! He took that as "a good sport" and laughed and thougth it funny. This we had known all the time - that he loved us - but I'm glad, that he can see it as it was, now. He had said himself that he feels, that he had been with us too little, and that he in some ways probably have been too strict. Many parents probably do have the same regrets.
But it's only in the latest period, we have had the courage to "speak against Rome". Our way to do it came as probably many others: In relation to our finals in A-levels, and when I became 18. My brother followed in my wake, even if he was only 17 and went to Australia. I started in the military. I have often thougth about it as the time where my life really started. It's only through the last 10 years of my life, that I feel that I have been my own master. Roughly speaking, one can say, I had "lived" in those ten years. Not to say that I was dead before that, mentally speaking, but I had a completely different life than any other kid. With privileges too, but definitely a life in a very fixed frame, limited, physical as well as mental. Since then I have gone my own way.

- Of course there were experiences and things before that, but they were limited. I felt myself very naive an inexperienced compared to my buddies in school. Because they could go out and do things, while we couldn't, our parents forbid us to until we were 18. I can see now, that it had to be that way, we were too easy to recognize. Better stay at home. But it was felt as a big hindrance, at the time. When we finally became 18, we were allowed to "burn" it all off. In fact we never protested loudly about it and banged with the doors. It was rather like: "Oh well, I'll keep my mouth shut, then.... I'm only here for the lunch, and then I'm off in an hour again" And you could let your parents stay behind and go on with your own projects, keep your own counsel.

- It was in these teen-age years I realized what it meant to be a crown prince. Not completely, only in part. It wasn't the balcony scenes during my childhood which made me conscious about it, where a lot of people watching me: suddenly you were in focus. It was more like a moment of excitement: Hey, what's going on here? It didn't started any further thought. Around the time of the communion it started to grow on me, and especially the year up to my 18th anniversary.
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