Speeches and Interviews with Frederik and Mary

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During my childhood, my parents never focused on underscoring who we were, like making you an important person. They wanted you to be a child. A boy. A human being. A clearcut child upbringing, not a prince upbringing. A deliberate attitude, which I'm very thankful for today. Naturally, beneath this, there was an underlying theme, which I can see now. Uncounscious, but definitely there.

Naturally we had our bodyguards, both in Kreb's School and in high school. But in the schoolyears they were rather like play uncles, who were nice enough also to play with our buddies too, when they were on visit at our place, or when we were allowed to run around in Østre Anlæg (Thor: a park in central Copenhagen) and at the playgrounds there. But there wasn't any strange in that, it was a necessary protection. We didn't consider it "different". We had the same interests as our contemporaries, we talked about the same subjects and saw the same movies. When you don't know different, you aren't able to fell sorry for yourself, fortunately, that our way of life had some limitations. Later I have had the possibility of revenge. I have had a lot of experiences and impressions. There are restrictions you put on yourself, and restrictions which are the result of the expectations of others. And you have to try to have the best possibly life inside these limitations. Fortunately these limitations aren't that frozen and unyielding, as one could suppose. And they migth be overstepped, in caution. Figuratively like a line in the sand, which you are able to step over without falling down and hurting yourself.

There have been times where the life as a "quite ordinary young person" has appeared very attractive. And I have considered it. I have been visiting so many free areas and circles of life, and have a rather free life, in contrast to, what one might think. And once in a while you can't stop wondering: "How would life be, if I was just an ... ordinary guy...more carefree and easy? There's pro et contra in my position, if you think the contras were too many, then you might have tried to be someone else.

There's a responability in it too. I give myself freedom, governed by responsibility. I try to be consciuos about what is going to happen (if I do this or that). Again: Think twice about a situation. Anyway, more than others do, because there's a difference in our situations, if you are somewhere in the city in the evening for instance. And you are always - always - under review or critisism. Bye and bye you get tough about it, but nevertheless you make notice of it, somehow. Not in the way that it makes deep scars in your soul or gives you a mental trauma, but you know you can't respond to it, say a word against it. Better get it over with, rather than feed the tabloids with new stuff for headlines and crashing frontpages.
My Maternal Grandmother

- A person who through all my life has meant a lot to me - and still does - is my grandmother (Thor: Queen Ingrid, who died i 2001, the book is published in 1996). She had the ability to listen and understand us - especially me - no, not me especially ... yes, in fact that's the way it appered to me. She had always been very interested in her grandchildren, especially the boys, which i felt meant a lot to her, maybe because she hadn't any boys herself. She had her brothers, whom she took care of in a motherly way (Thor: Queen Ingrid's mother died when she was ten, and she took care of her two younger brothers afterwards). Perhaps she felt that the boys had to continue the line of the family in another way than the the girls, historically speaking. She has always been very attentive to our wellbeing and our life and during our adolescence. We had an almost buddy-like relationship. She is the one person, who you can come to and talk about anything. During my age of puberty, I could always go to her and grouch and grumble about my parents. Not that she agreed to everything you said, but she was understanding and supporting. I don't know how much she brougth to my mothers attention, but one felt that when you left her, you felt lighter than when you came. That you had unloaded a big heap from your mind. And was able to go on again.
Boarding School

To the time of adolescence, too, belongs the stay at the boarding school in France. Admitted it was a mucher tougher regime, than we were used to. First of all, it was a completely new situation, to live away from home and your parents for the first time in your life, and to stand up for youself, and manage things by yourself. But it wasn't so much that, which were spooky, the worst. Because in a way it was very exciting, an educatial year too. You felt you became more experienced, growed older. But the life at a boarding school down there, it was toughening you up, you had to be hard as a nail. You learned to fight back, physically and mentally. Not that we was in an eternal fight down there, but there was frictions and confrontations. We wasn't physically punished by the teachers, but in the peer gruop there was a kind of jungle law. It was somewhat tough. In spite of the fact that my brother and I was the eldest in our house, we were often together with our contemporaries and learned their rituals, which could be quite specific.

My Brother

The boarding schhol was my father's idea, but I didn't thougth it was a bad one. I didn't really was homesick because there happened a lot. So in many ways it was a useful year. It brougth me and my brother closer together. We have always meant a lot to each other, to have each other's support, much more than we were aware of, before we went to the boarding school, because we always did everything together. We were raised that way. Fortunately there's only one years difference betweeen us, we were almost like twins. It's inceredibly nice, when you are only two (siblings), to feel that you have the support of the other. I have leaned a lot on him, when I was younger, because I was more unsure of myself than he. It has meant a lot for me to have his support, to reach a bigger decision.
In many ways we are each other's best friend. Even if we don't talk more that a couple of times a week, we are always able to get advise from each other, and hear the other's opinion about a situation. You have confidentiality, loyalty between us. Unconditional. All this wasn't so clear to us, when we were younger, but it is now. When we look back at that time now: We have been indispensably to each other. And like that, we'll continue to be. Definitely. I don't feel that someone has taken him away from me, because he is married now (to Alexandra), and consequently will fly from the nest - from the bachelor appartment , here at Amalienborg Palais - to another nest, to south Jutland. There will still be that: confidentality.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! What a wonderful read!
since i am new to these forums i am still going over the old threads and playing catch up (apparently im a lurker) lol loved this thread thanks for the translations people really appreciate it.
Frederik's Speeches

I only learned about the danish royal family especially crown prince frederick during his wedding to cp mary. I can't help but admire the wedding speech he gave during the reception. It was very eloquent and touching. It seems that he is quite good in making speeches...does anybody have any beautiful lines or quotes from him?
He will be the king of DK so better he does good speeches, this is part of her education and studies I guess
You can find a collection of Frederik's speeches on his official website. If you go to the tab that titled "current events" there should be a link to "speeches - the crown prince" that gives you some speeches he has made from 2002 -2008. If you're also interested they also have some speeches Mary has done as well.

Hope this helps:flowers:
There should also be a copy of his wedding speech on there. And it has been posted on youtube aswell.

I still think he is cute. Besides the tears I saw in his eyes while he was waiting for Mary to come through the doors in the Church made me believe he truly loves her.
Besides these two if nothing else know how to make beautiful children.:flowers:
well, they both do have great looking children...anywayz, thanks guys for all your help. truly appreciate it.
And Beatrice also said before that she "prefered" Fred's smooth torso (when they were feeling the chests) etc!! But anyway, I think that's enough besmirching Beatrice's character from me (return of favour, on behalf of Mary... LOL!)

I think Fred must have been really been in-your-face with Mary because Joachim said this "Fate chose to place Mary Donaldson between the Crown Prince and me. Poor she. He is very open and interested in meeting new people" :lol:
What does Joachim mean by that? I am confused!
What does Joachim mean by that? I am confused!

It is possible that Joachim, means in the bar in 2000, Mary stood between Joachim and Frederik at the bar, to order drinks. :ermm:
tis is not a nice comment from Joachim " poor she"
since i am new to these forums i am still going over the old threads and playing catch up (apparently im a lurker) lol loved this thread thanks for the translations people really appreciate it.

I can relate to this - as I am doing so myself - so just wondered if anyone knows whether there is an English version of the book and if it can be purchased in Australia. Ta muchly !:)
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